Between the covers book club

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

Here’s hoping that you’re loved HARD today (and frankly, every other day)! And in honour of this very auspicious day, let me share this….

I saw this in a local health store and couldn’t resist snapping a pic:


Whaddya reckon, girls? The perfect gift for V-day? LOL! 😉 

Or how about this little supermarket mishap? Or was it??? 


Oh dear…. 

Then, back to business. Darker news was breaking fast and furious this last week, culminating in the news we’ve all been waiting for: who is going to play the dreaded Jack Hyde…

Firstly, we found out that Arielle Kebbel will be playing the part of maneater, Gia Matteo.


With the size of this particular role, I’m not too fussed about the choice, so no big news for me on this front. However, as mentioned before, Jack’s role is pretty significant, and I feel that a good decision here will definitely contribute to the feel of the movie and the subsequent success. Eric Johnson is apparently the man for the job…


Hopefully his work on The Knick (amongst others) will serve as good prep for being the baddie…

I don’t know if this is fact, and, quite frankly, neither do I care, because I will DEFINITELY be celebrating this felicitous day:


Personally I think it should be declared a public holiday! 😉


This week I read:

c wsl lg

Cunning by Aleatha Romig, book two in the Infidelity series, was as expected. The series borrows heavily from FSOG, but the added twists and turns keep things interesting. I see there are two more books to come which I hope delivers on the explosive potential of the story. Five books is a lot of writing in which to maintain an intriguing dynamic. Not a top choice but the series has definitely grown on me.

Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren, book four in the Wild Seasons series, was superb. I absolutely LOVED this sweet, spicy story. So much so that I’m giving it my BoB award. I can wholeheartedly recommend this whole range as lighthearted yet super satisfying reads. You don’t have to follow the sequence, but, as always, it’s nice to get to know the peeps you meet along the way. These authors get better and better with each passing book.

BOB png

Legend by Katy Evans, book six in the Real series (the final book), was another fantastic read. I felt the same intensity and passion that made the first one; Real, a runaway success. Maverick is dark, delicious and dangerous: the ultimate bad-boy book boyfriend. To me, it feels as though Katy reconnected with what she does best: the all encompassing burning of falling in love – deeply and irrevocably so.

Currently I’m reading:


Some Sort Of Crazy by Melanie Harlow, book two in the Crazy Love series.

On my shelf I have:

a sool

Adore by Nina Lane, book four of the Spiral Bliss series (thank you, Susan) & Some Sort Of Love by Melanie Harlow, book three in the Crazy Love series.

Phew! Lots and lots of great reading. I LOVE being on a record breaking reading streak. Yay!

Here’s another piece of life advice that is an absolute truth…


Love it!

That’s all from me on this day of happy lovin’. See ya’ all next week, ladies!

Monique kiss

26 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. ilona shumsky says:

    Ok, there’s just too much stuff here to only send you the tidbits… See below. 😉



  2. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique loved the soap had a giggle at that.
    So after my fabulous reading week last week this week was such a washout!
    Nothing to read at all tried to read the second Pucked, I put it to the side last week but just can’t get into it. To me it is just stupid and reads like it is aimed at teenagers, which as much as I would wish im certainly not one lol so I won’t finish it.
    Good to see your review on Legend, I’ll have a look at that.
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Katherine! Oh dear. Let’s hope it’s not the start of a slump. Yeah, I heard exactly that about Pucked 2 from another reader. Big pity. The first was so funny. Legend was much better than the Manwhore series. While I liked Sin, Rachel was not for me. The female lead in Legend is more interesting, a little less limp than Rachel, and Maverick Cage is a yummy, monosyllabic hottie! A man of ACTION *wink, wink* Thanks for the review. Happy week to you too! 😘


  3. crystal says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Sorry not posting the last few weeks, but between hospital and Dr. appointments, being 2 hr oneway, with my son, life is way stressful right now. He is getting blood weekly, only thing keeping him alive right now. They know what he has, Pure Red Blood Cell Aplastia, but have no idea what caused it. He has started on medication to hopefully start the bone marrow making red blood cell, but have been told this will be a slow go if this med works at all. If not then we move on to another medication.
    But just setting around I have found time to do some reading.

    As much as I have loved Club Destiny series book 7 “Entrusted” was not my favorite. A loving husband and wife, husband likes to watch wife w another man, look for a third to complete them. They find a wonderful man, that I realy liked how the author developed this person, who’s love of his live died of cancer and he is only looking for a place to have fun and belong. Wife and second man fall in love, husband and man develope a deep friendship, not sexual and so on. I love, love a good threesum but the sex was not hot and I just wasn’t feeling it. Rated 2.5
    Now book 10 of Club Destiny “Adored” brought back all the group and focused on two character that I really liked. Surprise wedding and lots of great F/M hot sex. Rated 4 Can’t find book 8 or 9 anywhere.

    Now like I said I love a threesum but I tried to read “An Expected Third” by Nicole Stewart, but only made it about half way though and said “HELL NO”. Happy loving couple, boyfriend wants a jerk off buddy and girlfriend says ok. Girlfriend walks in on the two guy sucking cocks. Girlfriend want to get back at boyfriend and has sex with other guy. Then they all start having sex. No true story line and the sex was just poke and suck. This book I rated a no read for me.

    Right now I am reading “Pucked Over” by Helena Hunting. I have to say I am enjoying it mush more that book 2 “Pucked UP”. Let you know next week.

    You all know I am a big Fanfaction fan and I have several completed stories to recommend. Series of 3 writtten by Contrite Shadow. ” On the Rocks, Pebble Beach and Fusion”. Please give this next one a read. The author relooks at FSOG a bit diffferent like Monique did. It “Reunion” by Maria Amore. And last but not least is another must read. It is a first in a two part series that the author has just started the second part. It is “A Different Shade of Fifty”, by wishingmygreywashere. The ending of this one will knock your socks off and in the same time piss you off to the point of murder.

    I have the first 4 Crossfire book setting on my “to read” shelf just waiting for #5 that is preordered.

    Last week some one asked about “Masters of Shadowland” and Club Destiney. Shadowland is my favorite and it is amoung my reread books. I love everyone of them and also the series “Masters of the Mountain” by the same author Cherise Sinclair. Each book had a great love story with hot sex and a bit and sometime more BDSM. Right up my alley!! Club Destiny series had some I really liked and some that were just ok but I’m still glad I read them.
    Love to all you FSOG ladies,
    One damn hot Jack Hyde


    • Katherine says:

      Oh Crystal so sorry to hear about your son can’t imagine what you are going through. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
      Take care x

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Crystal! I’m so sorry to hear that your son is still not well. I can only imagine how stressful it must be for you! Big hugs for strength from me.
      I loved the first Pucked, thought it was very funny but I hear the second is a dud.
      And I hear you on the books with blatant gratuitous sex. Makes no sense to me. I like my lovin’ with a good side of love and healthy storyline. Thank you for stopping us walking into that read blindly. Hope you have a good week and that your son recovers fully!


    • Casey says:

      Thanks Crystal….which Club Destiny books did you like? Monique, any CD books you would recommend? Thanks, Casey


      • crystal says:

        Hi Casey,
        You have to read book 1 Conviction , it sets the scene for the whole series. Each book builds on the last one by introducing the characters that are in the next books. But my favorite is Temptation and Devotion. But I think if you don’t read they all you will miss out on lot. they are easy reading.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Monique Lain says:

        Yup: Temptation, Conviction, Devotion 😉 Again, be prepared for A LOT on three way action and every combination of it. Have you read Shayla Black yet? I LOVED Wicked Ties…


  4. Sharon says:

    Happy Valentines Day to all of you lovely ladies! You have some very interesting shopping where you live, Monique! Hope all of those zucchini’s are being put to good use! LOL!
    I’m very pleased with the looks of the casting for FSOG…haven’t seen any of the actors work except for Kim Basinger, but the looks seem to be right on target. Wasn’t so happy with some of the first movie casting, so hoping that means good things for the next two movies.
    I’ve not read anything new, just skimmed thru a couple of favorites this week. I’ve started “Masters at Arms” from the Rescue Me Saga by Kallypso Masters. I’ve had it for ages, and is one of the unread one click books in my library. Don’t know what to think of it yet…but enjoying reading about a military man. Anyone else familiar with it? She is one of the authors at an upcoming book con I will be going to, so trying to read some of their books.
    I mentioned my one clicks were getting out of hand. My first Ebook was FSOG. Since then I have amassed well over 1100 books. I counted! It was more than I would have guessed. Hubs asked if he wanted to know how much I had spent. I said probably not. And I’ve read perhaps half of them. Around 450 on iBooks, the rest are all Kindle. So really trying to control my clicking!! I’ve only purchased two bound books in this time. One author named a family after me, so had to have that. And then the new illustrated first book of Harry Potter. Just beautiful!
    Crystal….you are dealing with so much stress. Truly hope one of these meds gives your son what he needs. Big e-hugs to all of you.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Sharon! Wow, that is quite a clicking habit! I feel for you, and SNAP on FSOG being you first ebook! Mine too!
      Oohh… I do like a military man, or any in uniform for that matter *wink, wink* Let us know how you go. And on that note, how are you faring on your Book Con authors? Found anyone interesting? Hugs! 😉


      • Sharon says:

        Nobody new yet. I’ll be happy if I only get to fangirl Alessandra Torre & Tiffany Reisz….but hoping I will enjoy some others by October. Having trouble getting through Masters At Arms…not doing it for me. Poor character development and no relationship development at all yet. I’ll keep plugging my way through.


  5. aimeerhiannon says:

    FSOG was my first ebook too. I used to read a lot, and I had the series on my phone but put off reading it for months. I was in a pretty dark place when I decided to give in and read all three books in about 2 days. No food, no sleep, just sat there and devoured it. Then cried like a baby when it was over. I did manage to pull myself out of that place shortly after, and things are pretty great now.
    Tried the fanfic route (lord, that was scary) and ended up here, and I think the next series I got was Crossfire ? Devoured that too and have been building my library ever since. I think I have 1900+ now, and have read quite a lot of them.
    I’ve only gotten one ‘actual’ book in the last 18 months, which is Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham. Never read anything by him before (usually Stephen King, Thomas Harris etc if I wander off genre) but I’m really liking it. It has come in handy when I’ve been in A&E, at the doctors etc due to the boyfriends epilepsy.
    I’ve not read anything groundbreaking lately, just catching up on new stuff from series I already have, like Nina Lane’s Spiral of bliss series, Christina Lauren, Bethany-Kris’ two mafia series..
    I start uni again in 2 weeks and have a big mishmash of units this semester and want to really get my GPA up, so will be smashing out essays when I get them, instead of the day before they’re due this time 😉


    • Sharon says:

      I feel better now….I’m a long way from 1900+! But sounds like you have read more of yours than I have mine. FSOG in 2 days with no food or sleep?! Wowzer, girlfriend! You’ve got me beat. Did you get on the re-reading cycle the rest of us did?
      I used to love to read when I was younger, and had completely gotten out of the habit till FSOG. And look at the bucks we have spent since! AND I know we aren’t alone!! The publishing industry owes a big thanks to E.L. James for the revitalization! I mostly purchase romance, but also a lot of paranormal and biographies. There are a lot of people that love to criticize E.L. James, but a lot of them have reaped the benefits!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi! Good to hear from you and good luck with the studies ahead. I went to Jamie McGuire after FSOG and then Crossfire. It took me a loooong time to move on from FSOG, though. At some point I was afraid that I would NEVER enjoy another book! That’s the thing with FanFic, some are great but you do kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. Happy reading and writing, girl 😉


  6. Sophie says:

    I appreciate your humor and your book recs, thank you.
    But I have a very real problem with Aleatha Romig. Perhaps her other series have a better slant, but I was deeply offended by the Consequences series, where the male perp kidnaps, tortures, beats senseless, rapes, and imprisons the female perp, they marry, he frames her and her brother-in-law and they are criminally imprisoned and her siste’s life is also ruined. But she goes back to him. And he continues to violate her until the HEA at the end of the 4th or 5th book in the series, when he learns that there is no basis for the grudge that was the cause of his actions against her in the first place. And she forgives hm. Forgiveness may be divine r whatever, but isn’t this the excuse every abused woman gives for staying in the abusive relationship? He didn’t mean it, things will get better . . . Add being showered with jewels and gowns and money, always under the complete control of the abuser, and this is what every woman hopes will happen and never does. She’s more likely to be killed along the way, obviously I feel very strongly about the content and the message and the false hope and very strongly against Ms. Romig for perpetuating the deadly myth,
    You want to know how I really feel?

    Otherwise, I enjoy your emails.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Sophie. Thank you. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy my bog. That’s a great, thought provoking comment. The Infidelity series was my first foray into Romig’s work, so I can’t comment on the Consequences series. I can tell you that I’m not crazy about her writing style or the heavy lend from our favourite Shades in the series. I liked the plot twists, provided that she fills the gaping holes that I see in the plot ATM, but that will only come to light with the next book(s). There aren’t too many unacceptable, darker shenanigans in the story so far, so that’s good. I can see why you’re upset about Consequences if that is indeed the content. Sounds horrible. Let’s hope someone else who have read it weighs in on the convo.


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