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What a treat for the Spanish readers! Kereny has sent me ANOTHER newly translated chapter! Please find chapter 62 in the sidebar! Yay!


I don’t know if you’ve seen this, or if the quality is good enough to see, but damn, I thought it was super funny!聽

Have a happy week! 馃槈

Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, Lovely Ladies 馃檪聽

How is your weekend going? We’re in the throes of our first Spring rain so I’m stoked. Bring on聽the blossoms that scream new, WARMER seasons! Yay!

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For the Spanish readers, Kereny had a fortuitous break in her schedule this week so I’ve just posted the 61st chapter in the sidebar. Thank you, girlfriend!

The 50 Shades of Grey Support page posted the following video on Facebook – a very romantic reminder of the movie…


This week I read:


Chase Me by Tessa Bailey, book one in the Broke and Beautiful series, was another winner from this great author. She’s gone straight to my “favorite writers” list!

Sustained by Emma Chase, book two in the Legal Briefs series, was another good read. It took my emotions on聽a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but a sweet read despite a sore moment of聽heartbreak. I liked it much more than the weird love-triangle situation she had brewing in book one.

Currently I’m reading:


Connected by Kim Karr, book one in the Connections series. So far, I’m not feeling it. Isn’t it funny that, with some books, you have (ironically) an instant connection, a fiery yearning to spend every waking moment reading. You cry and hurt with the characters, you love and hope right along with them, while with others, you feel nothing but detachment? I will let you know how it went with next week’s chat.

Here is a glimpse of the books we can expect in September – taken from my Goodreads list.




Just a reminder that the links aren’t live. Click the link to find me on Goodreads 馃槈


Sharon shared this little gem. Cute, huh? 馃槈

That’s all from me and this early Book Club post on this happy Saturday. Have a great weekend, girls. Don’t forget to share your best reads with us!

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Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, lovely ladies 馃槈

Half my weekend was spent on the phone with tech support. Blegh! What a way to spend a Saturday, huh? I LOVE technology but damn, when things go wrong…. it’s no fun!

Firstly, Kereny sent me the latest Spanish chapter – thank you, girlfriend. Please find chapter 60 in the sidebar for your reading pleasure! 馃槈

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We’re seeing some very contradicting news about Darker this week, but what’s new, right? LOL! Variety reports on the possibility of locking down a new director for the movie, which brings us to Latin Post’s article on why production has been pushed out to January 2016. Interestingly, this post claims that Jamie has AGREED to a full frontal in Darker, but Inquisitir hints at Jamie keeping it clean. Personally, I prefer the subtle side of loving for聽the movie, but only time will tell….

Thank you to Susan and the Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories Facebook page for the news.

I came across this fan made insight into Leila’s damaged聽mind, a chilling glimpse into her broken spirit….


This week I read:


Luke by Sabrina Paige, book three in the West Bend Saints series, was okay. Every now and again I come across a book like this, it has ALL the elements to make it a stunner, but for some reason, it fails to keep me enthralled. It’s nothing I can put my finger on, but it’s a no from me on this one. However, if this is a series you enjoy, then buying book three as an ebook is great value as it contains both the previous two. Also, they can be read as standalone novels despite the author’s caution to the contrary.

Tyrant by T.M. Frazier, book two in the King series, was another rough ride but a great read. I did not see that plot line coming! I will definitely be waiting for book three, though that will tell聽Bear’s story…

Currently I’m reading:


Chase Me by Tessa Bailey, book one in the Broke and Beautiful series. I’m so loving this author right now!!

Here’s a pic I know ya’ll will be able to relate to:


Sound familiar? LOL!

Also, I found this in a search of “special libraries”


I’m not sure how the books hold up to sand and soggy towels but what a great idea! This beach library/book exchange is on Bondi Beach, Sydney.


Ha! Yes! I concur compeletey! LOL! 馃槈

That’s it, girls. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

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Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies 馃檪

I trust you’ve had a beautiful week!

As always the rumour mill grinds away聽and this week brought fresh gossip surrounding Darker:

The Bitbag reports that Jamie’s wife is unhappy with the filming of Darker as it is taking a toll on their relationship. I so hope this particular one is not true. It must be awful to have to worry about what your hubby gets up to at work.聽

The Latin Post has picked up a similar story.

Recently, a girlfriend of mine posted this inspired article by Elephant Journal, and I thought it would be a fitting,聽impelling聽piece for those heavy hearts broken by love, for those still searching for their very own Christian Grey….


This week I read:


Dirty Secret by Emma Hart, book one in The Burke Brothers series, was a cute read but, to me, it lacked plausibility. The story had all the makings of a twisty tale back to love, but it lacked the聽relationship realism that keeps one enthralled.

Protecting What’s His by Tessa Bailey, book one in the Line of Duty series, was great. I could see that, compared to Risking It All, it聽was an earlier book from this stunning author but it still bore聽all the hallmarks of a page-turner. I will be reading a LOT more from this spunky writer.

Currently I’m reading:


Luke by Sabrina Paige, book three in the West Bend series. FYI, if you buy this ebook from Amazon now, you will also get the first two books in the series as a bonus within Luke.

On my shelf I have:


Tyrant by T. M. Frazier, book two in the King series. I am soooo looking forward to reconnecting with these characters and seeing where this author is taking聽this interesting read.



And more truth, this time from the timeless Betty Boop 馃槈


Have a great weekend, girls. Let’s hear from you and the wonderful book journeys you’ve been on!

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Spanish chapter

Hello girls 馃檪

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Just a quick note to let you know that Kereny has sent me the next Spanish chapter. Please find chapter 59 in the sidebar for your reading pleasure!


Oops! LOL!

Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 馃槈

Not long to go before spring comes to my side of the world. Yippee!

Let’s start with some movie news, shall we?

The Facebook 50 Shades of Grey Support page shared this The Stir article featuring new mock movie posters for Darker.

The Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories Facebook page shared this:

For android users, a FSOG fan app! The app will also be聽released聽for iOS! Check it out here


She’s also started a lovely FSOG fan page! Click the link to see it:聽Fifty Shades – Fanpage

Lastly, plot rumours surrounding Darker聽from YIBADA

This is not Fifty related, but so damn funny. On the Ellen show, a kiddo was asked to draw a giraffe…


LOL! He’s got tallent, right?? 聽


This week I read:


One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy, book three in the After Hours series, was a great read. A lovely story with a sugar-sweet HEA.

Risking It All by Tessa Bailey, book one in the Crossing The Line series, was AWESOME! I absolutely adored this action packed, intensely addictive read. Not only did it keep me riveted but it was S.S.S.Sizzling! I can’t believe that I’ve not read this woman before. I liked it so much that I’m giving it my Best of the Best award.聽Thank you for the rec, Val! 馃槈

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Currently I’m reading:


Dirty Secret by Emma Hart book one in the Burke Brothers series.

I found this cute little nugget of truth – or perhaps wishful thinking…



That’s it from me, girls. Hope you have a beautiful weekend 馃槈

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Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, lovely ladies 馃槈

Wow, August already, huh? C.R.A.Z.Y! Where does the time go?

Let’s kick off with a little聽something聽for the Spanish readers; awesome Kereny has treated us聽to another freshly translated chapter. Please find chapter 58 in聽the sidebar.

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Not much is happening on the movie front but the聽MOVIEPILOT offers some advice for the making of Darker.

If you’re a Jamie fan you’ll love the many faces of Christian…

cg faces

These tidbits are聽from the 50 Shades of Grey Support Facebook page 馃槈

This聽post made me smile and though it’s not FSOG related, it’s right up our fairytale-genre alley.聽

What would the Disney Princes look like in real life? BuzzFeed shows us聽Jirka V盲盲t盲inen’s聽amazing fairytale Alpha’s likenesses…


Cute, isn’t it?


This week I read:


Release Me By Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers, book two in the Chasing Fire series, was just as good as the first one. Hudson is a delicious book boyfriend, and if you’re looking for something strongly reminiscent of FSOG then this is the read for you – and a well written one too. My only complaint was聽the very abrupt ending. Here’s hoping that we see book three shortly!

Smart, Sexy and Secretive by Tammy Falkner, book two in the Reed brothers series, was more of a long novella rather than a full book, and in that sense, a bit of a disappointment. The author formatted the book with double spacing which gives you all the pages of a full length book but half the words. It made me feel cheated. Also, though I like nothing better than a HEA, this one was so sugary it felt a little empty.

Bait by M Mabie, book one in the Wake series, was not my kind of read. The story may have ended up being a good one had I managed to finish it, but the incredibly shoddy editing let it down to a point of me abandoning the book.

Currently I’m reading:


One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy, book three in the After Hours series.

I’m not sure where I’m going next. If you have any inspiring reads up your sleeve then please share 馃槈

Here聽are some of the books we can expect in August taken from my Goodreads list:





Please note these links are not live.


Have a beautiful rest, girls!

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