Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

Lots of news today! If you’ve not seen Christian’s apartment yet, check out this link…. The Red Room is now open!

Then, on YouTube, a Happy Birthday, Jamie clip:

Combined scenes to “Love Me Like You Do”…

Alternative ending tease…

And here is the teaser for Darker….

The Laters, Baby! site reports that Darker will possibly have a thriller-feel…

This, also from the Laters, Baby! site: a behind the scenes look at shooting the movie:



This week I read:

pfos mwv

Pocket Full of Sand by M Leighton was interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about this book. As always the writing was great but the ending was not in the usual style. It almost feels as if she wasn’t able to commit to the outcome of a certain direction and then left it up to the reader to decide. Also, just as a warning, the background story of the female protagonist and her daughter was very confronting.

My Wicked Valentine by Ann Mayburn, book one in the Club Wicked series, was not for me. It ticked all the boxes; broken billionaire playboy hottie meets sassy good-hearted woman, both fall hard and fast for kinky love neither was looking for, but it’s all been done before – thoroughly. To me, it felt contrived. However, if you’re keen on a repeat performance, then you’ll love this steamy read.

Currently I’m reading:


 Overruled by Emma Chase, book one in The Legal Briefs series. So far, it seems to lack Emma’s trademark wit, but I’m reserving my opinion until I get to the end.

On my shelf I have:


The Mistake by Elle Kennedy book two in the Off-Campus series.

May gr1

may gr2

These are the books we can expect from our fav Authors for the month of May. These screen grabs were taken from the Goodreads site. Please note that the links are not live.


I’ve always thought these little doggies look naughty. Now I know for sure….


LOL! 😉

That’s it from me, girls. Have a lovely weekend!

Monique kiss

22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Carmela says:

    Thank you Monique for sharing these with us ladies. I especially loved getting a close up of the red room. It’s a shame we have to wait so long for the next movie but having all these clips that keep being made will entertain us until the dvd is released in Australia. I think I’ll have to camp out of target to see if I can get the dvd with the journal although at the moment it looks as though only the US will have this I cannot preorder anywhere. I must read your story again. Thanks again
    enjoy your weekend


  2. crystal says:

    Hi all,
    They better keep giving us teasers if they aren’t going to have “Darker” ready till 2017. It’s like orgasm denial!!!!!Damn Damn Damn


  3. crystal says:

    I’ve been reading more of the “Masters of the Shadowlands” each book is better than the first. So don’t give up after just reading the first.


  4. Sharon says:

    I’m reading an erotic paranormal series right now, so not in “normal” erotic mode. I enjoy switching back and forth between the two genres…variety is the spice of life! Beautiful Bastard series probably comes after my current read.
    Bummed that Target already ran out of their DVD pre-order, and no word whether they are getting more. I think we will be able to see all the extras on you-tube, most of them are there already. I will probably hit the stores Friday and see what I can actually get in my hot little hands.


    • Monique Lain says:

      So??? Have you gotten it yet, Sharon??


      • Sharon says:

        I was finally able to preorder from Target, and it isn’t in yet….but I’ve got a business trip all next week, so ok if it takes a few days. I am thinking I should go by tomorrow and buy anyway if they have in stock. Would hate for them to run out before I get mine!!


        • Monique Lain says:

          That sounds like a sterling idea! You go, girl!


          • Sharon says:

            Mwa-ha-ha. It is now in my hot little hands. Have no idea what I will do with the journal and pen, but will treasure them as my first pieces of 50 shades swag. Now…need to carve out the time to fully enjoy and appreciate the NR version. Haven’t heard anything about it yet, anyone else watch it? Curious about how much “more” it will give us!!


  5. crystal says:

    I saw them advertising the FSOG movie coming out on May 8. They were showing Christian in his party mask, adverting “Darker”. Looks like they are getting way ahead of themself since “Darker isn’t to come out till 2017.


  6. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies… L.O.G. ( ladies of Grey)
    It has really brightened me up being able to follow all the videos and posts you all are making… Thanks for that. I guess I am in a bit of a slump but did read ” The Master Undone” which was short and has a number of followup stories which I am reluctant to keep expending with because most don’t add up to a really griping story just a bunch of bits…
    Did just go for M.S. parker… “Chasing Perfection” … At least its offered in a group of three to buy… And I have read this author before when I forst started our journey… So wanted to see if he/she still intrigued me. It is so hard to engage when we are searching for another… Jesse or Christian… or Gideon or Miller!!
    Heehee the list is getting longer!!!! ❤


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yes, I so agree with you. I don’t mind the good reads in between the great ones, but damn, the slump that I just worked though was EPIC! Happy to see the back of it. No new book boyfriends, but still, good reads. Can I PLEASE post a pic of your super stunning shoes on the blog?? I so LOVE them! They are seriously awesome! Amazeballs!


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