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Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

Let me wish those of you who are mums a wonderful Mother’s Day! I hope you enjoy your breakfast in bed AND that you take a moment to appreciate what a wonderful gift it is to be a mum 🙂

We’ll kick off with some mommy fun…



This one made me smile…


Moving on to FSOG news. Again, I have a lot of things to share as the DVD has finally hit the shelves!

More of Darker:

Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware, the extended DVD song. It’s beautiful and very fitting, I think 😉

The People site supplies a FULL LIST of all the additions to the unrated edition along with their time slots within the movie.

Hollywood Life reports that Jamie may be going full frontal in Darker. Oh my…..

Cheat sheet: everything you need to know about the DVD from In Style

Just Jared shares insider info on the alternative ending featured on the FSOG DVD.

The Stir features an article about the degree of heartache of the alternative ending.

From Clizbeats: Republic Records release a FSOG remix album.

Then, Ellen has some fun with the extended teaser for Darker:

If you’re fiercely protective of the movie I suggest you give this “honest trailer” a skip. It certainly doesn’t reflect my feelings on the trailer but it is funny!

Thank you, Susan and the 50 Shades of Grey Support Facebook page for some of these FSOG picks-of-the-week. 


 This week I read:

or tm hotm

Overruled by Emma Chase, book one in The Legal Briefs series was a confusing one for me. While I love Emma Chase’s writing, and especially enjoy her male POV perspective, I found it very hard to find a character to identify with. The “love-triangle-that-wasn’t-a-trio” left me alternating between annoyance and bewilderment. Needless to say, as you can tell from this review, it was not my favorite.

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy, book two in the Off Campus series was a great read; sweet, sassy, and sexy young love at its best. I loved it!

Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy, book one on the Out of Uniform series was a delicious little novella but wayyy too short for my liking.

 Currently I’m reading:


The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan, book one in the Game On series.

If you’re a big fan of Christina and Lauren, check out their blog for cute shorts featuring the characters of Beautiful Player – by far my favorite in the series.

When Susan and I aren’t editing the hell out of Meander, and not debating the merit of a single word in a sea of 4000, then this is EXACTLY what we sound like….

LOL! I bet you can relate??

Every girl deserves a girlfriend with whom she can swoon over book boyfriends and the sometimes stray paths a series veers into!


And finally, our last Mother’s Day joke…

mothers day

 Have an awesome weekend, girls. Don’t forget to share your latest and greatest reads with us!

Monique kiss

22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique
    Hope you have a great mothers day, loved all the little jokes.

    Still haven’t found anything that is making me want to stay up to the wee hours and read in the FSOG genre. I’ve been reading other things.
    My friend recommend The Club by Lauren Rowe written from the male characters POV so ill give it a go
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey, Katherine! Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes! I’ve read The Club. For me, it started string but the story fizzled out in the end, but perhaps you’ll like it. It is hot 😉 Have you read the Tangled series by Emma Chase? Or the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott? Book two, in particular was super cute! You don’t have to read them in sequence. Good to hear from you 🙂


      • Katherine says:

        I’ve read the Tangled Series loved it I’ll take a look the Stage Dive books.
        I know what I’m looking for just can’t find it.
        Maybe we’ve read all the good ones so now you need to make a start on your original work 😀


        • Monique Lain says:

          The Stage Dive series is very sweet, Katherine. Like I said, book two in particular because Mal is one of my fav book boyfriends! 🙂 Yes, I’m in the same situation ATM. Good but not great, and then bloody awful has been in my book diet lately!


  2. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Hi Monique. Hope you’ve had a lovely mothers day. I am currently experiencing a reading slump. Nothing seems to have the same pull as fsog although friends have made a few recommendations. I think I will just chill for a few weeks and then try reading something. Thanks for your wonderful posts and this blog. Enjoy your week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yeah, we’ve got a lot of slumps going on right now. I’ve enjoyed the Off Campus series though the characters are very young, and of course the continuation of the Beautiful series by Christina and Lauren, plus the Latest Stage Dive, but between those I’ve read some real sucky books! Thank you fir the well wishes 🙂


  3. Mrs. G says:

    Hi Monique. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your day is lovely. I will be enjoying my day with my hubby and kids, so reading will have to be put aside for today. Don’t worry. I shall return…lol! I’m especially excited about my new unrated DVD of FSOG!!! Thanks to my hubby for that one! As for books, I’ve been eyeing Fisher ‘s Light by Tara Sivec for a while so I’ll probably read that next. Thanks for all your great book suggestions. Enjoy today!


  4. ana vieira says:

    hello my name is ana and I am Portuguese, I wanted to ask when will put the next chapter of FIFTY SHADES MEANDER? I read all the chapters available in just two days, I really liked this version and would like to continue reading! I hope for a answer and new chapters! congratulations for the work incredibly well done!


    • ana vieira says:

      I forgot to mention that the chapters that I am reading are the ones translated into Portuguese


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello Ana 🙂 I’m so sorry to have to tell you that the Portuguese translators have given up. Translating is a very big commitment and of course, being fan fiction, they do not get paid. It’s something they do simply because they love the story. I’ve not managed to find someone to do it again. If you know of anyone who would be prepared to take this on I would be very grateful because I’m thinking of removing the Portuguese chapters as they are not complete.


  5. 1klkelly says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸🌺🌷🌼💐🌻😃
    Loved all of the posts!


  6. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    I feel your slumpiness ladies. I heard The Hook Up is great. Looking forward to your review. Monique is right — read The Stage Dive series. Also Kristen Ashley never disappoints. I just read Spencer by Kerry Heavens. It started slow and I was worried but this love/hate/hate some more relationship was HOT! And Kerry found her muse on Instagram and he posed for the cover. Works for me. Predictable but fun read.
    Started Conviction by Aussie transplant Lesley Jones.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank goodness, I seem to have left my slump behind. The Hook up was great. Reading Spencer atm, enjoying it but damn, do guys like that really exist?? That boy is cocky with a capital C! Let us know how that pans out for you! 😉 Always lovely hearing from you!


  7. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    PS. HAPPY Mother’s Day ladies.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. MAC says:

    Hi ladies ❤ LOG (Ladies of Grey) I slid in at the end of the last blog but thought better catch up here. After my stressful week I went to "The Master Undone" it was too short but good. Unfortunately its one of those that has like 6 more books all short and then you never get to grab hold of a good solid story! So I opted not to pursue them. Went over to "Chasing Perfection" by MS Parker. I liked his/her stories earlier on in my reading adventures so liked that it came as a three pack already. So we will see. My "Brendon" copy came today too!!
    I so love that I can come onto our blog and find my ladies… Thanks for the trailers Monique they were entertaining. I hope that we will not lose our steamy focus waiting for the 2 films!! Sorta intrigued to see just how EL James' husband writes for Jamie…

    Haha my daughter bought me my FSOG movie for mother's day… Had to laugh cause she was sooooo worried about everyone else seeing her carry it through the store she hid it under a shirt!! A shirt she bought but did not need!! Sound familiar!

    Hugs ❤


    • Monique Lain says:

      I hate when they do that! I would rather pay more for a single book than have it broken into useless pieces that simply break the flow of the story. I too am concerned about the lost steam over the looooong wait. Time will tell, I guess and it’s always lovely to have you here to chat and share. Lucky you with your HOT Mother’s Day gift. That’s cute! 😉 I think they timed DVD that release VERY well….


  9. crystal says:

    Hope y’all all had a great Mother’s Day. I’m a hugh fan of fanfiction or I would never have found Monique, and her wonderful writtings if I hadn’t been. But very few writters take it as far as Monique has.
    I’m more than a bit mad at my self. I once again read a FSOG fan fiction another writter had suggested called “It’s Gonna Hurt” by Hard Pouncing. Part 1 and 2 were complete so I though I was safe. It was way different than most of the other FSOG fan fiction I read, but then when I got close to the end of part 2 I realized thee was going to be a part 3 and the writter had left us hight and dry. No part 3 and nothing from the writter since 2013. Good listen learned. Read the LAST FIRST.
    So I’m asking if any of you have found any good FSOG fanfiction that are complete and worth reading. I hate the cheating onesor where Ana or Christian die. So if you have any good suggestions let me know.
    Thanks for listening to my rant, you girls are the best!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Crystal, thank you for your kind wishes. Yes, I know, that’s a common complaint with FF and one I bet is super frustrating. I’ve been accused of abandoning my story at times but the last few years have been rough with all the moving. I’m very grateful that I managed to see it through. I also don;t think authors realize the massive commitment it takes and if they don;t get good feedback then they get upset and quit. Your rant is welcome any time! Sadly I don’t know of any good FF, I stopped reading FF when I started my story 😛 Good to ehar from you, girlfriend! 😉


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