Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

So? How is the new year treating you? Thank you very much for sharing your lovely wishes for 2015 with me.

First, let’s start with some news…

This from Jamie’s FSOG Instagram:

Catch a glimpse of the house featured in the FSOG movie and below that article, a feature talking about the sex scenes in the movie being less racy than in the book. I guess I’m not surprised, but I had hoped that they would stay true to the book regardless….

Huffpost British Columbia

Here’s a movie montage to Earned it by The Weeknd from the movie soundtrack



This week I read:

f y fo

Frenched, Yanked, and Forked by Melanie Harlow, books one, one point five, and two of the Frenched series was lovely – thanks again, Susan :). I really enjoyed this sweet, sexy range. They follow onto each other, but book two is from one of book one’s supporting character’s POV. I gave it a good four stars.


No More Mr Nice Guy by Amy Andrews was awesome. Think of Alice Clayton meets Emma Chase, but in Australia. I loved this funny, steamy read!

Currently I’m reading:


Beautiful Oblivion by Addison Moore, book one in the Beautiful Oblivion series, so far, is spectacular. I’m only 4% in but I’m loving the flowery poetic nature of her writing. If this book continues along it’s starry trajectory it will definitely make my Best of the Best list…

Then, from Goodreads, here are the books from the authors we love coming in January:






 Again, please excuse the quality of the screen shots and take note that the Goodreads links above aren’t live.

You can find me on Goodreads here.


As always, we end our Book Club post with a little giggle…

poo bear

That’s it from me today, girls. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

Monique xx

M heart

8 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sharon says:

    Love my Sunday mornings and opening up email to find Monique! So excited to share the year and the excitement of the 50 shades movie with you. LOVE the FSOG house, assume it is his parents. I would move in immediately! Can’t even believe they plan to turn it into a senior facility. Wish I was a senior!
    Also love your list of upcoming reads. I went ahead and bought No More Mr Nice Guy – sounded fun. Some time in January I am for sure rereading FSOG. Just due to the nature of the medium, the movie will forever change the way we see some scenes. The previews are already having some effect. So want to enjoy my book Christian and Ana one more time before the movie, which I also fully intend to enjoy!
    Then January 15th, Karen Moning’s 7th book of the Fever series comes out. It is paranormal, and I LOVE it. Hot males abound, they just aren’t all necessarily human. And on the 15th, I will so glue myself to my Ipad! If you like paranormal, you should check it out, but you should definitely start With the first book. Cant. Wait! Her Scottish Highlander series is also great reading….but I am a Fever girl!
    And Winnie the Pooh will never seem the same! LOL!!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR, Sharon? Would love to be an oldie in that house! No More Mr Nice Guy was cute. Yes, I’m with you on a final re read of FSOG. So true. Already I’m seeing Jamie in my mind’s eye! Thanks for the great share! 😉


  2. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies… It is so good to have a new email from Monique ~ totally agree. I wish it were more because I got myself into a bit of reading snit. I went to read the trilogy of “Slow Seduction…” C. Tan and boy was it very underwhelming. I was so in to it and then the third book was totally a disappointment I was yelling at my Ipad… This is crap!! Then realized I could actually just shut the book, too bad I bought them. So yes I was ” saved by the list” and am sticking to it Monique. Could not bring up beautiful oblivion on Ibooks or Kobo maybe later…
    I was so off put by the last read I went back to me beloved Seals!! Thought they could brighten my attitude…
    Like Sharon I love all the tidbits about the movie you give us… Its close! I am going to reread the books as well this month to have my love of all things Grey in perspective… And am going to enjoy discussing the movie with all my ladies!!

    Oh I got my Fifty Shades of Grey makeup… Got both the lipsticks from Sephora… Makeup Forever!! Just like Christian forever!! ❤
    Love my ladies…


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no! Don’t you just hate when a book doesn’t deliver? So frustrating. Especially if the build-up feels filled with promise. And YES! LOVE the seals! LOL! And? Are you loving the makeup?? Lucky girl! You Canadians have all the fun! 😉


  3. MAC says:

    Oh ladies: just booked my movie tickets!!! Yes!!! But am so disappointed that in Canada we don’t have the special performances like you all do… Gold, Premiere all with gifts and loot bags! Man that totally sucks to be left out… I am moving!! 😦


    • Sharon says:

      I’d have to drive a couple of hours to a larger city to find an “event”. So I’m going to smuggle in some wine and cheese and enjoy my own event! Wish our book club could all go together, that would be seriously awesome!


      • Monique Lain says:

        LOL! Love it! Wine and cheese?? Christian will be proud! 😉 And YES! It would be fab to watch it as a group!!! Yes, I think there should be a special fund for super serious supporters like us to bring us together for the screening! 😉


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yay! Hooray. That’s so cool. Surely there will be special events in Canada?? My girls and I’ve decided that we simply HAD to be the first to see it so we’re seeing the first morning show… Not crazy about the idea of watching the movie in the morning but I just can’t wait. We’ll kick off with a champagne breakfast. That should help 😉


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