Hello ladies 😉

I have so much stuff to share with you today. Thanks to Susan and Musikstarr for keeping my inbox full!

Just a quick bit of housekeeping. It seems from your feedback that you want to do our big movie chat during our book club session at the end of this week. I’m good with that and am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts. Again, no spoilers until then, girls 😉 I hope I can contain myself! By this time tomorrow I would have seen it… Yay!!!!!

First off, an interview with Sam in a little featurette 

Here is the Radio Times article that features the above clip.

Then, and I LOVE these…. Take a peek into Ana’s closet:



The silver-gray tie…

Here’s the trailer teamed with “Earned It”; one of the songs from the soundtrack:

And what do I get out of this, Ana asks…

The dance scene to Witchcraft:

This is pretty cool; the timeline of FSOG

The artwork for Christian’s apartment:

Then, let’s have a giggle….

A cute interview with Jamie on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

This one thanks to Katherine: Elders on FSOG

Karen shared this with me. Too funny! 

Marie Claire posted this hilarious article: Trying all the sex in FSOG over a weekend! LOL! I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday and Sunday 😉

14 thoughts on “3….

  1. Ann Yamrick says:

    Lucky lady to see it tomorrow. I have tickets for Saturday. Hope you post a picture of you at the premiere.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Sheila H says:

    Thanks for the clips Monique, the film is so lovely and I am getting excited watching the clips. I just love the way Jamie and Dakota look at each other in the film, truly a Christian and Ana moment. Enjoy the film Monique and all my other book club friends.


  3. Katherine says:

    Loved all the clips today especially the Trojan clip – I thought that was hilarious. I hope that you love the film you have really been on a journey on the lead up to it and have took us all with you – it is amazing how much time you give us so if anyone deserves to be wowed by this film it’s you. I look forward to hearing your views on Sunday and I hope you have a ball tomorrow x


  4. Sharon says:

    Jamie looked great on the Tonight Show, and he did a great job with the accents. I was on the Tonight Show years ago with Jay Leno and was completely terrified, so I liked that Jamie is not totally jaded with all the press and was a little nervous. Soooo cute!!
    And I love the song “earned it” now with the movie shown behind it. I didn’t like watching the actual video so didn’t like the song much at first.

    Have an awesome time, Monique!! I’ll be thinking of you with a big smile on my face tonight!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  5. Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing the Marie Claire article. I laughed so much I cried.


  6. Mrs. G says:

    I’ll be seeing the movie on Friday here in the States. So excited! Thanks a bunch, Monique, for always posting great teasers each day and the special clips I would never know about. This whole “journey” has been really fun! Can’t wait to dish in Sunday!


  7. Sharon says:

    Eeeek! I’m sitting here so excited because you get to see it before all of us! Yay for you!! I know you are going to have such a great time!
    I did go to ITunes, the 50 shades soundtrack is there now, it was fun going thru and listening to snippets of all the songs!


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