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Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

Another crazy week and it’s only March… *sigh* But, nothing like a good book or some juicy movie goss to help you relax, right?

I found this lovely news montage featuring some set photos from Darker….

I like these particular ones:

Fifty-Shades-Darker-Movie-Set-Pictures Fifty-Shades-Darker-Movie-Set-Pictures (1)

You can read more about the stills and the filming on Popsugar. Thank you, Susan and Angelique 😉

And if you’re a Jamie fan and you want to get a glimpse into Freed, check out this fan-made trailer showing Christian and baby Phoebe…

Then, on a completely unrelated topic, and seeing as I’ve featured cakes on the blog before, what do you think of this little girl’s birthday creation?


Oh my! Who knew a cake could be so well endowed? LOL! See more uhm….  interesting confections on Buzzfeed.


This week I read:

po bb onos

Perfect Opposites by Zoya Tessi was not for me. I don’t generally like to give bad reviews. I completely understand that we might enjoy different things in a book, but as my own thoughts are the only ones I can comment on, my honest opnion is all I have to give you. When there are absolutely shocking plot holes and glaring mistakes on the very first page I can’t help but cringe every time a line makes me pause to scratch my head. It stops me from losing myself in a story. I think I got to about 15% before it went on the abandoned pile.

Beautiful Boss by Christina and Lauren, book four point five in the Beautiful Bastard series, was, by contrast, a great little read. My only issue is that reading these novellas feel like you’re only allowed to have a small bite of a dessert you’ve been craving. LOL!

One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy, book one in the After Hours series, was right on point for this author. It delivered all the hot and spicy – just like it always does. Though this is a series you can read the books as stand-alones.

Currently I’m reading:


One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy, book two in the After Hours series.

On my shelf I have:


Licked by Brooke Blaine, book one in the LA Liaisons series.


LOL! Have a great weekend, girls. See you next week!

Monique kiss

25 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Annad says:

    Hi Monique ,
    I look forward to your emails every week.
    What do you think of the pics so far from fsd/fsf? I think Ana is looking better ,clothes and hair def an upgrade. CG is as hot as ever , but I’m not liking the facial scruff so much . I luv the clean cut , ceo looking CG, i think it makes him look older,more Jamie than CG, and fsd is only a week or two after fsg. I hope they don’t keep it thru out, so far a bunch of diff scenes, he still has it .


  2. Katherine says:

    Good morning Monique,
    It’s mother’s day in my part of the world so a big shout out to all the mum’s out there, hardest job in the world but most rewarding.
    Enough of the emotional stuff now onto the books lol.
    So last week I finished After Hours Trilogy with One Night of Trouble, this was my favourite of all three, I enjoyed the easy reading of the series and always enjoy Elle Kennedy.
    I then made a start on Ricochet, I’m only a few chapters in but finding it a bit boring I know you said it is worse that Bang but Bang had me from the 1st chapter. I’ll keep at it to see how far I can get.
    I had Perfect Opposites on my wish list but after your review think I’ll leave it for now.
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Happy Mother’d Day, Katherine! We celebrate it here in May, and you’re right, tough-as-nails-job, but so, so precious!
      I HATE the background story of Ricochet, it upset me so much, more upset than I was reading the horrors of Bang. I think, for me, with Bang, there was just so much of it that I eventually felt jaded, but with Ricochet, I felt those horrors deeply.
      Yup, Elle is always a good read. Good call, thank you for taking me back to the series. I don’t know why I didn’t finish it when I read Trouble a while ago. Guess I had some other tempting morsel on my plate… 😉


  3. Katherine says:

    Oh forgot the cake, is it just me or do the columns on that cake look like cocks?? 😁 epic fail lol hilarious


  4. Sharon says:

    That must be Mac’s birthday cake! Happy birthday, lovely LOG. Just want to know where you are going to start eating?! Save a tower for your friends!! Love seeing the shots from FSOG, nice appetizer! Not happy about Jamie’s scruff. Think that is his preferred look, but it isn’t Christian.
    Working on reading authors from my upcoming book con. Went to Lexi Blake for Masters and Mercenaries. Went thru books one and two, realized I had read them before….and didn’t remember but bits and pieces of the story. Guess that is a good way to save money on books, at my age, just wait a couple of years and it’s just like new! Cheesy titles like “The Dom Who Loved Me”,but they are very enjoyable BDSM reads. Thumbs up to any of you that want a BDSM that isn’t too intense but still yummy. Got to book 3, and apparently hadn’t read that one…at least I don’t think so. Really enjoyed the loving and the big intrigue plot twist in that one. There are more books in the series that I want to read, but I’m going to stop for now and work on other authors. Have to see if I remember the first three books when I go back!
    Now started on “Frenched” by Melanie Harlow. LOVING this story so far, and falling totally in love with Lucas. Hope the book finishes as charming as it has started. I’ll let you know!
    Happy Irish Mothers Day, Katherine!!


  5. crystal says:

    HI ladies,
    Home front news, my son is doing better. The meds he is taking has started the bone marrow working again and his blood count is coming up. Hopefully we are out of the woods. Thanks for all your well wish and prayers.

    I read “Pucked Over” by Helena Hunting and really liked it. The girl from the first book that is so funny is in this book a lot, so it has a funny vibe to it. The two main character have a great love story and some steamy sex. And talk about some cock issues, well you will just have to read it to find out what I’m talking about. I rate it a 3.5. Book 4 in the Pucked series “Forever Pucked” will be out on the March 29. It has Violet the funny character from book 1 and she is getting married to the hockey player that has the hugh coke can size cock. It will be a must read for me.

    I also start the Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole Edwards, who wrote the Club Destiny series that I liked. This series is about the 7 Walker brothers that are Texas cowboys with the look, brains and cocks and the know how to use they, The first I read was Kaleb who is into 3 sums with his girl and best friend. I rate it a 3.5. Right now I am in the middle of book 2 “Zane”. So far it is getting interesting.
    Alluring Indulgence is a sex resort being built outside of Austin Texas and all the brother enjoy their sex in different ways.

    I have “The Confession” by Tiffany Reiz on preorder at Amazon. It about Soren and Nora’s confession. I’m sure it will be a good read.
    I also have “Break the Sky” by Nina Lane that Monique mentioned a few post back on my to read shelf.

    If you want a sweet read with very little drama try fanfiction “Enough” by SdaisyS.
    Have a great Mum’s day
    and a great week to.


  6. crystal says:

    Monique question.
    You stated along time back that yu stopped reading Fanfiction when you started to write your story. How did you end up on wordpress and are there other stories on wordpress. I have not been able to find other stories.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Someone suggested it to me, Crystal. I just ended up loving the fantastic platform. There are two WordPress FSOG fan fic sites I know of (but there may be more). There is one that continues Kate and Elliot’s story and there was one from Taylor’s POV. I’m not sure if the latter is still going, but if you scroll down the sidebar of my blog you’ll find them under the “Blogs I follow” or “Blogroll” tabs. The Kate and Elliot one is from Sasha Cameron. Hope that helps 😉


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