8 days to go!

Hello, ladies 😉 Me again!


In fact, you’ll be hearing from me more often than not over the next few days. Hope that’s okay as we count down to what will possibly be the biggest event of the year as far as our little world is concerned 😉

As the Today Show is committed to showing an actual movie clip every day this week I’m happy to share it with you..

Click this Today Show link if the above clip does not display. Watch to the very end of the clip as there is a little extra scene at the tailend 😉

We also have another TV spot: What is it about elevators? *sigh* 

Susan shared this with me, an article by Variety stating that the movie is well on it’s way to making $60 000 000 on opening weekend! It only cost $40 mil to make, so there! Profit? Done and dusted! Wow, what a return, huh? 

Love all the info from you guys I wake up to. Thanks again for sharing!

20 thoughts on “8 days to go!

  1. Katherine says:

    No No No!! I didn’t like that clip at all. I’m not sure why buy the more I see of the clips the more I am starting to think Dakota might be ok but Jamie is really not doing it for me!
    We had a segment on Jamie last night on our local news (he is a local boy) called from Holywood to Hollywood – he is from a small village called Holywood, in County Down (Geography lesson from me?!) anyway the more I watched it the more it brought me down 😦 I am so worried that he’s not going to do our CG justice his accent is horrendous IMO and his hair colour really turning me of! I’m moaning a hell of a lot today aren’t I 🙂
    As for your emails, I love them and it’s good to know I’m not the only one loosing my mind over this film when I read the comments from the other ladies so keep them coming.


    • anicesecret says:

      Thank you so much for saying what I was thinking. At first I was for it but this clip has me like mmmmmmm but I’m still going lol. And nooooo ooo your not I’m obsessed I watch all the trailers everyday


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Oh dear. I’ve been having the same issue, Katherine, but more related to his acting. In the interview scene he almost seemed to be over acting. I guess it will look different in context, or rather, I hope so. I just want to see the thing already! These tidbit teasers are really doing my nut in! 😉


  2. Katherine says:

    Oh forgot to say I was looking through Youtube and there is a video “Elders react to FSOG Trailer” have a look if you can, I didn’t watch it all but what I did see was hilarious, my sons’ girlfiends mum (older lady) is also coming with us to see the movie, she hasn’t read the books………………Is this how its’ going to be??? 🙂
    I would love to know if anyone else is going with older people, my mother who is 70 asked to borrow the books last week because she wants to read them and come with me to the cinema – obviously I said not a chance lol I’m cringing just thinking about it.


    • Sharon says:

      Katherine…if having your mom there will distract you from the movie, then you should go first without her…then go again and take her with you. That way if she is uncomfy you can leave and not ruin your experience. But absolutely…you should give her the opportunity that we all had to see if this genre is something that speaks to her. Especially if she is asking for that opportunity.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh Katherine! That was too funny! I’ll post it tomorrow and share. Such varying views but isn’t it always funny how the most outspoken and negative guy hasn’t read the book?? How do you comment on something you know nothing about, I wonder! My mum knows I write FSOG fan fic but I point blank refuse to give her my site details! LOL! She’s my mommy!


  3. D Marchant says:

    thanks for sending these….each time I see your email my heart has a little ‘zing’ of excitement for what lies ahead….. dawn


  4. Sheila H says:

    I am the other way around Katherine, I am getting used to Jamie, but I feel that Dakota just does not look innocent enough for the Ana I have in my mind. Not to worry though the film is made so we just have to enjoy it when we see it. Love the way you are keeping us posted Monique, just love all the clips from the film. I will not be able to see it on the day it is released but I will lap up all the info from all you ladies who do see it. p.s. Katherine take your mother see the film, I will be 70 in a few weeks and I will go to see the film the first chance I get 😉

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  5. Sharon says:

    Thank you Monique…I check for your email first thing every morning! The Today show clip said the full clip would be on their website, but I didn’t see it. This was not my favorite clip….but I think maybe it is part of the way a scene looked in my head, and then didn’t translate to film the way I visualized it. Already I’m seeing scenes, and thinking “I wish they had done such and so….” I truly think they should have brought me in as a consultant, LOL. But everyone has a different vision. I love the movie already….even without seeing it. Such fun. My husband has no interest in the movie, and doesn’t understand why I would want to see it. I just told him he needed to call me Mistress and not look me in the eyes without being given permission. And that he should kneel whenever I’m in the room. So far…the training of my submissive is not going well. 😉 He does have rather a lot of silk ties…so that might be next.


  6. Janien says:

    Everyone is going slightly mad over this movie! I like the clips so far. Because they were following the book very well. As far as Jamie and Dakota….mmmm, they were not my favourite couple but I am starting to like them now. I have seen Jamie in a few interviews, and saw him as a serialkiller. He is such a nice man! And I almost feel sorry for him….. He has said it himself, I cannot be everyones Christian. As for Dakota, she has got this dry humor that I like. So, let’s give these two the benifit of the doubt and try to look at this movie as open-minded as we can! 😉 If that is possible……lol! Janien


  7. Mary Ann Bettner says:

    Ok so I am 60. My group,6 women, ages 60-76, can hardly wait to go. We are having a limo take us to the theater, a sit down luncheon after.
    It will be fun. Yes “old people” love Fifty, also. Yes they should read the book first. You must remember “old people” had sex, brought you into the world, and just maybe have a wild streak in them! Katherine take your Mom. You might have fun!


  8. socalmaggot05 says:

    What wash extra scene at the tail end of the one scene u mentioned. It just stopped after she said enlighten me then with no extra built. A lil sad and confused about this 

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