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Just a little bit of news from a crazy stormy Queensland today.

Firstly, an interesting Variety article about the sequel – seems like things are still very much up in the air….

And secondly, also from Variety; EL James wants more control over the second movie, possibly even writing the script herself. Personally I think that would be a GREAT thing. 

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Thank you, Susan for the links 🙂

26 thoughts on “News…

  1. LizzieLS says:

    I think it highly likely that the other films will be made. $500m worldwide so far means it’s a fair bet, I’d say! I have reservations about E L James being scriptwriter and feel she should step back a bit and let the director direct. I saw the film on Tuesday evening. The cinema was packed – not bad for a rural area on a week day! I did enjoy the film and the general reception was positive, especially with regard to the humour. Dakota was so good and I thought Jamie was pretty good. I feel he understated the part which converged well with CG’s very closed emotional state. I hope the next film will allow him to up the ante somewhat as happens in “Darker” – he’s more than capable and I hope the script will allow him to do so.


  2. anicesecret says:

    OMG yessss please let her write the script 😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  3. Carol Vaghar says:

    I think it could be fantastic if EL James writes the screenplay for the next movie too. The current movie is beautifully done and even though it wasn’t totally true to the book it is a good representation. I hope she keeps the same actors – Dakota Johnson was brilliant – funny and gorgeous. Jamie is a hunk and did an excellent job too. The sets were stunning and the directing made the movie spring to life –
    Adored the ending – with the elevator scene brought it back full circle to their first meeting. Can’t wait for FSOG – Darker.,.


  4. Franne Demetrician says:

    Hi Monique and everyone,

    With due respect to Ms. James, my hope is that she allows the experts to adapt the other two books, with her oversight of course. I think the reason the movie is so well done is because of the screenplay and the director who know how to make books or stories into films. Certainly we want the story intact, but we also know that movie folks know best how to make that happen. I trust them to continue to bring this story to the screen successfully, as they have already done. Sure hope we don’t have a case of Diva Syndrome and that it won’t delay the unfolding of the rest of our favorite love story to the silver screen.
    My two cents!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I can understand your reservations, Franne. It’s so hard to sift through all the info in the media and get to the absolute truth. I’d love to have a glass (or three) of wine with Erika and hear her private thoughts….


  5. Sallie says:

    I’ve seen the movie multiple times once because I was too anxious to wait to go on Sat. with my husband and finally when my friend ended up with an extra ticket because someone cancelled at the last minute. Either way I’m glad I did because each time I appreciated Jamie’s performance even more. I think it was the Director’s interpretation of the characters that dictated the performances. She depicted Ana as a stronger, more feisty character than the book which allowed Dakota to shine but unfortunately it was at the sacrifice of having CG lose some of his edge which made Jamie’s performance less than what we know he’s capable of. They were both great, but once you get over the excitement of seeing the film, the new twists to Ana and focus on CG you will see the nuance Jamie brings to the portrayal. To me he gave exactly what the Director wanted unfortunately she didn’t want the dominating, controlling, sex on legs, meglomaniac CEO we’ve all come to love…That’s on her not on Jamie. Still I think his performance in it’s understated stillness is breathtaking as is the man. With that being said I love the movie and think Jamie and Dakota made perfect Christian and Ana. And I’m torn as to wanting to see a change in writers and Director because I really like Sam TJ but I didn’t think her interpretation of CG had enough edge. I think they toned things down to much to please the masses…It’s a love Story with an erotic edge which is why it sold 100 million copy


  6. Katherine says:

    I’m not sure if she could write the script perhaps more of an input?


  7. chantell says:

    Best news ever!!!!!!!×she must do 1 also over. Just imagine💑😇


  8. Carmela says:

    Very interesting Monique. I just hope they do go ahead with the other two movies and sooner rather than later. As I said before I thank EL James should be able to see these characters as she saw them – maybe that’s what’s lacking in the first film. Only time will tell. Hope you are well and safe away from the current cyclone threat. Look forward to more news. Take care


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, Carmela. The closest cyclone was 1000km away from us so we just copped the torrential rains. It was nice though. I LOVE storms. Yeah, I’m worried that a year won’t be enough if the movie tumult continues for too long…..


  9. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    I think it’s an interesting concept for her to write the script. Not 100% sure, but didn’t the author of Gone Girl write her own script? ELJ has been in the entertainment/TV business a long time. She knows what people want. We loved her books, she IS the voice of Christian and Ana. Why wouldn’t we love her interpretation of them to the big screen. The Director can then bring her exact vision to life. I’m in!


  10. Marie37017 says:

    Haven’t seen it yet, but based on the original books, EL would be the last person who should write the script. She was a terrible writer. Based on content, punctuation, over all style and repeats herself. I’m not an English Major by any means but she missed the boat on the basic of basic Ofnthe English Language. British or not . There are better writers on fan fiction. She may have started this worldwide audience, but a writer she is not. Input maybe, but please not a script. She needs basic writing skills or at least a better editor. My opinion!! And I don’t need a movie to say any differently. So PLEASE HECK NOOOO!!!


  11. MAC says:

    Hmmm… Kinda torn. The movie as it was I agree that Ana’s strength was at Christian’s demise. He is the Dominant one. He is Fifty Shades and I feel that team as it is… Is not going to do justice to Christian’s story. I have “read” that Sam wanted to show a strong woman… And yes in the final book Ana becomes stronger but because of her relationship with Christian ~ but she does not start out that way! The directors vision may need some “restraining” 😉 if she is to continue. I am not impressed with what they did or did not do with our “main, sexy, dominant man” … Writer or director. So maybe EL can put more depth into the character she wrote cause they have alot of ground to make up if “darker” goes ahead. Again after my second time I was left saying “It’s not about the girl!”
    Then again, I will go regardless cause I “bought into this story a long time ago” … It just leaves me so unsettled when people take something and “make it into their vision” our story already “had its vision”. No???


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yeah, Christian seems cold and callous in the first movie. I’m all for him being closed off initially, but he was never an asshole. I think therein lies the magic of this story, you love him from the start despite his controlling, overbearing ways (ways that, as a modern woman, you most probably wouldn’t tolerate IRL) and I think that’s what Erika will bring to the table. The movie didn’t show me the “live” version of my book boyfriend…. 😉


  12. MAC says:

    Plus shouldn’t the script already be written!! They are kinda slow about this out for us… Just saying.
    Hey, Monique we could always offer you up for some “input” now you captured those characters no problem… Yup, yup. Monique should write the script!! 😉


  13. crystal says:

    Hi Mon and ladies. Here is my own view point on the subject
    of who writes the screeplay, who directs it or if there is a change of a few minor characters. I have seen the movie 3 times and I’m sure I’m not done yet and plan to purchase the DVD.
    1. yes there were certain things I would have liked to have seen different in the first movie, and I stated it on my review of the book on Feb 15.
    2. Did the director, screen writer or having EL James on set make or break the first movie. Nope not a damn bit. I was going to give my money to them freely as if I’d signed the contract when I first read the books.
    3. I can brow beat this horse into the dirt about who will direct, or write the screenplay or how much James will affect the out come of our beloved story line in the next movie, but for me (one of the addicted FSOG fans) it want make a f—king difference to me. I plan to again be lead back in the “red room of pain” and pleasure and give them my money again.
    4. So for me the whole thing boils down to this: how damn long do I have to wait for the next movie!!
    5. And what am I going to do in the mean time.
    Crystal point of view


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