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I’ve had a harrowing morning dealing with plagiarism. Please, let me just take a moment to vent… I’d like to remind the world in general that though this may be fan fiction it is still absolutely聽and completely my own work and thus subject to copyright. It is not to be copied, translated, distributed, or anything that I can’t think of right now without my express permission. And though I’m flattered that folks love it enough to want to redistribute it; a reblog or the posting of a link to my site are the only acceptable, reasonable, and respectful things to do to me and my translator’s hard and honest work. Also, this site is for ADULTS! – Rant over 馃槢

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Thanks to Kereny I’ve posted the following Spanish chapter, chapter 48. Please enjoy, ladies 馃槈

News regarding the movie is as follows:聽

The director, Sam Taylor-Johnson has officially left the FSOG movie franchise according to Deadline.聽I can’t say that I’m surprised but so far none of the news titbits we’re getting bode well for the swift making of Darker….聽

Then, hee-haa! Just Jared claims we’ll be able to buy the DVD on the 1st and the 8th of May and that it will include two hours of bonus features. I just hope that those scenes will be… MORE!聽

Thank you to all the lovely ladies passing on links and news this last week. I appreciate you thinking of me and sharing.聽


This week I read:


Monster in his Eyes by JM Darhower, book one in the Monster in his Eyes series, was a good read, if a tad intense. I will be looking at the follow-on books but only after I’ve read the yummy latest releases I have calling my name.

The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz, book three in the Original Sinners White Years series, was, as always, an excellent read and marked the true end of my book slump. If you’ve not had the pleasure of Nora’s company, and you don’t mind the harder edge of kink, then you’ve got to take a peek at these phenomenal books.

Currently I’m reading:


Manwhore by Katy Evans, book one in the Manwhore series. I’m going to reserve my judgement on this until I’m done but in the mean time I can leave you with a little taste; a fan made trailer of Saint’s deliciousness:

On my shelf I have:


Deep by Kylie Scott, book four in the Stage Dive series, will appear on my shelf by the 31st due to the wonders of pre-ordering. Yay!

Incandescent by River Savage, book one in the Knight’s Rebels MC series was a strong recommendation and I look forward to reading all about the聽hot bikers… Thank you, MAC 馃槈

Here are the delicious reads coming our way in April from Goodreads:




Please note that the links in the above pics are not live. They are screenshots taken from the Goodreads site.


Here’s a little joke I thought was very appropriate. I hope it makes you smile too 馃檪


Have a an awesome weekend, girls. Let me hear from you and your best reads! 馃槈

Monique xx

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 馃槈

I trust you are well into enjoying a relaxing weekend. For all the Irish readers, I hope you had a great St Patrick’s Day! 馃槈


Then; I’d like to welcome the slew of new readers this week. I don’t know if you are just more vocal in sharing your thoughts or whether I’ve had a run on the site, but I love that you’ve had a good time sharing this tribute聽to FSOG!聽

This week I got these two beauties from Angelique because…. we always want more 馃槈

I love the series of kissing scenes *sigh* – Thank you, Angelique 馃槈

My horrid book slump continued this week but luckily got better by the end of it….


This week I read:


I wasn’t quite ready to delve into the dark depths of Monster In His Eyes so I thought I’d start with something lighter beforehand… Big, BIG mistake! LOL!

Sexual Awakenings by Angelica Chase, book one in the Sexual Awakening series, though technically good, was pages and pages of gratuitous sex. Now, in our world, that might seem like a good thing but, for me, without feeling the love grow along with聽the desire聽as the聽connection develops between two (or sometimes three) characters, it’s simply sex – a hollow echo of what could be.聽It might still unfold as the series progresses but it’s lost me and I will not be pursuing the rest of the books. If you are into lots of nooky then feast away.

Friends With Partial Benefits by Luke Young, book one in the Friends With Benefits series was another letdown. I was intrigued that a male writer tackled an older woman/younger guy story聽but I’ve never come across a book where an author writes so much without saying so little. The story was slow and the comedy contrived. As much as I dislike dishing negative reviews I can’t even call it a poolside read.

Currently I’m reading:


Monster In His Eyes by JM Darhower, book one in the Monster In His Eyes series, is well written but from early on you feel the intensity brewing. Now, at almost 90%, I feel like聽I can see the trainwreck coming….

I’m soooo looking forward to Manwhore this coming week. Katy Evans always brings it!


I saw this the other day and thought it a helluva’ tool for those of you with teens…


Good one, right? LOL!

Let’s hear from you, girls. Share those reading treasures as you find them 馃槈

Monique xx

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 馃槈

Is it just me or is this year flying by? I cannot believe that it’s almost Easter!

I’ve had a very frustrating reading month so far. I’m not really getting into anything. I’m looking for something GREAT to sink my teeth into, something that’ll call to me from my iBook app, stealing my sleeping hours and filling them with seductive words….*sigh*


This week I read:


Heat Seeker by Lora Leigh, book three in the Elite Ops series, was a good read but not as great as the previous ones. If you enjoy well written, consuming action along with intense, heated need between the characters then you’ll love this series.

The Deal by Elle Kennedy, book one of the Off-Campus series, was a good read. Think Beautiful Disaster with a delicious side of hotness.

Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn, book one in the Nine Minutes series, was…. interesting. I was concerned that the premise of this story would be too upsetting for me, but despite my reservations, that was not the thing that bothered me. This book is very well written; I can’t fault the author’s writing, and it has a twist in the end, but the whole soft-hearted, hardened criminal duality, I felt, was not plausible. Also, I seriously missed the steamy lovin’ that we’ve come to associate with a great read.

On my shelf I have:


Monster In His Eyes by JM Darhower, book one in the Monster In His Eyes series.

book2 (2)

For those of you with kiddos….


I hope you have a beautiful week, girls and PLEASE, share your great reading finds with us.聽

Monique xx

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Spanish Chapter and news

Hello, girls 馃檪

Just a quick one to let you know that Kereny has sent me the next Spanish chapter. Please find chapter 47 in the sidebar. Thank you, girlfriend! 馃槈

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The following is all from the Laters Baby UK Facebook page:

An article from The Daily Mail confirming that Jamie is doing the sequel WITH his lovely wife’s blessing.聽

The Daily Mail claims ten minutes of extra hotness on the director’s cut DVD. Personally I think the movie had enough sex. What I’d like to see MORE of is the connection between the two. I want to see how our inscrutable man falls – HARD – for our girl… And ten minutes??? WTF?! LOL!

Then this! Sooooo cute! Fifty Shades of Toy Story:

Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 馃槈


Happy International Women’s Day!


I thought a little extra boy-joke was in order considering that today is supposed to be our day 馃槈

Susan shared this one with me; a clip聽EL James posted on Twitter. Made my day…

Beautiful, right? Share the love, peeps 馃檪

Then some FSOG related news from the past week:

The Sydney Morning Herald delivers and unexpected fan…

From the New York Times, an interesting viewpoint about the way we receive and perceive movies including FSOG

Thank you, Lissa and Susan for sharing 馃槈

I saw this on聽The Mirror聽site: Is Lily Allen set to join the FSOG movie?聽

These are fan edits of possible聽movie posters, all from the Laters Baby UK Facebook page:



Last one by聽@poseydornan

This clip features an interview with Jamie for Attitude Magazine:

Jamie reads using his SEXY voice…

Jamie for Calvin Klein…

There is something about the following CK clip that got me going. I think it’s because it was the first time I glimpsed Christian in Jamie…

Look how young he is! 馃槈


This week I read:


Dylan by Jo Raven, book four in the Inked Brotherhood series, was a great read. I enjoy the gritty, edgy nature of her writing.

Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia, book one in the Gynazule series was…. well, how to put this mildly? Let’s call it interesting. I got through the first 130 of 814 pages in this disaster-a-minute e-book and left it there. She’s definitely聽creative and uses some exceptionally colorful language, but this one聽was not for me. The marketing was what intrigued me most, that and the great ratings it’s received on Goodreads. She’s gotten the cream of our genre to review her book and write it off as a hopelessly lost case but through it all you can sense the tongue-in-cheek comedy. This read聽is certainly not to be taken seriously, but be very sure that you can handle or enjoy, for that matter, the EXTREMELY taboo content. NOTHING is off limits in this wacky read. Be warned.

Currently I’m reading:


Heat Seeker by Lora Leigh, book three in the Elite Ops series. I’ve had this one on my shelf for a while but I’ve been sidetracked by other series I was keen on finishing first. As always she brings heated intensity paired with well researched, plausible action and danger. I love her stuff.

I may wander back to the This Man series before I start my next reading adventure. I miss Jesse…


Here’s another little nugget of truth that I’m sure you can all relate to…


Don’t be shy to share, girls! I love hearing from you. Have a beautiful week.


Monique xx

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A British DIY store braces for a rise in demand of cable ties and rope…

Hello, girls 馃槈

My hubby shared this little gem with me today. It made me giggle… Read how a British store聽warned it’s staff via memo of the possibility of聽increased sales in cable ties and rope here on the Sydney Morning Herald site. LOL! 馃槈

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For the Spanish readers, Kereny just sent me the latest translated聽chapter. Please find chapter 46 in the sidebar. Thanks, Kereny 馃槈


Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies 馃槈

Just as a final nail in the rumour coffin, here is an article from Sky News confirming that Jamie is here to stay. I found it on EL James’s Facebook page.

I saw this during the week and absolutely聽loved its simple, flawless聽logic:


Word! 馃槈

So we know that OPI has an FSOG nail polish line, and I’ve seen some beautiful Fifty Shades nails, but this one shown on the Laters Baby UK Facebook page takes the cake.聽


It’s the movie poster!


This week I read:


Decker’s Wood by Kristy Dallas was, as predicted, a fluffy read; entertaining but empty.

First Night by Lauren Blakely, book 0.5 in the Seductive Nights series is a prequel novella that I’ve had on my shelf for ages. It was one of those “free” books from Amazon and I liked the blurb. However the book itself, to me, was a sore disappointment. I shall not be venturing into the rest.

Beautiful Player by Christina and Lauren, book three in the Beautiful Bastard series, more than made up for my lacklustre book week. This read聽rocked my… uhm… knickers! LOL! Awesome book聽and if you’re not yet acquainted with this fantastic duo of writers I suggest you聽meet them ASAP 馃槈

Beautiful Beloved, also by Christina and Lauren, book 3.6 of the Beautiful Bastard series, is an in-between novella. It filled聽in some sexy gaps between the mains reads and was just as yummy as the full book.

Currently I’m reading:


Dylan by Jo Raven, book four in the Inked Brotherhood series. I love this series; intense and spicy, and this one seems to be no exception.


These are the books we can expect in March聽from our beloved authors:







Again, I apologize for the quality. These are screenshots taken from my Goodreads list. Please note that the “more” links in the text aren’t live. 聽Personally I cannot wait for Tiffany Reisz, Kylie Scott, and Katy Evans’s latest releases! 馃槈


Have a beautiful week, girls and don’t forget to share your favorite reads with us!

Monique xx

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