New Spanish chapter

Hello, (Spanish) ladies 😉

I know you’re anxious for a new chapter. Please find the latest translated chapter in the sidebar. 

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Thank you, Kereny!


4 thoughts on “New Spanish chapter

  1. KereCB says:

    Thank you my friend for your support… Love U…
    I’m gonna practice that sexy curve a little bit more often these days!


  2. Mayra says:

    Hola! Descubrí la historia de Cristián y Ana a través de la película, necesitaba mas y me leí los 3 libros en una semana, quede vacía, con ganas de mas, muy triste… Busque y leí diferentes fanfiction y encontré la tuya, cuando empecé la historia te odie!!! Como podían estar Ana y Christian separados por 5 años??? Estuve a punto de dejar de leer, pero cada vez me intrigaba mas, en un principio no eran mi Ana y Christian los de tu historia, pero seguí leyendo y los vi, eran ellos, volví a enamorarme y devorarme los capítulos, soy de Argentina, no hablo ingles, entiendo muy poco, y cuando los capítulos traducidos terminaron quise morir!!! Gracias al traductor de google y con ayuda de mi imaginación, termine de leerlos… No puedo mas que felicitarte, reí, llore, me angustie, me entristecí y quede con ganas de mas también, por favor, ojala muy pronto puedas hacer el epilogo… Sos una gran escritora, traspasaste mi lectura y tu historia ya esta en mi corazón, gracias! Mayra


  3. MAC says:

    Hi ladies of Grey… Looks like we are gonna get another “swipe” at our main man Mr. Grey!! Cannot wait to be able to have our group chats about the story from his POV. Good way to keep us engaged while the movie releases lag!! 😦
    So I am reporting that I made it through both Bang and Echo… I have to say the writing keeps me right there holding my breath… I agree the content or the way the story plot rolls out for “Elizabeth” is dark and disturbing but it is a story right? I think we may be shocked at how we are reacting to it… Some hate it, some love it ~ for me I was more intrigued by the fact that I was drawn to such a dark story. Whether it was the characters, which are a bit disjointed to me… So I am thinking it is the authors style and ability to create the angst in us as it jumps off the pages!! Anyway I definitely have to move on to a lighter hobby!! Not SOFTER. 😉 ~ ” Lighter ” 🙂
    The Temptation you are going to I loved.
    I picked up the 3rd book of Landon… “lucien & lia” for the ending.
    I have Vicious Cycle ~ Beautiful sacrifice… Ready to go.
    They will by pushed aside as soon as our beloved Christian hits the shelves!!
    My converse customs…are from “” there is NO words to tell you how it feels to have Christian & Jesse under me… I carefully lace them up and tie them nice n’ tight “ish”… Then three…two…one…zero baby. They are mine!! ❤ ❤

    Love my ladies!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh my! Nice and tight, huh??? LOVE it! You saucy girl!!!! Phew… the picture that evoked was… well…. Pwoarrrrr! LOL! Yes, Blair sure as hell writes drama in buckets and she does it well, but sadly, I’m not known for being able to separate myself from the contents of a story. I get so damn invested in these “people” so it’s tough going when they cop it so hard! And I’m looking forward to Nicole’s sexy brand of threes….


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