Between the covers book club

Hello, Ladies of Grey (thanks for that cute moniker, MAC) 😉

Wow, what a busy week it’s been, but it’s nice to finally get to you for a chat.

I know Mother’s Day is well and truly over but I couldn’t resist…

IMG_0263 IMG_0106



Then, MAC shared this with us on my Facebook page…

fsog converse this man converse

Cool, huh? Fifty Shades and This Man Converse!! I LOVE them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them very much, girlfriend!

As far as FSOG news is concerned:

The Stir tells us why we adore Jamie….

Fashion & Style chats about the possibility of Henry Cavill playing Jack Hyde in Darker

All the above thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey Support Facebook page

On to YouTube: Behind the Shades – Fifty Shades of Grey Blu-ray Special. This is a very interesting clip: 

Different Worlds:

(Thank you, Angelique)

The Pleasure of Pain – if only everybody would watch this clip to gain a better understanding of the nature of the BDSM beast…

I Don’t Deserve You:

I found this on Pinterest this morning


Isn’t it a stunning pic?


This week I read:

s ham

Spencer by Kerry Heavens was a great little find. I certainly won’t be making super cocky Spencer my next book boyfriend, but I enjoyed this fiery read. Good stuff!

Heart’s a Mess by Kylie Scott was one of this great author’s earlier works and I was curious to see what came before her wonderful Stage Dive series. I enjoyed it, but it was short.

Currently I’m reading:


I’m on a bit of an Elle Kennedy trip at the moment and this one, Body Check, is looking good so far.


I’ll leave you with this baffling picture…


Horse? What horse?? LOL!

Monique kiss

24 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Good morning ladies well finally I’ve found a book that I finished in 2 days had my heart racing and kept me reading well into the wee small hours 😀 Just finished Bang by EK Blair yes yes yes I loved it. From the last sentence of chapter 1 I was hooked so so good I would recommend it but just a word of warning when reading about Elizabeth’s past it is very dark and definitely not for the faint hearted I cried for her but saying that brilliant story.
    I’m just about to start book 2 in the series Echo lets hope it lives up to the reviews.
    Have a great week everyone


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello, Katherine 🙂 I’ve started Bang… I’m a little nervous about the warning of the content. I can be a little sensitive but I’m loving the style so far. Echo is by who? And did you see Mac’s sexy FSOG Converse? Cute, huh?


      • Katherine says:

        Echo is the 2nd part.
        I am 50% in and wow, this story is starting to blow my mind. At times I want to just put Elizabeth out of her misery as painfully as possible lol but if you get through Bang without having a breakdown lol I would definitely recommend you read Echo.
        Macs converse are class loved them really cute


      • Katherine says:

        Sorry should have said that you should go to goodreads and have a look at the reviews if you’re sensitive, I don’t want to be responsible for your mental breakdown what would we do without you ?😀


        • Monique Lain says:

          LOL! No worries. I read the reviews before I bought. I just know it’s gonna be one of those that hurt and heal… I hate books that make me cry but still, I can’t keep away from a good one… I had the same thing with Torre’s latest read, Tight. Hectic, upset me so much, but it was brilliant. Makes sense? LOL! 😉


          • Sharon says:

            Hmmm, think I’ll wait and see if Monique has to go into therapy before I jump into Bang. I do have delicate sensibilities. LOL
            Never did see the damn horse, though. And I studied that picture for hours! My Studmuffin saw it right away….go figure!


            • Monique Lain says:

              It is a magnificent read, Sharon but yeah, kept me up a few nights. Upsetting content but so well written, and now I just want to know how it all pans out!! Yeah, that horse eluded me too! LOL! 😉


  2. crystal says:

    I just finished “Make Me Sir” #5 of Cherise Sinclare, Masters of Shadowland. Not the whole serise started out a bit slow but this is a must read book. It’s a thriller with lots of BDSM sex and love. Do not miss this read. I have just started “To Command and Collar”. Its #6 in the serise and is the follow up to “Make Me Sir” “To command and collar” takes you to the dark side of BDSM, abuse and human slavery, but I can see that there is going to be love in the end. I’ll let you know what I think of “To command and collar” when I finish.
    BUT dont miss “Make Me Sir”


  3. crystal says:

    Where do you find those Man Trilogy shoes? I want some!!


  4. crystal says:

    Another question. Are the “meet 50 Shades” books by Gillian Griffins worth buying? I saw them mentioned on another site Monique had referred us to.


  5. Sharon says:

    Hi Ladies of Grey! (love that, Mac….but love your shoes more!! Christian at your feet! Awesomeness!)
    I had read the first book of the Runaway Train series by Katie Ashley some months back. No book boyfriends for me, but still an enjoyable read. So realistic that each member of a hot tattooed rock band finds their respective soul mates and drops all the bad boy behavior. No more autographed boobs. LOL, oh the trauma! But I guess that is what romance stories are all about. Didn’t realize I had book two and a novella on my shelf, so I read and enjoyed those. Debating if I enjoyed enough to buy book three, and there is a fourth.
    And I may not have Christian at my feet, but he is on my IPad. Damn, I do love technology. Just enjoying the movie a few minutes at a time at my convenience! Delicious!! But really need to stop licking the screen.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yes, Christian at your feet – priceless! And I so agree with you, Sharon; technology is da’ bomb! Nothing beats one click buy! No worries about licking the screen, there are special wipes for that! LOL! 😉


  6. MAC says:

    Hahahaha… You crack me up Sharon!! I am definately with you on the wait to see if Monique needs therapy after Bang… But curiosity will force me to look at the description at least!! Hey I am enjoying trilogy by Kahlen Aymes ” After Dark “… Spicy enough and a great male lead with a strong female too. Monique the videos were awesome thanks for posting.
    Thank you for sharing my “beloved converse” with my ladies of grey… When people actually bend over to look more closely they are like “Hey those are fifty shade shoes!!” Yup and the I tell ’em not to forget Jesse!! One on EACH side!! ❤

    Hugs ladies


    • crystal says:

      Ok can you please tell me where to buy the “converse” shoes


    • Monique Lain says:

      The converse are truly amazing. If you;re keen please share your source? Me thinks some girls might like to make the same purchase 🙂 Posting the vids are always a pleasure, as is chatting with you! And Kahlen? Interesting name; a woman or a man? Bang is good but rough. Think Torre but darker….


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