Spanish chapter and news

Hello girls 😉

I hope the week is treating you well. 

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For the Spanish readers, I’ve just posted chapter 55 in the sidebar. Enjoy it thanks to Kereny’s hard work 😉

Then, as expected, E.L. James is most likely doing book two, Fifty Shades Darker, in Christian’s POV also.

See the details – thanks to Susan – in this Hollywood Life article.

We’ll be waiting, Erika 🙂 


Bye, ladies. We’ll chat on Sunday unless something BIG happens in our little world…

Monique kiss

2 thoughts on “Spanish chapter and news

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, I just read that she has confirmed that she is writing Darker.
    I just hope that she continues the detail that she gave us in the last section of Grey thats what I was looking for throughout.
    I also wanted to address the issue of people saying they wasted money buying the book, to me if I even get a little pleasure out of any book its worth the money, and dont we take the risk with any book? I paid £3.99 nothing really in todays world. Catch you on Sunday


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