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Hello, Lovely Ladies 🙂

I am officially on holiday – yay! Wow, it’s been a busy year and boy, did it go quickly?!

I have lots to share with you today, not least of which is the production date for Darker and Freed – FINALLY! The Laters, Baby site reports that production will start on the 9th of February, 2016. About bloody time considering that’s when we were supposed to see the sequel!

Lissa shared this: Moviepilot claims that Darker will most likely be steamier than Fifty. Personally, I’m not sure if more steam will fix what was wrong with the first movie. I’d like to see more of their connection, that irrevocable attraction that burns between them, so much so, that it changes them for the better. As far as I’m concerned, less is more when it comes to silver screen steam. My fav hot scene from the previous movie still remains the “first kiss” elevator scene. And what a kiss it was.

Sharon also shared a few things with me this week – thank you, Sharon. First off, this cute FSOG inspired Lego set. I LOVE the age appropriate tab on the box… 17+



And then this utterly stunning Fifty inspired dance that I’ve shared from hers onto my Facebook page. You can also find it here if you’re not on FB.

I saw this one on YouTube, another beautiful ballroom tribute to our favorite shade of Grey:

Finally, here’s another interesting link: BookBub highlights books she feels takes FSOG to the next level….


This week I read:


Tough Enough by M. Leighton, book two in the Tall, Dark and Dangerous series was absolutely lovely. For me, it had the perfect blend of angst, love, and heat. I’m so glad she’s back to her usual style after the very odd ending of Pocket Full of Sand. This was a great book and can be read as a stand alone.

Currently I’m reading:


After Dark by M. Pierce, book three in the Night Owl series. Again, I have to reiterate, the writing in this book is exceptional although the convoluted story might not appeal to everyone. Case in point this stunning quote:

book text

Beautiful and true. What more can you ask of a book?


Priest by Sierra Simone, book one in the Priest series. Looking forward to this one. Thank you, Susan 😉

Last week I forgot to post the December latest releases so I shall rectify that right now…





Please note, these screenshots are taken from Goodreads, so the links aren’t live.


Hope to hear all about your reading adventures!

Monique kiss

22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique well I just finished Priest and Holy Hotness I loved it. After reading I felt as if I should go to confession and I’m not even Catholic 😁 my reading slump is officially over and I have another book boyfriend by the name of Father Tyler Bell loved loved loved it!
    I really like how this author writes so I am currently reading her Markham Hall Series again hot erotic story but I find the male character a bit cruel but really enjoying it so far.
    Happy you’re on your hols. Can’t look at any of your links we’re having a bad storm at the minute and the WiFi is very unpredictable.
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      I’m so happy your slump is broken, Katherine! Go you!
      I’m looking forward to Priest, I hear exceptional things… Did you get to read Pucked book 2? I’m curious about your opinion.
      Stay safe, warm and dry, girlfriend! Great to hear from you. Happy reading, sounds like you have the perfect weather for it! 😉


  2. Katherine says:

    Pucked 2 release date is 24th January and part 2 of Priest, The Last Mass is out on 8th December x


  3. Sharon says:

    Hello lovely ladies! I love both fifty shades dances. That looks like such fun. I’m debating about the Night Owl series….but I have a confession. I have a completely out of control addiction to one-clicking. I already have more books than I will probably ever be able to read. Half the time I click on something that looks interesting, and it’s only .99 or it’s free – and it comes up and says I already got it a year ago! And I still haven’t read it!! I seriously need some counseling or sex or something. And I really need to unsubscribe to Bookbub. Just can’t resist peeking to see what the offerings are! Maybe something I really need!! I’m sooooo grateful they are at least all on my computer, I would have to build an addition to house all of these books!
    Anyway, read Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz. Loved it. I saw hints of Soren in the headmaster here and there. He was yummy! More of a novella length. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Can’t go wrong with Tiffany.
    Sadly, cannot recommend Confess by Collen Hoover as wholeheartedly. Monique…definitely not hot enough for you. I enjoy Colleen’s dialogue style, and I loved the premise of the book and the way it started really reeled me in. I will rate it as a “good” read. Not sure why it made the top of the 2015 list in Goodreads. Prob considered a young adult book, and perhaps those were the ones voting. It had a couple of big reveals, one you knew halfway thru, the other was in the last few pages…and wasn’t that big a deal. I did like the characters…but it just lost some of the momentum for me in the second half of the book.
    Enjoy your holiday, those of you fortunate enough to be enjoying one!


    • Casey says:

      Hi Monique and Sharon, is Priest anything like the Original Sinners? Does the Headmaster have a three-way relationship like Original Sinners or is it one couple?? I prefer the one couple normally…..although N/S/K obviously worked for that series.


      • Monique Lain says:

        I’ve not read Priest so I can’t comment but I hear MAGNIFICENT things. I still think you should take a peek at real, Casey. I’ve oddly also not read the Headmaster! I will have to rectify that shortly!


      • Sharon says:

        Hi Casey, I haven’t read Priest. I wonder if Tiffany inspired the author? Will be looking forward to hearing more about it!

        Headmaster is one on one, nothing at all like the sinners series, much tamer. Just a short, yummy Tiffany novella, amazing how she can pack so much character into such a small package. I rarely buy novellas, but I’ve decided anything she writes….I’m going to bite.


        • Sharon says:

          Also notice that Priest is only .99. This does not bode well for my one-click addiction. Yup….my finger had a life of its own. Priest is now on my to-read list.
          Also, Driven is free right now. Worth taking for a test drive. I enjoyed it, though not a favorite for me. The series is a big favorite for many.


          • Monique Lain says:

            Oh dear! Guess you’ve gotta’ buy Priest now, Sharon! It’s a sign 😉
            Yeah, I got to book two in the Driven series but it did nothing for me. I didn’t even finish book two, I think.


        • Monique Lain says:

          She also has one called Honey Bee which is VERY naughty and so cute! Again, not at all like OS!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Night Owl is good, Sharon. It’s extremely well written, but it’s very long. Personally I think he/she could have done it in two books instead of three.
      Yessss! I hear you on the ‘one click buy’ addiction. It’s wonderfully wicked, isn’t it? I used to be very bad but I’ve calmed down a lot. Now I try not to look at price but rather go on referral or stick to the greats I know. And hells yes! Where would we have put all these books, and was it not for cheap ebooks, how the hell would we afford them?? LOL!
      I hear you on Hoover’s style, pretty, usually heart wrenchingly emotional writing, but I so miss the heat in her books. Thanks for letting us know.
      You can never go wrong with Tiffany! Lovely to hear from you 😉


  4. Casey says:

    Hi Monique and Sharon, I too would love to read the Confessions of Marcus Stearn….does anybody have a copy or can you tell me where to buy it?? Real, that’s by Katy somebody right? I’m reading all the extra stories TR writes at the moment. Cxx


    • Sharon says:

      Casey, she hasn’t released confessions for publication yet….she will eventually. She had it available on her website for a short time, and at one of the shows she attended…but I missed out on it. At least we know we have something to look forward to. I understand it was a novella size….but anything by Tiffany will pack a full-size punch.

      She has more free story one shots on her website than anyone I’ve seen, such a great treat for her fans. I’ll have to go peek and see if she has added anything since the last time I was there.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Nope, sorry. No copy, I wish I had one myself! Real is by Katy Evans 😉


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