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Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

Another week and already we’re in February. Isn’t is crazy how quickly time passes as you get older? Is it just me, or does it just seem to melt away? Weekends especially pass in a super quick blink. *sigh* 

The upside is that Darker, the movie, will be here before we know it. And talking about the silver screen, this week saw Bella Heathcote landing the role of Leila. Again, at least from a looks point of view, I think the decision is pretty solid. She definitely looks like Dakota as Ana. 


I saw this fan made poster on the Laters Baby UK Facebook page:


Very nicely done by Ilse 😉

Then, I came across this little piece of life and love advice….


Love yourself, ladies. Pick a winner! 😉


This week I read:

ssoh b

Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow, book one in the Happy Crazy Love series, was great. The male lead suffers from debilitating anxiety and OCD, but Melanie manages to make the story touching and plausible, not to mention steamy. I really enjoy her writing and it was no different with this book. Though the series borrows characters across the trilogy, you don’t have to read them in order.

Betrayal by Aleatha Romig, book one in the Infidelity series, left me with warring feelings. The writing was very repetitive and the characters’s conversation, at times, was stilted and confusing, Also, so far, I found some pretty big plot holes, but the story has merit and I wanted to see where it went. Ergo, the purchase of book two….

Currently I’m reading:


Cunning by Aleatha Romig, book two in the Infidelity series. I’m almost done with this one, and I have to admit that this book is better than the first, at least from a writing POV. More about book two next week. Thank you for the rec, MAC 😉

On my shelf I have:

wsl ssoc

Wicked Sexy Liar, the new one by Christina and Lauren, which is book four in the Wild Seasons series & Some Sort of Crazy by Melanie Harlow, book two in the Happy Crazy Love series.

I’ll leave you with this little gem… LOL!


Happy weekend, girls!

Monique kiss

24 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique
    I’m swooning at Gerard Butler I love him 😉
    Firstly I’ve been trying to get myself excited about Darker so tried to watch the first movie again which I absolutely loathed but it was on tele omg I was ready to cut my throat after an hour I couldn’t put myself through it anymore so I won’t watch anymore of the movies but happy you are all so excited.
    Anyway I had a fantastic reading week, I read The Baller which was so much better than I expected and I really enjoyed it.
    I also read Break Even by Lisa Dejong married people cheating isn’t usually my cup of tea but it was a great read. I then read Dark Paradise by Winter Renshaw which was great but if I had one complaint it would be that after the build up the ending seemed a bit rushed but I enjoyed it.
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Well then, glad I could provide a little eye candy for you, Katherine. I take it you’re terrified of him now, huh? 😉 I’m hopeful about the movie because of EL’s heavy involvement, and so far I like the actor choices, but honestly, I’m not holding my breath. Oooh and nothing like a fantastic reading week! I’m happy for you. Yesss, The Baller was a fantastic surprise to me too. I really liked him and the book. And oh my… on the married people cheating book. Now I’m curious to see how an author handles that and still have you reading. It’s very difficult subject matter. Hope your good streak continues, Kathrine. Great hearing from you! X


      • Katherine says:

        My son and I laughed at the Mr Butler picture he is petrified of spiders and many a day I was ready to blatter him (beat him) when I went into his room and he had dead spiders stuck to his white bedroom walls but when I left his bedroom last night he was saying “I’m afraid of Rosie Jones” over and over lol a little light relief after a not so good day! x


  2. Sharon says:

    Hello Monique and other ladies of grey. Terrified of Gerard Butler….hanging that pix in my bedroom just in case that helps to illustrate my terror. Also have a major fear of anything David Gandy related. I’ll let you know how it works out for me. 🙂 Finished my Dark Protectors series….nothing overwhelming, but very enjoyable hot sexy reading. There are a couple of off-shoot books….but I’m going to start in on my mission of reading of my book con authors. I have rather a lot of their books I haven’t read….thanks to my one-click trigger finger. Aleatha Romig is apparently first, with her first book, “Consequences”. Having a little trouble starting…but I’ll get there.
    So…I have a little movie review. Went with a girlfriend to see Fifty Shades of Black. Deserted movie theatre! Just the two of us and our smuggled bottle of wine! My biggest laugh came when buying the tickets, and the young male employee warned me that the movie was a bit risqué. I told him I was quite counting on it! So, the movie had some funny moments, but you had to slug through a lot of movie to get to them. For a rainy day matinee with a very snockered girlfriend, it was a fun silly time, but I would never recommend it to anyone. Which pretty much matched my expectations, so there you have it!
    I like the looks of Bella Heathcote….very curious who they choose for the nefarious Jack Hyde!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Saron 🙂 LOL! Yes, perhaps I’m also feeling a sudden onset of fear for a few guys out there… Jesse Pavelka comes to mind…. *wink, wink* Let us know indeed, girlfriend. We may have to try your tactics (or antics) 🙂
      I’d be interested to see what you think of Betrayal. Again the storyline borrows HEAVILY from FSOG, and especially in the first book, I found the writing (sometimes) confusing and the characters predictable and contrived. What I did like was the potential for plot twists, though, so far, I feel that she hasn’t thought the whole thing through properly. We’ll see (with book three and four) how it all comes together. I just hope that such a massive investment in time (a four book series) is going to pay off.
      Sounds like you and your snockered girl had some lighthearted fun. Good times! Thanks for contributing, Sharon x


  3. WilderFables says:

    Love, love. love the relationship advice. Preach Girl!!!!!!


  4. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies!! Monique I really enjoyed “Baller” it was funny and you are right had a better story than I expected. Thanks for that. Sorry Miss Aleatha is not doing it for ya’ … 💋 Second books always seem better than firsts for some reason but I hear you it was just enough to keep me signed up… She just has “my kinda stories” but you are correct in that, whenever I am done I am always shaking my head trying to uncomplicate all the pieces… She is not a JEM, This Man or a Gideon – Christian with the indepth grab you in story… Hers are well confusing!!
    Holy hell hope that does not speak to MY mindset!! Heehee
    Sharon gotta say “Consequences” was one my dark pleasures! Hope you like it!!

    Oh hey, the girl… Bella cannot believe how closely she resembles Ana. God I read the books so long ago… She was a look a like right? Is that why our Christian was so focused on Ana?? Gotta reread I guess. Kim is an okay choice for his mom’s friend but again I had trouble seeing Ana as “sexy” etc… Compared to the other woman they chose. I know Dakota is Ana but it just does not make me “happy dance”. I know we all had our own mindsets but I really am trying… Soon Ana will be like the “librarian” girl comparitively speaking!!

    💋😎 Hugs to all


    • Monique Lain says:

      I’m so glad you did! And Mr Man on the cover doesn’t hurt on bit! I’m glad you recommended the Infidelity series. The first one wasn’t great from a purely classic writing POV, but I do like where I think she’s going with the story. I will certainly read book 3, and even perhaps 4 depending on how she fills those plot holes. And yes, Bella does look so much like Dakota it’s uncanny. I also hear you on the lack of happy dance… I’m just hoping Erika’s involvement turns the whole thing around…. Great hearing from you, girl 😉


  5. KereCB says:

    I really loved the Boyfriend advice 😉 I want my Boaz! I read this week Pucked On by helena hunting and I think is sweet and lovely. Really liked it. Thank you because you introduced me to this series with Pucked. And I had a lot of giggles reading it 😉 I’ve been working a lot so not much time to do almost anything… Sending you a huge cyber hug my friend! Kx


  6. Casey says:

    Hi Monique, I picked up a sample of a Club Destiny book and it looked interesting…..but I’m wondering how it compares to the Club Shadowlands series. Your thoughts? I love the Shadowlands books so I will buy the Club Destiny books if they’re equally good. Thanks, Cxx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Casey, I’ve read some of the Club Destiny books and enjoyed them. They’re certainly H.O.T. with lots of yummy 3-way lovin’, both MFM and MMF. But I can’t call them favourites. (Check out my Goodreads ratings for individual books if you’re keen to know where to start) As for Club Shadowlands, I’ve only read one and I thought it contrived. That said, I know a lot of readers who love them, so I recon I’m an anomaly in that regard. 😜


  7. MAC says:

    I picked up “Bait & Switch” by Kendall Ryan. You know she always has high star ratings and dam it started out great… So much so I thought great its a winner and then the great plot she could of done in my mind never happened. The secret revealed and then nothing!!! Grrrrr I always go back and keep hoping she will endure but alas not yet!

    Anyone read Legend?? Has high rating but again I apparently suck at choosing wisely. I usually just stick to my Moniques list but my daughter and I are leaving Saturday for a cruise and I wanted a couple worthy reads?? Ladies???

    I will raise a toast to all my LOGS while I cruise!! 💋
    Be safe!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey girlfriend! Enjoy the cruise!! I just finished Wicked Sexy Lair which I absolutely LOVED, busy reading Legend, and so far, fingers crossed, it seems to have the same intensity and wow factor we saw in the first book of the Real series. I’m holding my breath… If she maintains what she started it’s gonna’ be awesome. No more limp Rachel from Manwhore-fame. Also, I LOVED The Baller and The Paper Swan (the latter if your looking for something on the slightly darker side). Those are my suggestions for you and your lovely cruise. Wish it was me! Drink a cocktail (or two) for us, will ya! xx


      • MAC says:

        Yup I have the paper swan ready for my cruise courtesy of you. Think I will go with Legend then… And look up sexy liar too!! Yeah no wimpy Rachels… I do not want to think about bitch-slapping while I enjoy my Daquiri’s and Cabana Boy view!!! Naughty just like you taught me!!!

        Hugs & Thanks for answering so quickly!! 🍷🍷💋


  8. Marlene says:

    Monique, your “Fifty Shades Meander” is so good, I haven’t read anything better since. It should be in print, but I guess E L James wouldn’t like that. Hoping to see another book by you one of these months.
    I read a series recently that I haven’t seen you mention — “Calendar Girl” by Audrey Carlan. The premise is an escort who takes one-month clients for $100K per month because she needs a million dollars to pay off a debt quickly. Altogether it’s an interesting read — overpriced to buy the printed books, but it’s available on iBooks for $3 each.
    Thanks for “Meander.”



    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Marlene, thank you for your lovely words. It thrills me to hear you feel that way. If you’re looking for good reads, I have a favourites list on Goodreads that REALLY is my unbiased favs. I’ll check out Calendar Girl. Thanks for the rec, though does interesting translate to good? 😉


      • Marlene says:

        😉 I should re-phrase that — lots of good love-making scenes, and the interesting part was how she tied all the characters together over 12 books.


        • Monique Lain says:

          Holy smokes! 12 books??? Jeez! How long did it take you to finish the series? Sometimes I struggle getting through a 4 book series, especially if the writer has a certain style that can become tedious when reading book after book of the same. It’s almost better if you have to wait for the next (no too long) so the writing is fresh again. But I have to admit, that does sound interesting…


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