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Good morning/evening, ladies 😉

I’ve had a harrowing morning dealing with plagiarism. Please, let me just take a moment to vent… I’d like to remind the world in general that though this may be fan fiction it is still absolutely and completely my own work and thus subject to copyright. It is not to be copied, translated, distributed, or anything that I can’t think of right now without my express permission. And though I’m flattered that folks love it enough to want to redistribute it; a reblog or the posting of a link to my site are the only acceptable, reasonable, and respectful things to do to me and my translator’s hard and honest work. Also, this site is for ADULTS! – Rant over 😛

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Thanks to Kereny I’ve posted the following Spanish chapter, chapter 48. Please enjoy, ladies 😉

News regarding the movie is as follows: 

The director, Sam Taylor-Johnson has officially left the FSOG movie franchise according to Deadline. I can’t say that I’m surprised but so far none of the news titbits we’re getting bode well for the swift making of Darker…. 

Then, hee-haa! Just Jared claims we’ll be able to buy the DVD on the 1st and the 8th of May and that it will include two hours of bonus features. I just hope that those scenes will be… MORE! 

Thank you to all the lovely ladies passing on links and news this last week. I appreciate you thinking of me and sharing. 


 This week I read:

mihe tv

Monster in his Eyes by JM Darhower, book one in the Monster in his Eyes series, was a good read, if a tad intense. I will be looking at the follow-on books but only after I’ve read the yummy latest releases I have calling my name.

The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz, book three in the Original Sinners White Years series, was, as always, an excellent read and marked the true end of my book slump. If you’ve not had the pleasure of Nora’s company, and you don’t mind the harder edge of kink, then you’ve got to take a peek at these phenomenal books.

Currently I’m reading:


Manwhore by Katy Evans, book one in the Manwhore series. I’m going to reserve my judgement on this until I’m done but in the mean time I can leave you with a little taste; a fan made trailer of Saint’s deliciousness:

On my shelf I have:

d i

Deep by Kylie Scott, book four in the Stage Dive series, will appear on my shelf by the 31st due to the wonders of pre-ordering. Yay!

Incandescent by River Savage, book one in the Knight’s Rebels MC series was a strong recommendation and I look forward to reading all about the hot bikers… Thank you, MAC 😉

Here are the delicious reads coming our way in April from Goodreads:




Please note that the links in the above pics are not live. They are screenshots taken from the Goodreads site.


Here’s a little joke I thought was very appropriate. I hope it makes you smile too 🙂


Have a an awesome weekend, girls. Let me hear from you and your best reads! 😉

Monique xx

M heart

43 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique that’s awful having to deal with plagiarism I hate that!
    I don’t think people understand the amount of hard work goes into stories like Meander but I hope that you’re all sorted out.
    I’m also reading Manwhore by Katy Evans, I thought this would drag me out of my book slump after a few chapters but I don’t know.
    I’m 30% through it but so far nothing has excited me but I’ll reserve judgment until I finish.
    Have a great week


  2. KereCB says:

    OMG You are a teaser with Manwhore’s vid, I started reading it yesterday, I’m just at chapter 2, but after that teaser I want to read it all…


  3. MAC says:

    My Monique… What is happening a 15 year old!! You must have been a mess. On one hand the social media helped us find you and your meander, which are indelibly etched into my life now ~ but the other side is these **** can steal your work. A work of art! Hopefully you get that dealt with… We run a VERY HOT, RESPECTFUL Blog here people.

    Virgin is not out here yet, Tuesday… Manwhore I really enjoyed ~ given it wasn’t gripping and you could sorta see how it was going to play out with the naive girl conquering the world with her story ~ a little bubble gummy but hey Bubble gum with Saint on top!! That could work right??? The intenseness of Saint and his mystery got me through and of course now I wait for the next one! It was a bit short but god I will never get over having to wait for the next one!! Revved up next.

    ❤ Monique… Mistress of Meander


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yes, to say I was upset is an understatement. I often find spam sites with my work but fortunately WordPress has ways and means of dealing with it but damn, plain ‘ol plagiarism is a new one for me. So far I’m on the fence with Manwhore… Like you, I LOVE Saint but she does not do it for me at all. She seems weak and fluffy. Will see how I feel at the end. Also, there are some grammatical issues that I’ve not seen in her work before and I’m finding it very distracting. I LOVED Real so much she set the bar very high…. Good to hear from you, dear friend 😉


  4. crystal says:

    STEALING your work is a bitch! Go at them will everything you can. We love your writtings.


    • OfficeLadyProbz says:

      Meanwhile and Deep are both out!!! I feel like I’m so out of the loop (or buried in work — same thing). Running to get them now!! Thanks for the reminder Monique! I’ve been in a book funk too. Just purchased Soaring by Kristen Ashley and got the audible with for $1.99. Good deal of anyone is interested. So, when I get tired of rading someone else can read it to me — or read to me in the car LOL

      And stealing your work? Who is it? I am fiercely protective oft fanfic girls!! Let me at her!! 👊👊


      • Monique Lain says:

        I don’t know about Manwhore…. Fortunately the finish was strong enough to persuade me to read book two when it comes out, but honestly? Not up to Katy’s usual fantastic standard. I LOVED Saint but Rachel left me cold. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I dislike her, and Katy should definitely revise her editor’s contract. The technical errors were astounding! It’s very hard to read your own mistakes when you write. Even when you read it back to yourself; you read what you wanted to write, not what you actually wrote; so a good editor is VITAL. I’m hoping the next one continues on the better vein she ended on…
        Ug! The plagiarism! Was so not funny, but she’s taken it off, seems very contrite, but the fallout was unbelievable. Her readers were under the impression that she did the Spanish translation and when I pulled it from her blog they started growling at me, calling me selfish as they don’t understand English enough to follow the untranslated version… Little did they know that the little minx took Kereny’s translation as is off my blog… And then there is the matter of her tender young age…. Tsk, tsk!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, Crystal. I appreciate the support 😉


  5. crystal says:

    Now to the topic of Sam Johnson living as director. Is this really a big deal, other than a delay in the next movie coming out. Other multi movie deal have had different directors and have done fine. I would love to hear others thoughts on this topic.


  6. MAC says:

    For director Sam, I am far from an expert but I always always had “that jabbing feeling” that would just not go away. I know there was a screenwriter too but I still hold firmly to my chief complaint… Sam made it about the “girl” this is not a trilogy about Ana… Soft, weak or otherwise! It is about Christian. Period. Fifty Shades ~ he is Grey! They did not do him justice they cut out very pivotal scenes that you would need in order to connect with him as a character… And connect the scenes together as a story not just as one shot after the other connected to nothing! Yeah its an intense story… So tell it. You need 3 hours then take it!! Don’t dissect our characters until we don’t recognise them. A new director and writer may by just the ticket… We have already proven we want the story by the money it grossed! EL has lost ground to make up on Christian now coming out of first movie going into “Darker” … Beef him up, let him do what he does and watch him explode on the screen like Christian should!!
    Hahaha ~ this is my short answer. To know me is to love me. ❤


    • crystal says:

      You are so right how they cut out some much needed scenes. i would love to see “Darker” be two movies. There is just tooooo much to tell in one movie. I will have to say it doesn’t really matter who they get to direct i will be watching the next movie. I just wish to hell they would get their asses in motion so the movie will be out sooner than later.


    • aimeerhiannon says:

      I didn’t like what STJ did with the movie. In her interviews she tends to bang on a bit about how Ana is such a strong character rah rah and how hard it is to portray Christian. I feel Jamie didn’t really get a chance to really explore his character and he wasn’t very intense. We know Jamie can be intense – you only have to watch The Fall to know that. We need to see him explode in the next one, I felt he was too soft, a little too ‘smiley’ and Ana was too sassy and comfortable. They don’t have much room to grow and I really don’t want to be disappointed with these movies.
      They also rushed it too much – the books haven’t been out that long and now they’ve got less than 12 months to get it done.


      • Monique Lain says:

        Yes, he had no chance to shine. And I’m so with you on sassy Ana. Though she always had a voice, sometimes I think even surprising herself with it, she was very deeply in her shell at first. I think there is almost no possibility for us to see Darker in 2016…. I hope I’m wrong but unless they shot a lot we don’t know about I don’t see it happening.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Amen! On the money, as always 🙂


  7. Sharon says:

    I’m curious, Monique. Did you find your work being used in someone else’s fan fiction? And how did you find it?
    And totally jealous that you’ve already read “The Virgin”. It isn’t out yet here, so it will be my Easter weekend read! I know Tiffany Reisz would say that was appropriate.
    I did read the Lucien Knight series by Kitty French last week, due to Pam’s recommendation, and enjoyed it very much. The series started out “OK” for me, then Book Two was better, then the third book was actually my favorite. The author did a wonderful job of taking me out of the country, I desperately want to go to Norway now. Especially with a certain Viking sex god. So thanks for the whim-whams, Pam.
    Currently out of genre now, I find I enjoy the erotic romance more if I break away from them and then go back. So…The Virgin is next up for me, and I already love it. Tiffany never disappoints!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Sharon, I found my Spanish translation on another site. She obscurely posted my link at the bottom but the whole thing made it seem like she did the translation and her readers DEFINITELY thought so as they came at me via social media after I made her take it off. They felt I was selfish taking the Spanish version off as they didn’t understand the English version, but what they didn’t grasp was that I had the full Spanish version on my blog because it’s my story with Kereny is the translator. All the readers had to do was move from one blog to another – to the legitimate blog. They didn’t lose anything, and in fact, as they now have access to the author, their whole experience should be richer. She’s had over 600K readers of my story on her blog, that’s traffic that, by rights, belong to Me and Kereny as the translator. Also, as she’s underage her blog has no NSFW warnings, no disclaimers, and naturally I fear that her readers are also underaged. I found out because I got a single referral from her site to mine and I always follow up my referral links to ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen.

      I’m going to have to check out Lucien. I like me some viking… One of the reasons why I think my hubby is hot… 😉


      • Sharon says:

        Damn girl. You’ve got a Viking? Jealous. I’m going to have to have me a little talk with the Easter Bunny.

        Sounds like you handled the issue as well as you could, and hopefully she understands why she didn’t have the right to copy your work. Good for you for dealing with it as soon as you knew.


  8. crystal says:

    Do I to have read the all of Tiffany Reisz “Sinner White Years” series before reading “The Virgin”


    • Monique Lain says:

      Crystal, she has many books in the series, a lot of them novellas. If it was up to me I’d tell you to read them in order, especially the main books. The novellas are great fillers but no use to read if you don’t know the big background story.


  9. MAC says:

    Monique can you remind us of the main ones… Pleeezzzzz


    • Monique Lain says:

      Sorry I was a little slow on this. I can’t see the thread from my mobile app so I didn’t know what you were asking! 🙂 The main ones are all in the Original Sinners series starting with The Siren, The Angel, The Prince, and The Mistress, this is followed by the Original Sinners: White Years series starting with The Saint, The King, and The Virgin (out just recently) and will be followed by The Queen (due later). Then there are A LOT of in between novellas. Check out Goodreads: is the best place to check out the order as they are numerically marked. It’s even better than Tiffany’s site for making sense of the follow-on mayhem in this massive series. LOL!


  10. MAC says:

    I had the siren and it did ziltch for me so never ventured further and think it may be time to go back since everyone seems to love them! I was going to get the King … Too far forward??

    Hugs to you


    • Monique Lain says:

      I would definitely read them in order. The story and the characters are just so well developed, but the kink is about as hard as it comes. Personally it’s not my thing but she’s a helluva’ writer and taking the journey with each of the characters, going into the full depth if the story, I think, is phenomenal. I envy the hell out of her imagination.


    • Sharon says:

      Mac, if you didn’t care for the Siren, not sure this is the series for you. But on a scale of 1-10, it is a 15 for me. (And FSOG, of course, is a 50) The depth of character development just knocks my socks off. And Tiffany definitely goes where angels fear to tread. She has scads of short stories on her website if you want to just dip your toes in a little further. She hasn’t written anything that I didn’t love. The Virgin just came through for me last night. I keep reaching over and caressing my Ipad. I’m coming, baby.


  11. aimeerhiannon says:

    I know what it’s like with those sorts of issues. Photographed horse events in my last couple of years of school and had issues with people stealing copy-marked pictures. Got into a big thing with one person who didn’t expect to pay because I’d known them for a long time and ended up being bullied and threatened ! Lots of drama and they did themselves a little disservice and made themselves look a bit silly in the process.

    I’ve been reading prescribed readings and writing essays, but I did read Confess and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. I liked them, bit sweet and would read more. I’m on Awaken by Nina Lane again now and will start Stage Dive series again before I read Deep. I have a lot of books sitting here waiting but I feel a bit ugh about reading.
    Ugly Love is currently being filmed and While It Lasts by Abbi Glines is not far behind I don’t think. Wee bit excited for those ones.


  12. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    I am one chapter into Deep and loving it. Special appearance … Mal! ❤️ Kylie does not disappoint. She’s so funny!


  13. Mary Ann Bettner says:

    I loved the Siren and all of the books of this series. Of course I have read ALL of them. I discovered this series because you made the recommendation. I just received The Virgin and will begin tonight. I am curious what rating you have given The Virgin.


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