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Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

As a cold snap has finally reached our sunny side of the world, and really, I have nothing to complain about, but damn, I am officially rebelling against winter – just sayin’! LOL!

According to The Stir, Henry Calvill will be playing Jack Hyde in Darker.

hc1 hc2

A little reminder for in case you’ve forgotten what The Tudors actor looks like 😉 

This is an interesting clip, a great edit, but it definitely shows the harder edge of Christian in the movie…

Then, last week, I forgot to post the latest books from our fav authors coming in July:




Please note that these are screenshots from the Goodreads site and the links are therefore not live.


This week I read:

ey mw1

Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey, book one in the Kowalsi Family series, was a very cute little read! Great story but sadly lacking in the hotness factor that constitutes the difference between chicklit and a DELICIOUS read.

Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans, book two in the Manwhore series, was MUCH better than the first but still not at the top of Katy’s game. Again I found the grammar issues a huge distraction, but this time around Rachel was much more bearable. The longing and intensity between her and Saint was off the scales HOT, but there was very little in the way of background story. A good read overall.

Currently I’m reading:


Roomies by Lindy Zart is, so far, another heartwarming read but I’m halfway in and so far, no steam….

On my shelf I have:

rev b

Revived by Samantha Towle, book two in the Revved series.

Bait by M Mabie, book one in the Wake series.


That’s it from me for today, girls. I hope you have a beautiful week 😉

Monique kiss

32 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. mothergolf says:

    wonder if the Stir can be trusted….? I think I will withhold comments about this choice until Ericka or Universal release a statement…..


  2. shereeweekes says:

    Omgggg.  That makes Absolutely NO SENSE.  He’s HOTTER that Christian. How the hell am I suppose to hate Jack when he looks like that. Good Lawd.  Until Later’s 🙂

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  3. Jules says:

    I don’t want him to be Jack Hyde, he’s too good looking to play an arsehole like him, in my mind I see Bradley Cooper as him, not that I think Bradley is an arsehole but Henry is so much better looking than Jamie and that is not good for the film!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yup, seems to be the consensus, Jules. Let’s see. I think casting news like that would be EVERYWHERE and I’ve not seen any more on this matter. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Katherine says:

    Hi Ladies, first to Jack Hyde WTF?! hes far better looking than Christian so I don’t understand that to me Jack was an ok looking man but real creepy was that just me?!
    Last week I read book 2 in the Hades Hangmen Trilogy, Heart Recaptured really enjoyed it so much more than book 1 and glad I read it.
    I then started Manwhore +1 and to be trueful I’m struggling to get through it but glad to see that you think its better than the first part. The way she left book 1 I was excited for book 2 but when he just offered Rachel a job and not the big confrontation I wanted it was such an anticlimax!! I’ll read on knowing that its going to get better.
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yeah, WTF, indeed, Katherine. So not what I expected, but The Stir is also not the world’s most reliable source and wouldn’t that casting tidbit be ALL over the place if it was in fact the truth? Hmmm, Manwhore; quite a bit of hotness, Kath but again, nothing close to Real.


      • MAC says:

        Heehee 🙂 i love my L.O.G.S … No beating around any “bush” for my girls right to it… WTF.
        I love love love you ladies you are my little bit of happiness. I am going to bow to Monique’s taking one for the team on Manwhore +1 and get it.


  5. Jo Scott says:

    Does anyone have a date for when Darker will be released?????


  6. Christine E says:

    Just a rumour I hope. I don’t want Henry to be cast as Jack Hyde because I want Henry to be kept “pure” for Gideon Cross role, when is the TV series of Crossfire being filmed, anyone know?


  7. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Hi Monique. As you have mentioned winter is well and truly here and it is freezing in melbourne. I’ve just returned from a family holiday in beautiful Hawaii and the cold weather had been a shock. I agree with everyone re Henry Cavill I can’t imagine him as jack Hyde. I think it will be a bad choice because he will definitely take the limelight away from Jamie dornan(whom I love as Christian) Hope Erica is aware of our thoughts on this matter and makes a good judgement call. I don’t think the stir is the most reliable source either. Time will tell. Enjoy your week ladies.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ooh, lucky you! That’s exactly what one needs to do during winter; migrate to warmer climes, especially island holidays. Yes, time will most certainly tell, Carmela! 😉


  8. lizziels says:

    I endorse your comments re: Stir. Henry Cavill is not a good fit but he is an actor so I guess it’s a remote possibility. As far as the rumours about Elena – Charlise Theron? Absolutely not! Mrs R is a woman approaching middle age – Charlise is clearly not that!! 🙂


  9. crystal says:

    Hi all,
    Well since I’m a winter person I would love to be down under and be visiting my friend in Melbourne. But I’m stucck here in Southern Oklahoma USA where we had flooding a few weeks ago and not in the 100’s with high humidity.
    I finished reading this week “Master of the Mountain” by Cherise Sinclair. Loved it so much I ordered the rest of the series. I also read “Bang”. Oh holy hell it ripped out my guts. Please put a “DO NOT READ CRYSTAL” when making your recommendation Ha ha. I read the reviews on”Echo” book two and just don’t think I can put my mind or body through that. At present I’m in the middle of Tiffany Reisz “The Siren” I’m enjoying it but can’t figure who to root for. I have the whole series so we’ll see.
    I’ve also had my head stuck in fanfiction found a new complete story that I really liked “Extraondinary”


    • Monique Lain says:

      Really? I cannot imagine ever enjoying the cold but my hubby is the same as you. He likes the cold. Yeah, Crystal, Bang! was rough, but a good read. I actually think she lost her grip on the (horrific) plot in book two but it did leave me curious to see how it all works out. I’m very keen to hear your thoughts on Reisz. It took me more than the Siren to fully comprehend the vastness and depth of that series but I LOVE her writing and the character development is second to none. You can’t compare Cherise’s books with Tiffany’s, though both are BDSM themed. You’ll still learn, with Nora’s story, all the characters are likeable and they don’t view sex and relationships the way we normally do…. 😉 Hope you enjoy!


  10. Sharon says:

    LOL Crystal. Bang was on sale for .99, so I couldn’t resist getting it. But I have no intention of opening those pages after hearing those shrieks of agony from the LOG’s! But you never know….some late night, I may be in the mood for the pain.
    I am currently in process of being “Pucked”! Looking forward to the experience!
    I’m sure they can make Henry Cavill look sleazy….Cover him up with a sack or something. But I’m thinking he would distract from Jamie’s Christian…so hoping it wont go that way.
    Have a great week everyone!


  11. MAC says:

    Hey LOGS… Whose my girl having the trouble getting through Manwhore +1?? Katherine? Well I am a little past halfway and it is killing me. God what is she like 2? “He broke me down” … “Whine whine whine…” God I want to shake that hot billionaire and tell him to go get a friggin woman!! WTF she is soooo annoying!! Grrrr
    Got to finish it I bought it… What is wrong with Katy she could of done so much with these characters and all we got is she needs to leave the newspaper faster now cause Saints father’s coming – who by the way we have not met and who by the way I will not be waiting to meet in another spinoff… Whewwwww I am feeling somewhat better. I am so sorry I made you feel you had to take one for the team Monique!! I love you, adore you, and yet made you suffer … Oh wait, that’s exactly what our beloved book men do!! GAH ❤


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! That’s funny! Don’t feel bad. I didn’t hate it but yes, she is whiney and I found her more bearable than in book one, also the hot loving made up for that a bit 😉 Saint can come to us any time, we’ll treat him right, won’t we? 😉


  12. MAC says:

    Okay I finished it!! Actually it did get better towards the end. I really did like Saint but think a better more gripping story would have been the father-son explosive relationship with just a little bit of Rachel on the side!!


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