Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

I trust you are well into enjoying a relaxing weekend. For all the Irish readers, I hope you had a great St Patrick’s Day! 😉


Then; I’d like to welcome the slew of new readers this week. I don’t know if you are just more vocal in sharing your thoughts or whether I’ve had a run on the site, but I love that you’ve had a good time sharing this tribute to FSOG! 

This week I got these two beauties from Angelique because…. we always want more 😉

I love the series of kissing scenes *sigh* – Thank you, Angelique 😉

My horrid book slump continued this week but luckily got better by the end of it….


This week I read:

tw fwpb

I wasn’t quite ready to delve into the dark depths of Monster In His Eyes so I thought I’d start with something lighter beforehand… Big, BIG mistake! LOL!

Sexual Awakenings by Angelica Chase, book one in the Sexual Awakening series, though technically good, was pages and pages of gratuitous sex. Now, in our world, that might seem like a good thing but, for me, without feeling the love grow along with the desire as the connection develops between two (or sometimes three) characters, it’s simply sex – a hollow echo of what could be. It might still unfold as the series progresses but it’s lost me and I will not be pursuing the rest of the books. If you are into lots of nooky then feast away.

Friends With Partial Benefits by Luke Young, book one in the Friends With Benefits series was another letdown. I was intrigued that a male writer tackled an older woman/younger guy story but I’ve never come across a book where an author writes so much without saying so little. The story was slow and the comedy contrived. As much as I dislike dishing negative reviews I can’t even call it a poolside read.

Currently I’m reading:


Monster In His Eyes by JM Darhower, book one in the Monster In His Eyes series, is well written but from early on you feel the intensity brewing. Now, at almost 90%, I feel like I can see the trainwreck coming….

I’m soooo looking forward to Manwhore this coming week. Katy Evans always brings it!


I saw this the other day and thought it a helluva’ tool for those of you with teens…


Good one, right? LOL!

Let’s hear from you, girls. Share those reading treasures as you find them 😉

Monique xx

M heart

17 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. says:

    I’d like to suggest for your reading pleasure…some oldies but goodies: Knight & Play, Knight & Stay, Knight & Day by Kitty French. I pull them out to re-read when I’m not sure what I want next. Cool story, hot sex and gorgeous guy…what more can we want? Enjoy!

    Pam Morrical


  2. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, another just ok reading week for me, I read Monster in his Eyes. I found it just ok but being a glutton for punishment I decided to read the second part of Nas and Karrisas story in Torture to her Soul.
    These books really didn’t do much for me at all, don’t want to say much as you haven’t read them but I probably wouldn’t recommend them.
    I don’t know where. to go from here I have a few books to read but nothing is getting me excited.
    Have a great week


  3. Carmela says:

    Hi Monique hope you are well. This week I have gone away from romance and love and I have read REEVA by June Steenkamp. It is such a sad book and a truly wonderful tribute to a young woman who obviously was such a beautiful and caring person. As I read the book I could feel her mothers pain and I cried on more than one occasion because I could feel Reeva’s family’s heartache. A very emotional read for anyone who is interested and I can’t stop talking about this book to anyone that will listen.
    Enjoy your week ladies


  4. kathleencrawford says:

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  5. Sharon says:

    Hello Monique and friends! Love the wifi sticky…seems brilliant to me! Wonder if it would work on the hubby? I have no good reads to contribute this week, but I’m going to start the Knight series Pam suggested…looks interesting. I bought Monster….but really not in the mood to go that dark right now.
    Monique, couldnt agree more about intimacy coming too soon in a book. Why would I have any interest in someone’s sex life before I feel their connection to each other? I sadly hit one of those books last week called The Beauty series by Skye Warren. Sex from the first chapter. Yuck. Doubt I will ever finish it. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Skye was a man trying to write for women.
    Really miss Christian, those videos were yum! Hope you all have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      The WiFi sticky note is an awesome idea, Sharon! I loved it. On rare occasions the early sex can work but it has to be written really well and a good reason for it. I could not agree with you more. I want, no NEED, to feel the connection for it to be hot and steamy. Who cares about random people boinking?? Not me, I tell ‘ay! LOL!


  6. mothergolf says:

    good to hear the input, I will also look into the Knight series…….thanks for the reviews everyone.


  7. MAC says:

    OMG Ladies… Thought I would try a new “Biker Book” called “incandescent” & its novella called “reclaimed”… Had to put it on here cause I never read bikers… It was a great entertaining read not too heavy but lots of hotness!! Then I got the novella to go with it and laughed so hard I had tears running down my face… Yup Viagra and a big hot tatooed biker… It was pure entertainment!! Oh I read the second book too after these 2 … Affliction they are by River Savage.
    Okay well I needed that laugh now onto Manwhore!!

    Anyone of our lovelies know where or if we can purchase “fifty shade” converse sneakers?? You know you can design your own?? On Jodi Malpas site she had converse with This Man cover on the sides of them!! Sooo want them…


  8. crystal says:

    HI girls.
    I love to see of the books you read. I am so pissed at my self right now. I have been reading fanfiction (which I love) of FSOG Christian cheating on Ana. I have been married 42 years and I know you really have to work at a marriage to keep up the spice. But to see Christian cheat on Ana makes my heart hurt. I ‘m like a moth to a flame, I can’t stop my self. Sure hope the FSOG DVD/Blueray comes out soon. Then I can watch it over and over. Need a laugh- My husband said FSOG is the best book he never read!!!!OMG
    Thanks Mon, the video and music was great!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh dear. I remember when I started writing Meander I had many readers telling me they read cheating stories and they make me promise that I would never let Meander Christian cheat. It was easy to comply; I think I would break in two if I had to write that! Whahaha for hubby’s words. And I’m sure he reaps the benefits *wink, wink*. You are so welcome, Crystal. It’s a pleasure blogging with you guys 🙂


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