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Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

How are you this fine weekend? Funny how the first week back at work erases all memory of holidays past 🙂

Yay! We finally have some news concerning Darker. Thank you for all the emails I recieved sharing the news. I love that you guys think of me when you come across a juicy FSOG tidbit! It seems Kim Basinger will be playing Elena in Darker. Personally I think the blonde bombshell will portray the aging beauty that’s supposed to be The Bitch Troll, very well. 

kim bas

You can read more on the subject from Variety or the Laters, Baby! site.


This week I read:

tb a s

The Baller by Vi Keeland, a Down and Dirty Football novel, taught me, once again, that you should never judge a book by it’s cover. With Mr Muscles on the front, I expected a naughty poolside read, but what I got was a stunningly great book. The characters were well developed and the story had a surprising depth. And what to say about the delightful Brody, A.K.A Subway? Think Mal Ericson with his charming cheek, plus, of course, a body that simply does not quit. I loved this unexpected read.

Appealed by Emma Chase, book three in the Legal Briefs series, was another great read. I wasn’t crazy about the first book in the series, but I’ve enjoyed each subsequent book more and more. Emma is always witty but still manages to build full and plausible characters. You don’t have to read these books in order.

Sebring by Kristen Ashley, book five in the Unfinished Hero series, started out great. She set up the story for a magnificent climax, but for me, it fizzled out in the end. The conclusion came way too easily given the scary possibilities that she built into the tale. Nevertheless, it was a good book bar the long, run-on sentences that made me stop at times. Again, you don’t have to read these books in order as each book features their own hero, but I would suggest you do, as it makes the series richer knowing the background of the characters that reappear.

On my shelf I have:


Betrayal by Aleatha Romig, book one in the Infidelity series. Thank you, MAC for the rec 😉

And as the month is drawing to a quick close, here are the books we can expect from our fav authors in February:





As always, please note that the links aren’t live. These are screenshots taken from the Goodreads site.


LOL! 😉

Have a happy reading weekend, girls!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

I’m happy to report that summer is in full swing here in (very) sunny Australia. Hope ‘yall in the northern hemisphere are staying nice and toasty.

I’ve got lots of fun to share today. Firstly, you know how adult coloring books are all the rage right now? Susan sent me this link: Amazon Adult Coloring Book


A novel take on the idea… LOL!

I got this cute pic from Sharon: Fifty Shades of Teddies…

bear love

Sounds like something I would do 😉

Lastly, a Twitter friend passed this on:

Oh dear. Mr Bean?? Really?? LOL!

Despite going back to work this week I managed to get a lot of reading done….


This week I read:


db dp dt

The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar was absolutely fantastic. For me, it was a real page turner. The story was pretty intense – not quite the craziness of Bang, but still, any book that kicks off with a kidnapping has to have a certain edge to it. I loved watching the story unfold and seeing the threads all come together. A great, intelligent, unrushed read.

Dirty Billionaire, Dirty Pleasures, and Dirty Together by Meghan March, books one, two, and three of The Dirty Billionaire series, was okay. Personally I felt that the progress between the two was wayyyy too quick, and the series borrowed heavily from FSOG. If you’re looking for a much naughtier version of Ana and Christian, this might be the one for you. Just as a side note: these books are relatively short, and especially considering the price, should rather have been condensed into fewer books.

Currently I’m reading:


The Baller by Vi Keeland, A Down and Dirty Football Novel. No secret how this book got my attention 😉 Thank you, Susan. Who needs words with a cover like that, huh?! Let me just say this, something for you to ponder as you consider this story: his nickname is Subway…. 😉


That’s the news for today, girls. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll see ya’ next week!

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Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

My last weekend before I go back to the grindstone… *sigh* At least I got to have a great holiday! Much to be thankful for. Cheers to the new year and all the goodies it will bring.


The Spanish readers will be delighted with Kereny’s latest translation. Please find chapter 69 in the sidebar. Yay!

venezuela small

I came across this little nugget on the 50 Shades of Grey Support Facebook page, a beautiful video montage of Christian and Ana…

Lovely, huh? 😉

This week I read:


Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins, book one in The Fae Chronicles series, was not for me. Strangely, the storyline and the paranormal aspect was not what put me off. I actually think the story has merit, but the writing was atrocious, incredibly repetitive. It’s filled with heat and action, though, so if you can look past the multitude of growling, paranormal beings, you might find it entertaining.

Currently I’m reading:


The Score by Elle Kennedy, book three in the Off-Campus series is so far, so good. I almost always enjoy these well written, light hearted college-days books.

On my shelf I have:


The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar. This one comes highly recommended, so look out for the review 😉


That’s it for now, girls. Remember to share your best reads with us!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 😉

So? How is the new year treating you so far? One more week of hollies left for me and then back to the grindstone… *sigh*


Apart from Dakota’s wardrobe malfunction at the People’s Choice Awards, news surrounding FSOG is thin on the ground. Hopefully this year will see some action concerning the movie and the missing two books of Grey. 


This week I read:

kh iawtc bg

Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras, book one in the Hearts series, was a very cute story. It was warm and sweet with a little light angst, the perfect holiday book. It can be read as a standalone. Thank you, Susan. It was a great Christmas gift 😉

It’s a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol by Emma Chase, book 4.5 in the Tangled series, was fantastic. Every time I read a book in this stunning, funny series I’m reminded of the great characters that make up this awesome story. Drew, especially, is an absolute treat. If you’re looking for a great read that has a lovely balance of heat and humour, look no further than Tangled. This series should be read in order.

Bad Girls by Rebecca Chance followed the same vein as the book I read from her last week and she did not disappoint. I’m still loving this interesting, POV-switching format. Great standalone books, nice and long.

Currently I’m reading:


Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins, book one in The Fae Chronicles. Yes, don’t fall off your chair… I’m reading a paranormal book. Thank you, Sharon 😉

Ha! Yes! This made me giggle….


Absolute truth! LOL! 🙂

Thanks for visiting, girls. I’ll see ya’ next week.

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you all enjoyed lovely Christmas and new year’s celebrations. Mine was awesome, but now I have to recover. LOL!



I came across this picture of a fantastic cake. Some folks are just so talented, but I’m not sure I could ever manage to eat something so special…


At the start of the hollies I found myself in a bit of a book slump, but mercifully it seems as though I’m back on the happy-reading train. Yay!


Since the last time I posted a book club post I’ve read:

download wil

ba bae

Lawless by T.M. Frazier, book three in the King series, was typical of this author’s style: fast-paced and edgy. Once I started reading I realized that I was so not in the mood for a gritty, sometimes gruesome story such as this, so I’ve put it aside for now. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great author and the series is certainly worthwhile pursuing if you feel like living through hard, rough, and ready men, but I am not inclined to these sharp edges ATM.

Wrapped In Lace by Prescott Lane was a great stand alone read. A sweet, sexy story that set a much happier tone to my Christmas break reading. It was just what I was looking for at the time. Thank you, Susan 😉

Bad Angels by Rebecca Chance and the subsequent (very short) epilogue novella was another fantastic read. I loved this writer’s refreshing style, the different glimpses into a range of points of view. The characters were great and initially, seemingly unconnected, but turns into an interesting mesh of happenstance. Thank you, Suanne 😉

Currently I’m reading:


 Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras, book one in the Hearts series.

Then, here are the books we can look forward to in January:






As always, the links aren’t live as these are screenshots taken from the Goodreads site.

Lastly, my hubby sent me this…


Ha! It made me laugh out loud!! 🙂

Have a happy weekend, girls!

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