Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello girls 🙂 

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend as I post this early Book Club post.

This week saw Ana’s birthday and Erika graced us with what she calls a teaser. I’m not EXACTLY sure what she’s teasing us with, a glimpse into the next Christian POV orrrrrr is this something completely new and she’s simply using the FSOG context to showcase it….

Check out the tidbit here.

Thank you, Sharon for sharing 🙂 

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Thanks to another great turn-around time from Kereny, the Spanish readers can find chapter 64 in the sidebar. YAY! 😉


This week I read:


Mid-Life Love by Whitney Gracia Williams, book one in the Mid-Life Love series, was NOT for me. I found the Stepford-billionaire protagonist completely unbelievable despite the fact that I understand that our beloved genre tends to be far more fantasy than just straight fiction. If you want to read a book where the hero is too-perfect-for-words, simply accepting of the selfish, pig-headed, insecure (older) woman, then this might be the one for you.

Currently I’m reading:


I’m hoping that my book slump will be cured by the ever refreshing Alessandra Torre. Hollywood Dirt is her latest novel.

On my shelf I have:


Sexy by J.A. Huss. Let’s hope the name says it all… 😉


Here’s a tipple for your weekend if your week was anything like mine… LOL!

Sleep late, eat well, hug your loved ones, and READ something awesome, ladies.

See ya’ next week…

Monique kiss

32 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

  1. Katherine says:

    Morning Monique. loved the wine bottle labels I could do with a few here at home 😁 I read the teaser and just thought it was a load of rubbish didn’t get it at all.
    Unfortunately I didn’t have time to read at all this week I’m heading to sunny Spain for 4 day break and have so much to do in preparation but I am hoping that I’ll be lying on the beach and get some great reading done then. It is awful being in a book slump I’m currently reading J Kenner Under my Skin I’ll probably finish it on the plane so hoping I’ll get some ideas on what to read next on your blog.
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oohh! Enjoy Spain! Fantastic! Yeah, the slump sucks, but to be fair, it’s an intermittent slump. LOL! This last book though, really was a dud. I don’t know why I bothered finishing it. I’m not shy to abandon a read that doesn’t grab me. It might have something to do with her previous book that wasn’t bad, but I shall NOT be going there again. Ever! I’m with you on the labels, I thought they were very appropriate 😉 I’ll take a box, please! 😉


  2. anicesecret says:

    OMG wouldn’t it be the best ever if she’s continuing the FSOG story oh ima pray so hard…I’m about to read ur story again Monique I need it in my life


  3. crystal says:

    Hi ladies.
    Well we finially got some cooler weather, but that means we will be closing the pool soon. So no more summer fun in the pool w hubby, if you get my drift Ha Ha.

    I finished Tiffany Reisz “The King”. I give it a 2.5 on a 5 scale. The last you few pages you need tissues but the rest of the book just didn’t grab me. I have to remember this is just a book, but art does reflects life, and in the book everyone is so happy that the Saint has a baby son. Soren and I may be kin since we share the last name but I don’t think I would be inviting him over for a family party, but Kingsley, yes he and I could have FUN lots of FUN so he will get an invite.
    I have Tiffany Reisz next book “The Virgin” and in October her finial book in the series “The Queen” will be out. I can see me needing antianxieny meds when I finish that last book. It’s like a death in the family where a whole group of your family members are gone at once.

    I only have a few books on my “to read” shelf so I have got to get busy and find another series to start. I plan to start one of y’alls book recommendation, “With This Collar” by Sierra Cartwight before I go on to finish the last two Riesz books. Would love any suggestion on a complete series, as I’m like a child and have no patiences to wait months or years for the next book to come out. I would love to read the Crossfire series but I keep reading from y’all that the last book is still not out and not for sure when it will be coming. So that series is on hold. Remember I like books with lots of sex, BDSM, humor and love.

    I read the bit from Erika. Not for sure what to make of it other than she might be adding to the FSOG books. But some how I think the story Ana is editing will play into the FSOG story line more that it just a book being edited.
    Have a great week ladies and Katherine, Spain sounds wonderful!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Crystal 😉 Happy for you that your weather is cooling but oh so sad to hear about the end of the pool antics. Never fear, I’ll keep them up here in the southern hemisphere! LOL! Ha! That even rhymes! 😉 Yes, the end of Original Sinners will see a mass mourning event among Reisz fans. She really is exceptional in creating a whole world, isn’t she? I’m with you on giving Soren a wide berth. He may be HOT but I think he’ll intimidate the crap out of me. Hmmm… A new series, huh? Something you can sink your teeth into… I think it would be wise to go into anything else with an open mind. The likes of Reisz’s creativity is not something you’ll easily find again. I absolutely LOVED the Tamed series by Emma Chase. No BDSM but sexy and very funny at times. Then there is the This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Also the Real series by Katy Evans, especially book one and two. So many books, so little time… I keep hearing good things about Fearless by Lauren Gilley. Apparently it’s an EPIC saga but I’ve not read it. Let us know what you decide. Crossfire is fantastic, Crystal. I love Gideon but she is sloooooow releasing books. We’re hoping for book 5 in Dec but who knows? It should be the final instalment of the story…. As always, it’s been a pleasure 😉


  4. Valerie Gibson says:

    Hi Monique! Sorry you’re having such a crappy week. Hope that Hollywood Dirt is good… I just bought it too! This week I read The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert. I liked it but wasn’t in love with it…I guess I’ve gotten spoiled by other authors! Currently I’m reading One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy; liking it so far. I hope this week is better for you! 😄


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, Valerie. Book slumps suck! HD is looking very good so far. Torre always brings her A-game. I love Elle Kennedy, and if you like her you’ll LOVE Kristen Callihan and Kylie Scott! Good to hear from you! 😉


  5. Hi Monique I have been m.i.a the last two weeks reading the Jesse Ward books and I loved them immensely. Omg I need a Jesse in my life (I’m sure my husband will be pleased to hear this). I loved his control freakishness, possessiveness, passion and humour. Couldn’t get enough of these books and Jesse and Ava. Not sure what I’ll read next but I think I might have a ret for a few days and then start something new. All these books are playing havoc with my emotions and I need to get my head straight before I tackle the next series or I might fall into my book slump again. Have a great week ladies


    • Casey says:

      Hi Camela, I totally agree with you….Jessie was hot! I read the series after Monique suggested it and then read it again straight after! Here’s a question though….why do you think Beatrice called Sarah a vindictive bitch? I wouldn’t have thought that they would have anything to do with each other…..??
      Hi Monique, I am re-reading FSOG at the moment and have decided to re-read Shadowlands Series, then Crossfire Series, then This Man series again before tackling another series. Loving all these BBFs takes up so much room! Secretly hoping that Crossfire #5 will be out by the time I’ve re-read all these favourites! I’ve heard from a few sources that November 16 is the release date….. I read the EL James teaser…’s a bit strange I think! How does that link in with her birthday? Cxx


      • Monique Lain says:

        Wow! That’s a hefty re read schedule, Casey! Enjoy spending time with your favourites! Nope, you’re right, it doesn’t tie in with Ana’s birthday in any way, the opportunity simply used to showcase something… We’re not sure what and too scared to hope! LOL! As for Crossfire, that’s exciting news but I’m not gonna’ hold my breath. ‘Been too let down too many times with her moving release dares…


      • Hi casey. I was wondering the same thing re Beatrice and Sarah. Maybe it’s because Beatrice know what happened with her and Jesse? We will never know which is a shame I had hoped the author might have delved a little more into jesse’s past but I suppose nothing would have changed. I’m eagerly awaiting crossfire #5 also. Hope it lives up to the other books. Enjoy your week


        • Casey says:

          Hi Camela, I think there is definitely a back story there between Sarah and Beatrice….I don’t think Ava would have told B anything about what happened between her and Sarah though. I might have to ask JEM about this one! Can’t get enough of Jesse!
          Hi Monique, have you read JEM’s One Night Trilogy? Is it as good as our HOT Lord of the Manor?? Cxx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Aww, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed Jesse, Lord of the Manor, Camela! Yes, it was a fantastic read! And EVERY girl needs a bit of Jesse in her life! 😉 Do you know what you’ll read next or are you still deciding?


  6. KereCB says:

    I started reading Hollywood Dirt at mid night last night. I’ve been reading whole day! So far really good! Have a lovely week my friend! Kx


  7. Sharon says:

    Love the wine labels. Just finished a bottle of “Panty Dropper” wine…tasted like wine kool-aid, but still fun.
    SO…finished a new book called “More Than Music”, part of a series by Elizabeth Briggs. Think she is a new author, and I thought mostly she did very well. This is considered “New Adult”, but it was a fun premise of a rock band participating in a reality series similar to “The Voice”. I thought she wrote the reality bits quite well, and she wrote the hot scenes well, they just mostly seemed like they were placed in the book kind of in a gratuitous manner. Kind of like they had to be there, so here they were, even though the timing was ridiculous. I skipped most of them, but enjoyed the story. And it was a Bookbub freebie, so couldn’t go wrong with that. If she starts out writing that well, she will be a force to be reckoned with if she continues. Plus she is doing some good marketing for herself.
    AND…I read the preview to Beautiful Player. It sounds like fun, so may give that a whirl this week. Gave just a little bit more depth to the characters before they go nuts doing the wild thing, thank you very much! That was the issue I had with Beautiful Bastard.
    AND…finished up my Dracula series, A Night Prince, by Jeaniene Frost. Honestly had trouble getting past the cover, it was so hot. Kept just going back and licking it a few more times. My favorite scene you ask? **SPOILER**
    WELL!! The human heroine kept fantasizing Vlad with chocolate drizzled over his abs and licking it off. And he, naturally, is a mind-reader. So once she became a vampire, Vlad got a bag of plasma and poured it over his chest and abs. So, OF COURSE, that totally gave her whim-whams, and she got to capture every last drop. Probably doesn’t do it for those that don’t read vampire sex….but the twist made me laugh like hell. Totally Team Vlad here. Bite me, baby.

    AND…official notification that October is Tiffany Reisz month in my household. I’m going to do a reread of her entire Sinners series before I finish up with her final book. It’s gonna be a good month!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Panty-Dropper wine? I’ve not heard of that grape variety, Sharon! You should send me some, but then again, my knickers are fairly loose as it is! 😉 Great share, thank you and also for the vamper visual… Though, it has to be said, if someone replaces chocolate with plasma in my world, we won’t be talking HEA – even if I was a vamper too! LOL! Yes, BP is MUCH better than BB, lovely story with a slow, sexy build-up. Great book! If your Oct is going to be spent with Soren and Nora I can only predict happy times. Enjoy! 🙂


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