Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

I trust this weekend is treating you well!

Firstly, the Spanish readers will be delighted with the next translated chapter in the sidebar! Thank you, Kereny! 😉

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There doesn’t seem to be much movie news at the moment , but I’ll share what I have…

From the Laters Baby UK Facebook page; this cute Facebook based personalised invitation to buy the DVD

Venture Capital Post speculates on Michael Fassbender’s chances of playing Dr Flynn

And a cruise line cabin stewardess’s sense of humour….



The Laters, Baby site has a great DVD review


This week I read:

hu atp1

The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan, book one in the Game On series was a great little find. Well written with a good measure of angst, some whopping emotion, and a side of deliciousness that packed just the punch I needed. I really enjoyed this book.

All Things Pretty by M Leighton, book three in the Pretty series was another great read.  (Yes, I’ve forgiven her for the crappy ending in Pocket Full of Sand). I loved that the female protagonist wasn’t the squeaky clean stereotype that we see so often, but there is a part two of this book (3.5) that really belongs with part one, not broken up into two books. Though the author admits this, she states publisher contractual clauses as the reason. I just don’t understand why a publisher would be stupid enough to make an author split a book like this. It’s not as though they make money off the second which Leighton has published for free. Can you say: odd!!??

Currently I’m reading:


All Things Pretty Part two by M Leighton.

On My shelf I have:


Spencer by Kerry Heavens


Love this saucy girl…


That’s it from me. Have an awesome weekend, girls 😉 

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27 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Valerie says:

    Hi Monique! It’s been a while. I haven’t been reading quite as much…been doing other things for myself which really cuts into my reading time. I want to read The Hookup…even more now than ever since you liked it. Right now I’m reading Beautiful Secret and loving it ! 🙂


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Valerie! Yes, it has been a while. Great to hear from you. Wow, you used to read A LOT as I recall… Hopefully you;re all good. Yes, the Hook Up was great. BS is lovely but Player is my absolute fav in the series so far!


  2. crystal says:

    “I also write fan fiction on Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, and am working on an original story.” you write. What original story are you working on and is it ready to be read?


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! I wish I knew, Crystal. I’ve started so many… all half cocked ideas that I’m toying with but time is the enemy… I have very little of it since I’ve gone back to work 😛


  3. Sheila H. says:

    I have been reading some historical books, I read Amy Snow by Tracy Rees and Letters to the lost by Iona Grey. Both of them historical mysteries, although not a mystery fan I did enjoy these books, Letters to the Lost was not so much old historical as based around World War 2. I did buy a freebie on Amazon 30 XXX Erotic eBook Box Set, and I would certainly not recommend those books even if they are free. I do not mind some of the erotic books when they are short stories, they still pack a lot of wallop in them. These books were a disgrace both in the storylines and the writing, I only got as far as the third book when I deleted them from my Kindle. It must be the first time that I have ever written a bad review on Amazon. There have been books I have not liked but still marked them high because the writing was good and so was the storyline; the books were just not to my taste. So stay away from 30 XXX Erotic etc they are just rubbish. Happy reading everyone and take care now.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no! That’s just horrible, Sheila! Wow, deleting something off your Kindle is some serious stuff! No worries, I’ve come across the odd book where I’ve felt the same… I so love the whole self publishing thing but it does allow for a lot of crap that really shouldn’t see the light of day…


  4. Sharon says:

    Hi everyone! Haven’t been reading (boo!), but have lots of things to type about! First…LOVE the towel sculpture!!! I’m going to have a trio of ladies in to watch the fifty shades NR version, and that is so going to be my centerpiece!!
    Second, went to see a production of “My Fair Lady” last night, and a squadron of retired ladies, complete with hearing aids, were sitting behind me. The race scene came up, with the actors spread across the stage to observe the races, all conservatively dressed in black, greys and whites. One of the ladies behind me spoke very loudly (unintentionally), and said “Look! Fifty Shades of Grey!” I about rolled under my chair and the entire audience (and some of the actors) totally lost it! Tooooooo funny!!!! EL James has completely taken over the world!
    And Third…I’m thrilled to my toes to tell you all a beloved friend of mine is finally being published! Her new series will be called “American Beauty”. I believe this series will truly explode when it hits, and I guarantee that you will all love it. Publication is scheduled for the fall. She has been writing under the name Ani Surnois, and the first book of the series is called “Thirty Nights of Snow.” Her publisher coaxed her to change her published name to Ani Keating, and her writing style is beautifully flowing and lyrical. I can’t wait to read the final version, and you will be hearing more from me when the books launch! Seriously hot, Alpha male….and deep passionate story line. If you would like to learn more, and follow her journey during publishing, sign onto her blog at thirty
    So…a book review before it is published, but this is a story and writer to get excited about!
    OK- I’ll stop here, but was overflowing with keeping this news private. Now she has announced it publicly so can’t wait for this awesome book club to fall in love with Aiden Hale, as I have loved him for a very, very long time now!! Enjoy your reading this week, hopefully I will carve out some time for some Alpha romance!


  5. OfficeLadyProbz says:

    Reading Echo, follow up to Bang. Holy depressing book batman!! I’ve cleaned my house twice instead of reading but determined to push through.
    Started Conviction by Lesley Jones last week and stopped at 50% which is a shame because I loved her other books. (I think you’d like Saviour and Resolution)
    I think I’ve figured out the problem. I’m getting to 40-50% before I start to care what happens. That’s too long….Unlike Monique’s story here that grabbed me by the throat at chapter 1 and took my breath away.


    • MAC says:

      Hey try a sample of “Insidious” … Aleatha Romig


    • Katherine says:

      Hi OfficeLadyI agree with you 100% I just don’t care about any of the characters at all so really can’t get into the book and I am finding the writing is just rubbish – I’ve been reading quite a few of my books that I read before I found FSOG because I can’t find anything else to get me excited


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Wow, cleaning house in lieu of reading?? that must be pretty rough! I hate books that make me blue. How did it turn out? Yeah, I hear ya. It must grab me or I chuck it. I have no patience for reading stuff that doesn’t keep me enthralled. And thank you for your kind compliment 🙂


  6. MAC says:

    Hey My Monique… Did you read my last weeks comment?? 😦
    I had to finish my love of all things “Walker” in the final installment for Nicole Edwards “AI” series. It was great really that writing is her forte. I wish she would stay true to her gift and not be goin after 6 different projects at a time.
    Any how my BEST news, Katharine… I ordere and just got my personalized converse!! I have Fifty Shades pictures on one side of shoe and then “This Man” 3 2 1… Zero baby!! With the flower on the other. This is a HUGE treat for me I have been rubbin’ them ever since I got them!! Awwww… My little fetish on my feet!!!

    Love you ladies


    • Sharon says:

      Mac….pictures are required!! Must see the cuteness!


    • Katherine says:

      Hi Mac – want to see the shoes!!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Please, please let me know if it would be okay for me to pots the pics!!! I LOVE those super cute Converse! I have read your comment, I’m sure! Did I not reply? I also replied on Facebook but I wasn’t able to tag you. Loved that you shared it with us!


      • MAC says:

        Yes please can you share them so Katherine & Sharon can see them!! Thank you for doing that. There are probably lots of pictures you could use but those all spoke to me!! I smile every time I put them on, lace them up and realize I am “on top” of Jesse and Christian…
        Walking… Up and down…up amd down!! Naughty really is best!

        Love you ladies ❤


  7. crystal says:

    I’ve been seeing stuff about #rt15. What is this stuff about?


  8. MAC says:

    Monique encouraged me to go online cause I really wanted them….
    Okay got my daughter to try but it won’t let me insert a photo. 😦
    Into this box… Maybe I should go to Monique’s page and see if it goes there!! I will let you know unless Monique can give me some help!!


  9. MAC says:

    Yay!! Sharon if y’all go to Monique’s page under facebook I posted my new beloved converse picture for ya!! 🙂

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