Between the covers book club

Hello, ladies 😉

How is this happy Sunday treating you? Again I have lots of goodies to share. I can hardly keep up with all the yummy versions of trailers and their mash-ups! Not that I’m complaining 😉

PicMonkey Collage

Lets start with version 3 of the “all in one” trailers:

This is a super cute interview with Jamie and Dakota:

They also did a deliciously steamy photo shoot for Glamour magazine. You can read about it in this article by the UK Mirror

Sylvia Day posted this titillating titbit on her Facebook page: 

11 Seductive lines to make your partner go weak in the knees by


All excerpts from the books we love to read 😉


This week I read:


The Club by Lauren Rowe, book one in the Club series. It was certainly an interesting theme and chock full of hot, broken man who falls hard for the sweet girl – all very typical of our genre, and for me, maybe a tad too typical. I gave it a reluctant four stars but only because there are no half stars on Goodreads.

Currently I’m reading:


The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting. Seems I’m on a lukewarm book streak the the moment.

I don’t know where I’m going next. Maybe I should  reach for one of my failsafe authors.



That’s all from me today, girls. Hope you have a beautiful day!

Monique xx

M heart

31 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. chantell says:

    Hubby went and bought us the movie tickets for the 14 feb. He is the best


  2. anicesecret says:

    Oh my sweet jesus until I saw the pics you posted above with jamie and Dakota I was still on the fence about them playing the roles of christian and ana but NOW OH GOD YES PERFECT 🙉❤❤❤❤❤❤


  3. Katherine says:

    hi Monique, I finally finished FSOG trilogy and loved them as much as the first time. Hopefully my favourite scene from book 1 will make it into the film, I still swoon when I read it.
    I also read My Wicked Valentine, book 1 in the club wicked series by Ann Mayburn and I really enjoyed it. Loved the main characters especially Lucia just about to start book 2 My Wicked Nanny
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      So? You can’t say something like that and not tell me which scene it is!!! I’m going to check those books out, Katherine. I had a stellar book run before I went back to FSOG but since I’m in a book slump. Nothing truly bad but just meh, you know?


  4. Sheila H says:

    I have to agree with you Monique all these trailers are just so lovely and I cannot wait to see the film, I loved the interview with them. I think that Jamie and Dakota are going to make the parts of Christian and Ana wonderful.
    When I was in the supermarket the other day I noticed that they are selling the new FSOG book now a movie book. So I had a look at the first and last pages of the book, I just wanted to know where the film would end. ( I won’t say as this would be a spoiler. )
    After I read FSOG again I read Jane Harvey-Berrick’s book The Travelling Man and I was not disappointed, Jane does write good stories. The second book is supposed to be out in the Spring which for me means March time, although I noticed a comment on her Facebook page and she mentions that she is still writing the second book and it might be May before it is released. Oh well I will just have to wait for the continuation of the story.
    Happy reading everyone and I hope you all have a good week.


    • Monique Lain says:

      I hope you are right, Sharon! Yes, I saw the “movie book” It’s all very exciting, and yes, no spoilers ’till the 14th 😉 Gotta’ love finding a good series, right? I’m in a book slump right now! 🙂


  5. tracy says:

    I felt the same way about The Club. It started out well and I had high hopes, but it fell short for me. Maybe it’s me…lol. The MORE I read, the MORE I want. I think I’ve been spoiled. Right now I’m reading Motorcycle Man, the 4th in the Dream Man series. I can’t say I love it, but I really do like it. Again, I’m thinking it’s just me…I want MORE. 😉 As for the upcoming movie…CAN’T WAIT!!! I’m attending a fifty shades party, complete with 50 shades drinks, dinner, limo ride to the movie…and some surprises! Hmmm…I wonder what those could be? Oh, and my invite came in the form of a “contract”! he he he


    • Sharon says:

      Tracy, how fun is that?! Sounds awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Nope, I felt the same way. I LOVED the start but it sorta’ fizzled out in the end. Can’t really put my finger on it but yeah, I just know I’m not going to book two. Love the FSOG movie party, Tracy! Have a stunning time. if you want you can share pics (even anon ones) here on the blog! We would love to share your night with you!


  6. Sharon says:

    I’m still in very happy book land. Finished FSOG, loved it of course! Finished Karen Moning’s latest “Fever ” series book. (Paranormal, but sizzle hot studs) which was awesome, and currently rereading Fae Chronicles series by Amelia Hutchins, after which I will read her newest release in the series. Love all of these books…not sure where I will head next… But apparently not the Club! Tiffany Reisz has “The Virgin” coming out in March…continuing her series. So that is preordered and I already love it without opening it. She is amazing!


  7. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    I just read Decker’s Wood and really enjoyed it. It was a fun read. Might get you out of your book funk.
    Reading The Prince by Sylvain R… Keeping quiet till I finish LOL very short read. Looking forward to Hero – Samantha Young.
    Someone just told me to read 3-2-1. Anyone read it?


  8. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    Oh! read MILF too this week 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Another note…When I hear Ana/Dakota say ‘like your Xbox?’ I cringe and LOL at same time 😂😂😂


  9. tracy says:

    Ok…forgive my ignorance , but what is MILF? I thought it was a book, so I looked it up and the only thing I could find was that MILF is an acronym for Mother’s I’d Like to F***. Sooooo…what is it? Is something going over my head here? LOL


  10. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    Sharing this article that explains our Christian to all those who don’t understand our obsession.


  11. crystal says:

    I love all your tid bites on the couple and the up coming movie. Sure wish you would write another chapter!!


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