Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, Ladies of Grey *winks to MAC*

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A worthy cause, girls – so do those breast exams and keep your sexy boobies healthy!  (o)(o)

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Kereny is so close to finishing the translation for the Spanish readers! You’ll be happy to know that she’s given me yet another chapter to publish before she goes on a well deserved break. Find chapter 66 in the sidebar! Happy holidays, Kereny! 😉

Then, I thought I’d play ambassador today and share with you how me make ’em Down Under…

So? Anyone want to come visit Aus? LOL! 😉


This week I read:


Dark Wild Night by Christina and Lauren, book three in the Wild Seasons series was great. The cute and sexy nerd-lovin’ was fun and refreshing.

Currently I’m reading:


Naughty King by Michelle A Valentine, book one in the A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale series, so far, is not my thing. I’m REALLY hoping that the A-hole male lead becomes likeable very soon….

One my shelf I (almost) have:


All the books from last week plus Ms Manwhore by Katy Evans, book three in the Manwhore series which is being released tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with a little handy advice….


LOL! 🙂

Have a good weekend, girls!

Monique kiss

23 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

  1. Katherine says:

    Morning LOG’s so Monique I’m booking a flight lol!

    Had a good reading week last week. I finally got round to finishing Hard Love by Meredith Wild it was good but glad the series is finally over.
    I then read the short story by Jodi Ellen Malpas, Forgotten Desires which is only 30mins reading time but all profits from the book go to women’s cancer charity so very worth it and the story was good.
    I also read Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre really enjoyed this apart from the last few chapters, I find that is happening a lot with me at the minute, really enjoy the story but get so disappointed with the HEA it always feels really fast to me?
    I also read Arrogant Master by WInter Renshaw, now this I really enjoyed, Bellamy and Dane were great characters and will read more from this author.

    At the minute I am reading Inhibitions by Kimberly Bracco, so far so good. I will be interested to see what you think about Ms Manwhore and will not buy it until I hear your opinion. I was very disappointed at Katy Evans Manwhore series so interested in what you have to say.

    Not sure how much reading I will get done this week, hubby is away on his annual boys holiday touring Europe and looking at WW2 graves – so not my thing but on my own for 8 days so will maybe only get a little reading done in bed.

    Have a great week everyone


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Katherine 🙂 So you enjoyed the Thunder Down Under, huh? 😉 Yes, if I had any criticism against Hollywood Dirt it would be the easy HEA. Still love it but I prefer twisty angst and drama to pave the path of forever after. I agree with you on Manwhore also. Book one was terrible, book two was better. Let’s see what she does in book three. Thank you for the other suggestions, I will def check them out. Hope you enjoy your “free time.” You should get hubby to bring you to Aus! Lots of war goodies here for him and you can play! 😉


  2. tracy says:

    I saw Thunder Down Under near Chicago a year or two ago. We had a lot of fun, I’d love to go again 😉 I don’t have any books to share this week 😦 Putting Hollywood Dirt on my to read list.


  3. Sharon says:

    Oh my, I do believe I need to find my way down under!!! Those are some lovely Cowboys, Monique! I may have to study them just a little bit further! So….this week I read Beautiful Player, which was much better than Beautiful Bastard. Will is adorable! I don’t believe Christine is going to be a favorite author for me, but I’m glad to end on a good note with her. And woo-hoo for my Tiffany Reisz month. It’s been a long while since I enjoyed her earlier books of the series. FSOG may be my favorite books, but Tiffany seems to be my favorite writer. The woman has so much depth in her stories….just completely savoring my re-read of the Siren. And a touch of fall weather here in Florida. October is gonna be fabulous!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Glad you appreciated the jackaroos in the Thunder Down Under, Sharon 😉 Yes, BP is much better than BB. Even better still is the Wild Seasons series from Christina and Lauren. The pair of them seems to only get better as time goes on. I so agree with you on Reisz’s writing, the depth and creativity is second to none. I’m helluva curious to see what she comes up with next, if it will be another mega book series…. I loved the initial tension between Nora and Wesley!! Enjoy your reread, girlfriend 😉


      • Sharon says:

        Oh geez, Wesley just gave Nora a bath….I had forgotten that scene. Wahhhh! Soooo sweet and just like dear Wesley!! Those big brown eyes of his melt me into little globs of goo. Even though I know what his story is, can’t wait to find out again!

        Me too – very anxious to see what Tiffany comes up with next, if she’ll stay with perhaps peripheral characters or do something completely new.


  4. MAC says:

    OMG the flights are all GONE I booked them all!! Now lets get us a calendar!! Yes please.
    That was undeniably worth every kleenex I used to wipe the drool away cause my freakin mouth was hanging open… Are you trying to kill me Monique??
    Okay then I went to rolling with laughter… Tears running down my face…”Hope the Ahole lead gets likeable!!!!” OMG stop you are killing me. Sooooo funny. He is more likable then the the other girl we wanted to slap some sense into… Remember was it Ms. Manwhore herself ?? Or one of our other gems…
    Bahahahahahaha…. Monique I love you, no holding back girlfriend give the “Ahole” a pie e of your mind!!
    Best smile I have had in days!!! You LOGS rock.


    • MAC says:

      “Piece of your mind” … You can eat the pie 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Yes! come on over!! 🙂 LOL! Yes, I think Rachel and the Naughty King deserve each other! We’ll keep Saint occupied! Love you guys right back! YOU ARE AWESOME!


      • MAC says:

        Yeah… Rachel is plenty whiney enough for King… Or now affectionately know as “A-hole”. Bahahaha
        You have been a very bad influence girlfriend!! Or no wait maybe we were always bad and just had no outlet!!

        My big ass yellow sunflower!! Yup that’s what you are… ❤


        • Monique Lain says:

          LOL! Bad influence? Me? Really? … You must be thinking about someone else! And I’ll happily wear the sunflower title 😉 Have you read Claimed by Elle Kennedy? Not quite Nicole-style menage, but holy hotness… Me likey! Unusual premise: post apocalyptic earth but not futuristic, big bad boy Connor claims his girl… *sigh* Check it out. I LOVE the sexy/action combo books 😉


  5. Casey says:

    Hi LOG, have any of you read “The Prince” or “The Raven” by Sylvain Reynard? I am interested to know how much of Gabriel and Julianne is featured in either of these books…? I am not particularly interested in paranormal romance/erotic fiction but would like to read more about the Emersons and am wondering if I should purchase those books……
    Hi Monique, as I said last week I re-read FSOG Trilogy, Grey, then all 10 of the Shadowlands books and was just about to re-read our dear Lord of the Manor when I was drawn to giving the Gabriel series a whirl. I had previously read the sample and thought bleh but somehow it called to me a few days ago. I have now read all 3 in the series and really enjoyed them…..SR is a very different writer to all the others and I wouldn’t necessarily call it erotic fiction, but more a deep love story. I actually saw traces of Crossfire in there…’s not as easy a read as all these other books but it took me back to College days which I really enjoyed! I’ve never studied Romanticism or Medieval Studies or been to Florence so it was a lovely walk through those worlds! You should give the books another try….he’s definitely not a stuffy professor….though SR may be! Cxx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Casey. I’ve read the Gabriel series, and like you, I enjoyed the story, but personally, I like a whole lot more heat between the sheets. It’s the reason I’ve not read another series of his. Have you read the Real series by Katie Evans yet?


      • Casey says:

        Hi Monique, thanks… I haven’t read the Real series. I’m struggling to keep up with all these books if truth be told! I agree that there wasn’t much described heat but rather implied heat in the Gabriel series but I found it a nice change of pace from all the blushing I’ve been doing lately ;-)! I enjoy the lusty stories but I’ve realised that what I really want are the deep love stories…..the heat is an added bonus but without love, the heat is no good. I enjoyed the suspense SR created very much but he wasn’t up to JEM’s level. I wonder who SR really is…..? Cxx


        • Monique Lain says:

          If you like the deep, yearning love stories, Casey then you’ll love Real. It’s got it all, deep; deep love, the action surrounding the underground fight scene, the drama, and the delicious hotness. There are a few pics of him on the net and I know he’s done some work with Erika, so if you Google him, you’ll find him. It may not be his real name but he’s known.


          • Casey says:

            Thanks Monique, I’ll look into it! You’re a wealth of knowledge when it comes to book reviews! It’s funny that he n EL have collaborated….didn’t they both start out with Twilight FF? The literary world must be very small…


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