I’m all dressed up and ready for my moment on the red carpet! Yay!


Though there’s a LOT out there to share with you today I don’t have time to go through the clips as usual and pick the good ones for the blog, but I promise to do it as soon as I can! I did however get this one from Sharon. It’s too good not to post as it contains a lot of new footage!

Then, a friend passed this along…. VERY naughty but to funny not to share!! 😉



See ya’ on the other side, girls 😉



22 thoughts on “2….

  1. Meanderthal says:

    Purple lollies! Yay. Looks like a party pack…

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  2. I’m going to see it tonight, got (won) an invitation to the premier. Can’t wait! So excited to finally see the film. Have fun!


  3. Katherine says:

    Have a great time!


  4. Carmela says:

    Have a fantastic time Monique. You deserve this night. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the movie. Enjoy!


  5. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    So excited for you!! My kids were like this for Harry potter and the Hunger Games. Now I understand…
    That picture of reserved seating. So glad I spent the extra $6. LMAO


  6. Sharon says:

    LOL on the VIP seating! Handcuffs not needed, but does add that special touch.

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  7. Sophie Dixon says:

    Very excited for you. I’m so glad that the producers rewarded you with an invite to the event. No one deserves it more. I REALLY hope you’ll be posting a red carpet photo?


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank y0ou very much, Sophie. Such lovely words 😉 I have pics but I’m still waiting for them! The girlfriend I went with took all the pics and she’s not sent them back to me yet 😛


  8. Sheila H says:

    Have a great time watching the film ladies, I will be thinking of you all.


  9. Loreen says:

    Yay omg i’m so excited watching the movie!!! My boyfriend found the perfect gift for the v day, he get home saturday with a toy :p Check what he found here https://www.royalpink.ca/en/brand/fifty-shades-grey


  10. crystal says:

    On I want one of those seats!!!!!!!!


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