Latest edit and provocative thoughts….

Hello, ladies 🙂

Just a quick note to let you know that chapter 2 is freshly edited. I’m trying to work through the chapters in an effort to get back into my story (the epilogue – to be more specific) and fixing/prettying up along the way. I will also be placing following chapter links at the end of each page so you can easily go from one to the next.

Universal Pictures was kind enough to share these evocative images with me:




I like the “You should steer clear if me” one the best 😉

Then… Oh my, oh my, oh my! Love, love, love this melding of both trailers together…. *sigh*

From InStyle, a sneak preview of the movie soundtrack. 


23 thoughts on “Latest edit and provocative thoughts….

  1. anicesecret says:

    I’m super excited your back on the story. I love this story I read it 7 times. I will be starting it again later thank you.


  2. Queens Bella says:

    I’ve been a stalker, follower, lover of you’re blog! Thanks for keeping us always so in tune. Just a little thank you note!!


  3. Barb says:

    OMG, I love that trailer! Thx.


  4. anicesecret says:

    I swear I got super emotional over that trailer I just keep watching ughhhh that man has my heart. Hell they both do lol thank you for this GOD I CAN’T WAIT


  5. dblackmon says:

    Loved the trailer, thanks. Thank you for the story and making it easier to get from one chapter to the next. I’m ready for my third read. Can’t get enough, yes I’m the first to admit I’m obsessed.


  6. Mary L Carraway says:

    The Universal images do not show up on your page in my browser. Thoughts as to why? Loved your story by the way. I’ve read it several times already and look forward to the epilogue. Happy New Year!


    • Monique Lain says:

      That’s very strange, Mary. Do you want to try check my Facebook page? I’m not sure why. I downloaded then into my laptop and posted straight from there so it’s not link bound. Sorry 😦 Thilled that you like my story. Thank you for the feedback 😉


  7. Carmela says:

    Omg Monique I love this trailer. Thanks for sharing it with us. So exited that you are back on this blog. I have read this story over and over and I never get bored with it. Take care


  8. MAC says:

    OMG… I hold my freakin breath for that entire trailer!! Love it… I also love your take on why “this trilogy”… Like you I am rereading getting ready for the big day and wondered why this was so enthralling and it is!! Gideon and Jesse yes but Ana and Christian just yank me in a little “harder” and together they are a force to reckoned with… And you did spin us an entire additional world around Ana and Christian so I am wondering if our love of the trilogy and our love of you meld together and pull us in all the more… Yup, I am going with that. ❤


  9. MAC says:

    To my beloved meander ladies…

    Ladies are you holding your breath? No?
    Are you counting the days…
    Watching trailers mesmerized by Christians ways?
    They are coming closer and soon the words from our beloved books
    Will be brought to life in front of our eyes…
    A dominant, an innocent ~ a world Christian can only devise.
    Ladies are you holding your breath? No?
    Can you feel the heat…
    The melding of YOUR Fifty Shades and the one you are watching from your movie seat?
    The differences won’t matter because we are already ~ all in…
    All in… Whether its OUR minds version or simply theirs…
    There will be no denying the heart its affairs!
    Ladies are you captivated ~ holding your breath ~ Oh you will.

    Enjoy my besties!! Soon.


  10. Prits says:

    I love the trailer, but somehow I did not like Anastasia Steele aka dakota Johnson casting. I would have preferred Alexis Bledel to be ideal for the role. Dakota Johnson’s nose looks weird when shot angle is from above.

    Anyways all ladies would agree that they envy the role as well as the cast ;).. right ladies..

    Enjoy the movie gals.



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