14 days to go!

What a thrilling, thrilling ride this is. The anticipation, the slow stoke, the quiet burn….

Oh my….



This is the latest TV spot trailer:

Then, how cool is this??? Click the link to check out an awesome interactive site from the inside of Christian’s apartment:

Christian’s apartment

I picked that up from the Laters, Baby UK Facebook page 🙂

And, coincidentally, Susan  sent this to me today. The perfect clip to go with the one above 😉


And more still….

Ug! I feel like I am crawling out of my own skin. Never before have I been more invested in a movie. It’s crazy. Who knew that I would follow this whole thing so closely? I’m beginning to question my sanity… 😛


Then this delicious tidbit from Musikstarr; another blend of all the trailers… Yay!


And more….

And we have yet another TV spot! Yay! I wonder if it’s possible to expire from excitement? I LOVE the famous X-box question!

Thanks to Musikstarr for one of the movie stills that I used from today’s countdown pic 😉


Between the covers book club

Hello, ladies 😉

My holiday time is on it’s last legs as this week sees my return to work. *sigh* Aw well, gotta’ pay the bills, right?

I love this: a Christian Grey teddy for Valentine’s day. I want one!


Check out the link to read the article.

And it had to happen at some point time time; a FSOG music flash mob….



This week I read:

I’m still on FSOG and I’m halfway through Freed. Still so utterly in love with this story. I’m sure you know what I mean 😉

On my shelf I have:


The Club by Lauren Rowe and a whole bunch of books waiting for me. Yay for fresh books waiting to be devoured.


Thanks to Musikstarr, a little Grey humor:


I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend. Don’t forget to tell us about your favorite reads!

Monique xx

M heart

*Faint!* MORE trailers….

Yes, we get MORE… Gotta’ love the prolific trailers and all the new footage they contain. I almost feel like I’ve seen the whole movie!

Here is the new one!!

TV spot #10

TV spot #12

And how cute is this?? I saw this on the Laters Baby Facebook page: a brilliant edit! 

And lastly, a great article from the Variety site. Thank you, Susan 😉


More news…

Hello ladies 😉

It’s me – again! Thank you for all the congratulations. I’m super stoked!

And look,  my business cards came today!

business card

Ellie Golding’s song; Love Me Like You Do, another one from the movie, was released recently. It’s absolutely beautiful, haunting – my fav so far!

Then this from the Laters Baby UK Facebook page:

Are you a hardcore FSOG fan? Needless to say; I am…

Check out the Cosmo article here


And thanks to Musikstarr, a Huffington Post article that says that men are FSOG fans too! Hell, I should hope so. I’m sure there are many a guy out there that’s scored BIG-TIME since the lady in his life discovered Christian Grey! LOL! 😉



Oh my, oh my, oh my! I’m so damn delighted right now I could faint! I just got an invite from Universal Studios to go the the official Fifty Shades screening here in Queensland! Yay! I can’t wait 😉


Then, I seem to have been a little hasty posting “First Valentine part 1” as it wasn’t quite finished being edited. It is however, all done now and reposted. Apologies to the grammar fairy 🙂

I love all the TV ads. Here’s a new one; slot 9:

Vevo posted the Earned it video on YouTube! Hot, hot, hot!