The rumour mill….

Hello, girls 😉

Thank you for the all the messages regarding the FSOG movie news. I love that you have me on speed dial! LOL!

Firstly, It seems that EL James’s husband may be writing the up-in-the-air screenplay. This is what Variety has to say on this interesting development.

The next tidbit features the release dates of “Darker” and “Freed”. It comes as no surprise, especially with all the Hollywood-style drama, that our hopes for a February 2016 release has been well and truly dashed. The Time Magazine reports that we’ll only be seeing Darker in 2017, and Freed in 2018… Personally, I think that’s wayyyyyyy too long! 

Then, the Fifty Shades of Grey YouTube channel posted this clip….

Seems we’ll be seeing a teaser sooner rather than laters, baby 😉 And not to mention the little behind-the-scenes Red Room action…

Darker tease

From the Laters Baby UK Facebook page, the Access Hollywood site posted this clip and OH MY! Check out the little teaser at the end….


Christian getting ready for the ball….


10 thoughts on “The rumour mill….

  1. Prits says:

    Hi Monique,

    I read this online and thought the same as well. But one good thing for me is that I actually will get to go to theatre to watch Fifty Shades Darker. FSOG was not released here in India due to censorship rights and I was disappointed.

    But in 2017, I will be able to see down under when I finally move with my husband. Also will drag him to the movie.

    The teaser picture of Jamie Dornan looks nice with the masquerade and i guess it is for the first masquerade ball he takes Ana to, where Carrick and his wife play the host.

    I am curious to see whom they cast as Elena aka Mrs.Robinson and the troubled soul of Leila, also Ana’s boss (if she ever gets to work, as screenplay might skip many things), and the lovely housekeeper.

    I hope the movie does justice and good director is chosen for this one.


    • Monique Lain says:

      That’s a shame, my friend. Will you be allowed to import the DVD? Yes, I’m certain it’s for the ball scene. And like you, I hope the next movie does the books justice!


  2. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique,
    my son told me about EL’s hubby’s rumoured involvement in the next film, if it’s true I think that can only be good. I’ve watched some series that he has been the writer on, though. didn’t know he was el’s hubby at the time but they were great.
    Regarding the release dates of the next films well if the 1st one is anything to go by in my opinion I really couldn’t care if they are never released…….sorry just my opinion!


  3. Sharon says:

    Hate that we have to wait for 2017…but prefer knowing it now. Hopefully EL and her hubby will be on the same page and it will reduce some of the friction that apparently existed on the set. And hope Jamie and Dakota keep their commitment to the series – that’s a long time.
    Glad we have you to share all things Fifty, Monique!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR??? Crazy long time to wait! I think they should scrap the whole Valentine’s day thing and just release it when it’s ready! And I feel the same way about you guys! Love sharing and getting things from you! 😉


  4. Carmela says:

    Hi monique. I am very excited to hear that plans are under way for the next two movie but I think El James husband will do justice to the books especially as he will know exactly what the books mean to his wife and he is a very experienced writer too. think two years is a long time to wait but hopefully they can spend more time making the movie as close to the book as possible as I think darker was the favourite book for a lot of people. Let the count down begin.
    Thank you for sharing this with us Monique. You definitely look after us. Enjoy your weekend


  5. Kim says:

    Hmmm, I agree that 2 years is FAR FAR FAR to long to wait, come on guys, this is not exactly The Lord of the Rings trilogy, no big sets, fantastic costumes and huge casts… They are really dragging this out and I think to the detriment of the films. In two years time some other film/book is going to be flavor of the month, so while I think Jamie and Dakota will always be good news the long release times may not work in the favor of the movie.
    Wish I knew where is SA Jamie is filming right now……stalker in waiting hahaha!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I so agree, Kim but I think the actors have taken up other commitments now. Personally I think they should simply ditch the whole Valentine’s Day release thing and bring it forward. LOL! for the stalker thing 😉


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