Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies 🙂

Another weekend, and sadly, at least on my side of the world, almost over!

As far as I know there isn’t much happening on the movie front right now, but I do have a few things to share:

This is a stunningly romantic edit of the movie reel

And the full movie soundtrack on YouTube

This link is from Susan; Buzzfeed reports on the 21 hottest romance scenes described in just three words…. Entertaining and funny and may just tweak you to a new author you might want to try 🙂


This week I read:

bc b

Body Check by Elle Kennedy was a great, light read. I always enjoy this author’s cute and juicy books.

Bang by E.K. Blair, book one in the Black Lotus series, was incredible; certainly good enough for my Best of the Best Award, but as it’s so very dark, I hesitate to award it. This book is NOT for everyone, and if you’re looking for something less intense then I suggest you walk away. It was powerfully poignant, brittle, and left me heart sick at times. I adored Declan as a character, my latest book boyfriend, but there are no rose tinted forever-afters in this harsh read. The twisted tale traces a harrowing path that you can’t help but follow, all the while knowing full well that a bang of epic proportions are coming….

Currently I’m reading


The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan, book two in the Game On series. After the punch in the gut that Bang delivered, I reached for something less consuming and it came in the form of this delightful read. I loved the first book in the series but I’m liking this one even more. Gray is a yummy book boyfriend to add to the ever growing list, and coupled with this writer’s great story telling ability, an absolute must read.

On my shelf I have:


Echo by E.K. Blair, book two in the Black Lotus series. Frankly I’m a little apprehensive about this read. The first one was rough, and I hear the second is another burning, gritty page turner. Before you start this series you might want to consider waiting for book three which is due out later this year.

Then, with the compliments of Goodreads, the books we can expect from our fav authors in the month of June…







Feel free to find me on Goodreads goodreads png


This made me giggle! I just love the expectant look on his face…


Have a lovely week, girls and remember to share your sexy book finds with us 🙂

Monique kiss

19 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Carmela says:

    Hi monique. Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a new work week. Thanks for sharing once again some amazing snippets. I love the movie reel edit. Amazing is the only way to describe it. People are definitely very clever to be able to come up with these ideas. Not reading anything at the moment. I am definitely in a slump and nothing seems to grab my attention so I’m re-reading your great story and am enjoying that again. Enjoy your week ladies.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Carmela 🙂 Ug for the reading slump! Mine lasted ages, but I think I’m done with it now. I’m enjoying Kristen Callihan very much! You are so welcome for the snippets. I love sharing the fun with you guys! Love that you find solace in Meander also 🙂


  2. Katherine says:

    Good morning Monique, Glad to see you got through Bang in one piece lol

    I had a great reading week I’m well and truly over my slump.
    I finished Echo by EK Blair, harrowing is the only way I could describe it but I couldn’t put it down and now eagerly waiting for the final book Hush.

    After that I needed something lighter so I continued reading The Club by Lauren Rowe, I had put it aside after what you’d said about it, well I loved it hot funny and witty with Jonas as a substitute book boyfriend lol.
    I then read book 2 in the trilogy The reclamation again really enjoyed it.
    About to start last book in the trilogy also have J Kenners book Say My Name to start this week so let the good reads continue.

    Have a great week everyone x


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! It was touch and go there for a while, Katherine! Phew! Hectic! So happy that you are out of your slump. The Club started very good for me, but the ending, I thought, was very weak. I don’t like when they get to the HEA too easily 🙂


  3. crystal says:

    HI Monique.
    Well here is Southern Oklahoma we have been floating away from all the rain. Couldn’t buy a drop or rain the last 4 years and now every pond, lake and river is running over. So the cool rainy days have been great for reading. I just finished “To Command and Collar” by Cherise Sinclair. It book # 6 in the Masters of Shadowlands and the follor up to “Make Me Sir” book # 5. This book took my body and mind to places it had never been. From wet, very wet panties sex to butt clencing drama and terror. It took me in a world of human sex slavery that I had no idea of and at the whole time winding it around a love story. I learned a great more about the world of BDSM. If your think Christian Grey was a DOM wait till you meet Master Raoul Sandoval!!
    Having grown up in the American Beaver Cleaver family, married to the same man for the past 42 years and delivered babies for 30 years the world of loving to give and receiving pain is very new to me. I love How Ms. Sinclair developed her chartchers and the story line. I would say this is a must read!!!.
    OH AND is it a thing that you can’t be DOM without having a long, thick dick. And in this book he even has a cock piercing. Sounds fun to me !!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Isn’t that always the case, Crystal? Too much, or too little, never enough… The sex slavery issue is a very scary one for me. I found Tight extremely disturbing for that very reason. And Yay for long, thick appendages, Crystal. An absolute MUST-HAVE! LOL!


  4. Sharon says:

    LOL!!! Crystal. It really wouldn’t read the same if the dick was the size of a sexy pencil, now would it?
    So….for now I have decided I am too delicate for Bang and Echo. I really need the HEA, and doesn’t sound like that series is going to give it to me. Besides, hard to read a series with my eyes closed, and it certainly sounds like my eyes would be squeezed tight!
    Hadn’t read the Shadowland series for a couple of years, and Crystal kept babbling about it, so I’m back at Club Shadowland. Like seeing old friends as each book features a different Dom. I’m like “Oh Master Dan, so good to see you again”. And “ooo Master Nolan, you scary scarred but perceptive gentle badass you.” These books are a lot of fun…and won’t require me to slit my wrist like Bang and Echo would. I’ll reconsider those after book three comes out. In the meantime, back at Club Shadowland, they are getting ready for machine day!! Very educational stuff.
    Thanks for this blog, Monique. You always find such great content! I watched 50 this weekend with a friend that doesn’t care for reading. (She asked me if all the books had been written yet. Definitely out of the loop.) always curious to see how a non-fan will like the movie. She definitely did, and watched it again after I went to bed. Another Lover of Christian Grey!!


    • crystal says:

      HI Sharon,
      If it’s been a while since you read Masters of Shadowland there are some new ones I think. The one I am starting next is “This is who I am” I’ll let you know what I think.
      I’ll have to say I usually skip to the end of the book and read the ending to look for the HEA and then return to reading the whole book if the ending is worth it. But saying that, Monique’s comments about BANG have we very interested. So I might just waste my money and buy the book to see what they are talking about. Not sure I will read the whole thing.
      And Sharon your correct, who wants to read about a short skinny dick. For me SIZE does matter!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      It may still have an HEA, Sharon but right now, at the end of book two it’s a LONG way away, and with this author, I can’t be sure! Thank you for your comments and support! Love having someone to share all the fun stuff with. I always like to hear the comments from the non readers most. It’s very interesting how differently they view the story.


  5. MAC says:

    How are my LOG’s…
    Oh man… I went all in for Bang and am not done yet so inching my way along!! 😉
    So before that I latched onto a great trilogy that kept me turning the pages but was not “soul scarring” … Kahlen Aymes… After Dark series ( angel after, confessions then promises) i really did like e male, Alex and the lady “Angeline” was feisty. It may have been a bit draggy in some parts but had a great storyline. Look it up.
    I am looking to Echo if I make it through Bang… But if the ending does not take me to the next book then I shy away with such a dark read. I am gonna hook up with “Vicious Cycle” tomorrow it releases and it sounded good.
    Can I just add for input sake… That I have followed J. Kenner & am loyal to Nicole Edwards both with new releases… But my last Kenner one “Play My Game” was hugely disappointing and a waste of money frankly. I am hoping this one with be different she can’t connect them all back to the same trilogy forever can she? As for Nicole, the sniper series disappointed and this one above leaves me leery. I finished
    “Brendon” and it was a great end to all the Walker boys… But she excels at these… Not so much the others I mentioned. Spread too thin in too many genres maybe?? Anyone else read the Kenner or Edwards books?
    Well ladies, Monique you cutie… I HAVE to go and delve back into Bang
    I hope I do not regret it. I am not one to shy away from “grit” … “Insidious” was a much more emotional gripper for me. Cheers my girls!!

    Me and my Converse Men are signing off :). ❤


    • Katherine says:

      Hi Mac I love J Kenner and really enjoyed the Stark books about to start Say my Name hope it doesn’t disappoint

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh! How are the wonderful Converse?? I wondered whether you would actually wear them or if they would be framed and revered from afar… Don’t you just hate when your fav author falls flat on her face??? So very disappointing, especially considering how very much we look forward to reading their latest gifts to us. I read Kenner’s first series, and though it was well written, it seemed all too familiar to me so I’ve never gone back for more. Sometimes I wonder if publishing companies force their authors to write a “similar to FSOG” book…. Great to hear from you, girlfiend and please, let us know where you got those fabulous shoes!!!


  6. aimeerhiannon says:

    God, Crystal ! Good thing I decided not to go to the library today, I would have been kicked out for laughing so bloody hard ! Just shot tea out of my nose instead 😳

    Not much happening here, I finish this semester on Friday, short holiday, then off to big kid school and a double major in July 👍
    I did finish Falling by E.K. Blair, I had read Fading already and I’ve skipt Freeing, I’m just not feeling it. I’ve had Bang sitting here for a long time, now accompanied but Echo, but I think I’ll wait till Hush before I start. I didn’t wait with Courtney Cole’s Nocte series, and now the last book has been pushed back and I need lots of questions answered !
    Teasers have come out for Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love movie (omfg !) and Abbi Glines’ While It Lasts movie. I’ve read UL, super excited for that one, and will be starting WIL when I’m away. I think they’re spot on with their casting choices so far.
    My dad was here last weekend and while we were at Dymocks in Garden City, it was a little scary to see all the books I have there on the shelves in paperback form instead of ebooks. I definitely wouldn’t have anywhere near as many as I do because I’d have nowhere to put them !
    Mum recorded that FSOG BTS bit I tweeted to you about the other week, just have to work out how to get it off the PVR and to the computer without it having a meltdown and deleting all her shows.


  7. MAC says:

    Oh my Gosh… I am just into Echo… And I think I hate Bennett more for what he did than all the other gripping winding lies between these characters! Wow totally did not see it coming. Totally cannot believe what he left in that letter to her!! I was like are you kidding me!! I cannot say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it for our ladies… Just needed to get that iff my “chest” ❤


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