Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂 

How is this happy Sunday treating you? I vote for a three-day weekend. What do you say? LOL!

Not much happening in the world of FSOG ATM, but I had a little giggle at this clip while looking for fun to post: Yoga for wine lovers…


This week I read:

mtm th

More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs, book one in the Chasing The Dream series, was a fluffy, poolside read featuring nerdy love in the form of a reality music show a-la The Voice. It was cute.

The House by Christina and Lauren was a massive departure from this duo’s normal style. The paranormal story features a living house that becomes VERY unhappy with the new love in it’s “son’s” life. It was well written but in no way anything near what we normally read from these authors, and the lovin’ was on the light side. If you’re looking for a good, chilling story then look no further, but DON’T expect the likes of Beautiful Bastard or Wild Seasons.

Currently I’m reading:


Inhibitions By Kimberly Bracco, book one in the Uninhibited series.

On my shelf I have:


Wrong by Jana Aston

Here’s a little life advice to make you smile…


Have a good one, girls 🙂

Monique kiss

29 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Good morning Monique & Ladies,
    Nothing was jumping out at me to read last week so I had a look at my Amazon recommendations and came across Fading by EK Blair, to be honest I was a little nervous to start this book after the number she did on me with her previous books but brave soul that I am I took the plunge and loved it. This author doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects and the book was emotional at times but I really enjoyed it.
    It maybe will upset some readers but is nothing like Bang and Echo so give it a go. According to Amazon Hush is due out in November.
    I hope you enjoy the Uninhibited Series Monique.
    I don’t have anything to read at the minute so hoping for some great recommendations this week.
    Have a great week everyone


  2. MAC says:

    Ladies…Sorry love the coffee/wine caption its perfect… I saw on facebook the BEST advent calendar for us ladies who enjoy wine. It was a wine holder for 30 bottles all with a christmas ticket countdown on the neck of each bottle… All wrapped in pretty ribbon and dates from December 1 – December 31st ( Heehee smarty-pants went all the way to new year!! )
    I have given up Inhibitions for now… 😉 could totally read “Wrong” again it was so entertaining for me. I am going to go to “Betrayal” and see what it does for me. Loving my ladies amd sending you hugs!!


  3. Sharon says:

    Hello LOG! More than Music was cute. Liked the second book at the ComicCon better….book 3 is based on a fashion reality show. May go there one of these days, but no rush. Enjoying my continued Tiffany Reisz readathon. Finished the first four books, took a break to reread the Innocence series by Alessandra Torre, I do love that Brad Deluca. Reading her “Hollywood Dirt” story put me in a Brad kind of mood. Now I’m back to Tiffany and Book 5. I love watching young Nora and Soren recognize kindred souls.
    “30 Days” by Ani Keating is now for pre sale. I’ve mentioned her before, and will again. Will be available Nov 17th….fabulous writing and fabulous story. Aiden is irresistible!
    Bit of sad news, I lost my mom to a brain injury last year. Now my talented mother in law was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week. It is benign, but life threatening due to the size. Good news is no pain, hard part is making the right life decisions for her. Had to cancel Ireland this year. We’ll make it eventually, Katherine! Hugs to all, look forward to your post every week, Monique!


  4. crystal says:

    Hi Mon and ladies,
    Well it’s been a week worse than hell. Hubby had to have another heart stent placed with a bit of issues but is home now doing good. BUT his mother died this morning, so lots of stress at our house. I didn’t want to cart around any of my books that had half clothed people on the cover talking about erotic BDSM (my favorite) at the hospital and clinic so I opted to take my Ipad with a few new books downloaded.
    I started the Club Destiny series which are books of love and sex among 3,4,5 people at one time. Book 1 “Conviction” started out like a child push car that you had to move with your leg, no motor. Damn slow. Two men, idenitical twins and one women. Husband likes to watch wife get taken by another man. It turned out to be a so so story that set you up for the rest of the books. Rated 2.5-3. Book 2 “Temptation” was very good. Lots of love with hurt and comfort between 2 men and one women. Lots of man on man in this book. Another thing I like, Hell I worked OB for 30 years, I’ve seen enouth pussies to last me a live time. I like to hear about hard, thick, long cocks. I rate this book a 4. Book 2.5 “Addicted” was a novella about the people in the first book. It was again just so so. I’ve just started book 3 “Seduction” This one should be interesting. The main female is a virgin. Can’t wait to see how the authour (Nicole Edwards) pops this cherry.
    So yes while hubby was laying in the hospital bed I was up all night watching the heart monitor and reading erotic books.
    Dirty old women strikes again.
    PS Pucked 2 comes out end of the month. I’ve already preordered it.
    Also I’m reading Fanfaction. “fifty shades of Healing” JustSunny. Different story line. I”m liking it lots.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Aww, yes, fantastic Dirty Woman that obviously loves her man. I’m happy for you that hubby seems to be out of the woods but please accept my cyber hug for the loss of his mum. So sad. I’ve read that Nicole Edward’s series, she’s very good at writing hot menage but like you say, the stories are a tad light. Did you get the message I sent you regarding the donkey dick? Thought that might bring a smile…


      • crystal says:

        No Monique I missed the donkey dick. Damn what was the date you sent it to me.


        • Monique Lain says:

          LOL!!I think I posted it to one of your replies from last week’s book club. I’ll hunt for it and repost!


        • Monique Lain says:

          This is the one, Crystal, repeated from 19/10/2015 “Hey Crystal! How is your hubby doing? I’ve been thinking about you all week. I’m reading a book rec from MAC ATM and I just read a line in there that I thought was written just for you. Picture this: two girlfriends chatting about the one’s new boyfriend and the friend trying to talk the girl into sleeping with him: “Tall, dark and handsome looks like he’s packing a donkey dick” LOL! Thought you might like that! From Wrong by Jana Aston.”


          • crystal says:

            Oh Damn Mon. The people aroung where I live use the term donkey dick to mean the little sausages that come in a can about the size of my index finger. So in my area that wouldn’t be a comment to a man. I learned a lot from my Aussie friends about the same wording from your country to mine can have different meanings. Now if they told me he was hung like a horse. That would be a pony I would want to ride!
            Hubby is doing better. I know he is pushing to get through the funeral so I’m a bit worried about how he will do after. Thanks for asking.
            This is why I keep telling you young one to use it daily cause you never know what tomorrow will hold!


            • Sharon says:

              I love this group. Where else would you receive such a thorough education on the plus and minuses of Donkey Dicks? Crystal, sex is a great distraction, I hope you are whispering into his ear every day about the doctors advice on the use of energetic sex to benefit his healing! And probably he would appreciate the discourse on Donkey Dicks.
              Life does come at you fast! And it just gets faster the older you get.


            • Monique Lain says:

              Whahahaha! I would be SUPER disappointed if I got wiener when I was expecting donkey dick!! To me, donkey is even bigger than horse! Ergo my excitement for your sake! 😉
              Yes, I can completely understand your concerns for hubby. All you can do is be there for him, Crystal. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. And double yes: in the immortal words of The Dead Poets’s Society, Carpe Diem! Suck the marrow from life’s bones (and your husband while you’re at it! – not the marrow, but the bone! Whahaha! I’m sure you catch my drift!) 😉


            • MAC says:

              Crystal I am trying to empathize with your husband and your ordeal but Jesus you crack me up!! The Alluring Indulgence series of NE much hotter. More donkey-dicks. Travis. Ethan. They are good as is her newest Beautifully Loved… Threesome. Maybe you already read some. Damn I cannot get outta my head… ” the night nurse too embarassed to show the cover of her dirty book but sassy enough to put it onto a reader” in the dark, sitting by a hosptial bed!! Naughty.

              Liked by 1 person

  5. Sharon says:

    Wow, Crystal. You have had more than your share of stress lately. So sorry to hear of loss of your hubs mom. But glad to hear his surgeries have gone well. Thank goodness for our iPads, readers and phones that allow our spicy readings to be private! I love your description of the child’s pushcar. Great description!
    Hang in there! Wishing you many long, hard, luscious (and thick!) cocks in your story times!!

    Liked by 1 person

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