Quashing the rumours…

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

You, or at least most of you, will be thrilled to hear that Jamie’s reps have quashed the rumors of him leaving the cast. Check out these posts by US Weekly and The NY Daily News. Thank you, Tara for sharing the US Weekly link 🙂

Then, you can watch Dakota hosting Saturday Night Live on… yep, you guessed it; Saturday 😉

The more I hear the haters hating (especially those who’ve not read the books) the more grumpy I get. This says it all….


I have no problem with folks disagreeing with me, but I can’t help wondering why people waste their time on things they find unappealing. 


Hello, ladies 😉

Boy, the rumour mill sure is working overtime right now. Who knows what you can believe and what is made-up fodder for tabloids, but the fact is the making for Darker seems to be, well, complicated… This is an article from the Mirror ; one that started the gossip merry-go-round. Thanks, Katherine for finding it for us 😉

Here’s Crissy from the Laters, Baby site’s take on all the movie tumult. I’m so with her. Let’s hang tight and not jump to too many conclusions. 

I LOVE this following article, a reporter who, as far as I’m concerned, has his head on straight: Check out the full skinny on the The New Yorker site

On the lighter side; what if Cinderella does Fifty Shades?

LOL!  – Thank you, Musikstarr for the above two links 😉

Then, Kereny just sent me chapter 45 of the Spanish translation of Meander. Find it in the sidebar for your pleasure 😉

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Have a lovely day, girls 😉

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We were heard!

Yay! EL James saw the letter and responded! Thank you to everyone who shared, agreed, favorited (is that even a real word??) and commented; especially #OfficeLadyProbz 😉 

EL James reply

Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

Thank you for your support so far in spreading the love for Erika. Here is the letter again if you missed it the first time:

Final letter

Drop me a line via email if you want me to mail it to you in a higher quality JPEG file. You can see the whole post here. Please feel free to share in any way you can.

This little piece of info is very disheartening; CinemaBlend reports that due to the unclear path of the way forward for Darker the movie may not be ready by Valentine’s Day 2016… 

Of course, along with the staggering number of reviews for the movie, the jokes are flying…





This week I read:

tight f

Tight by Alessandra Torre was a fantastic read if a little intense. The premise is certainly a global issue that needs to be addressed. This would probably not the the book I would start with if you’re reading her for the first time, but well worth a read anyway.

Floored by Melanie Harlow, book three in the Frenched series was great. Very entertaining; a steamy, sweet read.

Currently I’m reading:


Decker’s Wood by Kristy Dallas, so far, is what I refer to as a poolside read. Lighthearted fun.

I’m not sure where I’m going next. I’m not ready for something too heavy but I need more than an empty fluff of a read.

book store

LOL! 🙂

This also made me laugh…


Hope you have an awesome weekend, girls! 

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An open letter to EL James

So, ever since one of my long standing readers (thank you #OfficeLadyProbz) mentioned that Erika was taking a hammering on Twitter, amongst other places, and that we should “rally around our girl”, I’ve been wondering about what to do. How would I feel, I asked myself, if I was in her shoes; this totally contradictory world of points of view, all of them clashing around me, all about a fictional story I wrote? I bet EL James NEVER expected things to get so big, so fast, and with it the sad criticism of a story that has so much more to offer than the broken, uncertain man and his proclivities, the demons that tormented him into the action he took. Perhaps she’s developed a thick skin, impervious to the FSOG storm raging outside our happy Christian bubble, but I felt that, at the very least, a show of support would be in order; so here goes….

Final letter

Please feel free to copy, reblog, repost, or whatever this pic if you agree on any and all social media sites – let’s get the message across, girls and rally the hell around our girl! 


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Ps: Thank you to my friend Melly whose Photoshop prowess always saves my hide! 😉


Hello girls 🙂

Just a little bit of news from a crazy stormy Queensland today.

Firstly, an interesting Variety article about the sequel – seems like things are still very much up in the air….

And secondly, also from Variety; EL James wants more control over the second movie, possibly even writing the script herself. Personally I think that would be a GREAT thing. 

Glamour-Magazine (1)

Thank you, Susan for the links 🙂

Bits and pieces

Hello, ladies 😉

Just when you think there won’t be anymore, we get MORE…

Love Me Like You Do to their first time:

What is it about elevators?

Mash up with Love Me Like You Do and S&M – I LOVE this one!

I found this pic on the Laters, Baby UK Facebook page:

FSOG by numbers