More news…

Hello ladies 😉

It’s me – again! Thank you for all the congratulations. I’m super stoked!

And look,  my business cards came today!

business card

Ellie Golding’s song; Love Me Like You Do, another one from the movie, was released recently. It’s absolutely beautiful, haunting – my fav so far!

Then this from the Laters Baby UK Facebook page:

Are you a hardcore FSOG fan? Needless to say; I am…

Check out the Cosmo article here


And thanks to Musikstarr, a Huffington Post article that says that men are FSOG fans too! Hell, I should hope so. I’m sure there are many a guy out there that’s scored BIG-TIME since the lady in his life discovered Christian Grey! LOL! 😉


26 thoughts on “More news…

  1. anicesecret says:

    Lmbo OMG that picture is me every time I read fifty shades 😆. I’m sorry I didn’t send my congrats sooner but congratulations Monique. Your an amazing writer and you deserve all the success and happiness in the world.


  2. Rose Athanasiou says:

    Congratulations!!!! I love you work!!!


  3. yolanda says:

    Congrats girlfriend


  4. Sophie says:

    Deeeeelighted for you. You deserve it!


  5. says:

    Congratulations!!  So exciting!  I have my ticket for the 14th!  Can’t wait!


  6. Karen says:

    Congratulations Monique! I’m re-reading your story right now. You are a talented writer and I hope you will continue to share your writings with us.


  7. Sharon says:

    Great business card! And that comic is so me. Total Christian addict.
    Just started book 3 of my re-read. Having fierce debates over which theatre to go to and which feature to see. I really just want to go the first feature and stay there the entire day!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Yes, I thought you guys might relate to the pic! Too cute! We’re going to watch it in star class so we can have a glass (or three) of wine but we’re going for the 10am show as we wanted to be the very first to see it. It’s gonna’ be weird spending the morning with Fifty but we’ll deal! 😉


  8. Good morning from cold and rainy Texas!! Just wanted to let you know that my sister’s husband was the first one in our family to read FSOG. My sister read it next, and they were both hooked. He immediately went out and bought Darker and Freed, and they both devoured them!

    It took me longer to get into it. I had recently gotten out of a horrible domestic abuse situation and, frankly, started to believe the negative misconceptions that it was all about abuse, etc. After some very excellent counseling and group support, I thought I’d try to read it again. This time … no triggers! I fell in love with the story and have become quite vocal about how it’s NOT about abuse, etc.

    I got our tickets yesterday. I’m going by myself on the 12th (8:00 p.m. showing). Then on Valentine’s Day all 3 of us are going to the first showing of the day (he’s then taking my sister out to celebrate Valentine’s). So excited!!!

    I love your story and have read it twice now. I keep recommending it to everyone. And it appears I’ve gotten quite carried away. 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh how very exciting. I love that some guys actually pay attention to the books! That’s great. I’m with you on seeing the movie twice. I’m going to the screening on the 11th and then with my girlfriends the very next day when it officially releases. Thank you for your kind feedback regarding my story! 😉

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      • I read it cost $40 million to make, and advance ticket sales are already at $45 million! So much for all those Negative Nancys who said it would bomb!! Neener neener neener … so there, neggies!!!!! ehehehehehehehe! I also plan on going more than twice (once I rearrange my budget 🙂 ), and I’m buying *2* copies of the DVD, because I plan on playing it and playing it and playing it and watching it and watching it and watching it!!! It’s times like this I’m super glad I’m an Amazon Prime member! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! And I’m not one bit ashamed how obsessed I am … both with the original, the movie AND great fan fiction like yours!!

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  9. Annette Simmons says:

    I have been checking the actors in the cast for the upcoming FSOG movie, and their is no one being cast as Elena Lincoln, I wonder if she is even in the movie? It won’t seem right if she is not in the movie, since she was a main character in the book, What do you think?

    Sent from my iPad



    • Annette, while she certainly is a major character in the lives of Christian and Ana, she’s not a major character in the first book. We really don’t get to know about her in any detail/depth until Darker. The focus is on Christian and Ana. I’m looking forward to all of the movies, so we can see the love story unfold even more. 🙂

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    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Annette, sorry I’ve been a bit slow on replying to this but I see you’ve got your answer ;’)

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  10. Katherine says:

    The business cards look brilliant and I’m looking forward to read your original work


  11. crystal says:

    Love the new trailers. It’s a nice birthday present to me! love our site.


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