Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, lovely ladies

I trust you had an awesome week and that you spent a good deal of time with some beautiful delicious reads. 

For the Spanish readers, please find Spanish Meander – Grey holiday in Spain in the sidebar. This is a short story I wrote BEFORE I finished Meander. This is the second last story to be translated. Wow, what a journey it’s been. Kereny, you are a star!

venezuela small

I absolutely ADORE this pic Sharon shared with me this week. A very LITERAL book boyfriend….

book boyfriend

Cool, huh? 😉


This week I read:

d mp

Deception by Aleatha Romig, book three in the Deception series, was okay. I will continue the series, I think she’s heading for five in total, but I’m not completely in love. Too many plot holes for my liking. I guess I’m hoping that she’ll draw it all together in a pretty, tidy bow, but I cannot imagine that it will be the case.

Mr Perfect by J. A. Huss was not for me. I chose this above Calico because I was in the mood for the comedy that this one promised, and initially, it certainly delivered. What I didn’t enjoy was the 0 to 100 km/h style lovin’. I guess it’s pretty strange that, as an erotica writer, I’m so anti sex-off-the-bat, but I NEED the love (or at least a connection) to spark and develop between characters before they jump each other’s bones. Sadly it’s gone on my DNF pile, but I can see the appeal. If quick (rough) heat is not an issue for you, then you might like to dip your toes in this one. As a side note, this is the third book I’ve read by this author and all three were COMPLETELY different from the previous. It’s very unusual in our genre to see such diversity in overall theme, feel, and content. Not sure what to think about that, but if you were expecting this book to be something along the lines of her acclaimed Three, Two, One story, then you’ll be in for a helluva’ surprise.

Currently I’m reading:


Calico by Callie Hart. This was another rec, and so far, I can see why. Phenomenal writing and complicated characters make this book feel grown-up and sophisticated. Will report fully next week…

On my shelf I have:


Fighting Fate by J. B. Salsbury, book six in the Fighting series. I’ve not read this author before, so here’s hoping…

So, imagine walking in on this in a hotel room:


Naughty, I know, but oh-so creative! LOL! 😉

It was lovely chatting with you, girls. Thank you for always thinking of me, sending me pics, and book recs, and jokes, and links. I love hearing from you! 

Have a happy weekend!

Monique kiss

17 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

  1. KereCB says:

    Thanks Monique for your lovely words. It’s been my pleasure! And I totally recomend you the Figthing series… J.B is a great author! I hope you enjoy your read! Kx


  2. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Hi Monique. Happy weekend. Thanks for your recommendations. At the moment I’m reading the walk of shame series by Victoria Ashley and I’m loving them. Great stories and very naughty which is what I love. Enjoy your week ladies and happy reading


  3. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique & Ladies,
    Laughed at the how to leave a hotel room pic very good.
    So my reading week started of blah with Mr Perfect I laughed at parts in the beginning but like you I can’t stand books that jump right into sex, I did finish it but not my cup of tea. I then read Viktor by Clarissa Wild and I have to say its the first time in a long time I’ve read a book in a day! There are some dark parts but I loved the storyline and Alexis was a spunky character really good.
    I’m currently reading Ultimate Sin by the same author and I’m loving it again about 80% in on first day reading won’t sleep tonight until I finish it. These are standalone books but I think Ultimate Sin should be read first and whilst I really recommend them I’m a bit worried that if you read ultimate sin first you won’t read Viktor which would be a shame but we know you’re not really into “darker reads” and ultimate sin is dark 😉
    I hope you enjoy Calico I always worry when recommending a book that I love and think that other people will as well.
    I read This Man again didn’t notice any difference in my ebook!
    I’ve been going great guns this week with my reading lol.
    I’m heading to sunny Spain on Friday for a week holiday with hubby so any good reads will be very welcome.
    Have a great week everyone x


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Yes, imagine finding that. You’d either be hella’ amused or deeply offended.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with the insta-love.
      But it sure sounds like your week took a turn for the wonderful. How does the dark is dark, Katherine? Hush dark or darker?
      Yes, Calico has me by the short and curlies ATM. So far I’m loving it!
      Ooohhh, enjoy Spain, Katherine. Sounds fantastic!


      • Katherine says:

        The male caracters in both books work for the same organisation I would say that Victor is Hush dark in my opinion but to be honest I don’t think you would read further than the chapter 1 or 2 in Ultimate Sin I found it hard at the beginning but to me as the book went on it was more about trying to atone for past sins and I really enjoyed it


        • Monique Lain says:

          Oh dear, Katherine. That sounds foreboding. I’ll check it out, but now I consider myself warned….


          • Katherine says:

            I just worry that you are missing out on some fabulous reads Ricochet comes to mind lol but I understand you’re a sensitive soul 😘😘 x


            • Monique Lain says:

              Yeah, I hear you, but my little heart can’t take it. That scene with the kids had me in sobbing, heart wrenching tears. That’s not the type of fun I’m seeking when I read, no matter how good the book is. I’m prepared to let those ones go. Even the first two of Black Lotus was too much for me. Even Tight by Alessandra Torre gave me nightmares, though it was a brilliant book. Nope, I’ll stick to my #HappySexyReads 😉


  4. Lori says:

    Monique- I always love your comments about your reading material, but the pictures you send us are too much! Love the last one! Lori F.


  5. says:

    I love your posts and appreciate your recommendations. I don’t always agree, but I respect you enormously. But I must state my disagreement with recommending anything by Alethea Romig because of the Consequences series which was deeply offensive, awful and acted as enabler of abusers and the abused. Statistics show that the abuse will continue unless one or the other is taken out of the equation. There is no happily ever after. An abuser, especially this guy, who kidnaps, rapes, tortures, imprisons, sees to her criminal incarceration, and also ruins the lives of her family, setting up her brother-in-law for criminal prosecution and incarceration and, of course disbarment and professional ruin, is not going to wake up and say I was wrong. she is wonderful, and then treat her like a queen, and earn the forgiveness of his victim and her family. Abusers never keep their promise that they’re sorry and they’ll never do it again until they kill their victim or their victim mans or womans up and leaves. And she will always be a victim.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello there. Thank you for your comment. The Deception series is the first series I’ve read from her, and though I take your point and AGREE – completely – this specific series does not reflect your comment, these books just have poorly planned plot points – irritating, but, so far, not offensive. That said, naturally, I’ve not finished the series, two books to go (not yet published) as far as I know, and I have no idea what will happen to the evil abuser in the following books. Personally I hope he dies a slow and painful death. Your comment reflects your thoughts on another series, and if your comment holds water, it is indeed very sad that she writes something that would offend the sensibilities of most women, of how they would think or feel about abuse. Thank you for warning us. Hopefully, by my review, you could see that I’m NOT promoting it. So far, I can’t call it negative in the way you describe, but it’s just not great reading. I endeavour to ALWAYS be honest about how I personally feel about a book, and like you, I would not enjoy a story were bad guys get away with the hurt they cause, especially not something as damaging as abuse. Hope that lightens your thoughts on my view.


  6. Sharon says:

    Hi ladies! I always feel like such a slacker after reading your comments….there are some FAST readers in this group, def cannot keep the pace! I’m in the middle of CD Reiss Submission series. There are 8 books (novelettes, I would say), and I think I am about 1/2 of the way through. This is a re-read, but I only remember bits of it. Very different tone than a lot of the books I enjoy, and truly about submission in a major way. Makes me uncomfy here and there, but I do like the series. Reiss is considered one of the more important writers at the book con I am attending this fall, so I needed to get my head back around her writing again.
    Toooo funny about the bedcovers. Took me a minute to figure out what they had done! And that BBF makes my heart pitter-patter. I’d love to make him my screen saver at the office, but then I would get nothing done!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Yes, a BB screen saver would be most distracting, but it would be fun! 😉 Thank you for sharing with us. That’s a beauty! So appropriate for our chats! 👍🏻
      I’m still so psyched for you going to the book con. Better send us some pics!!
      I hear you on the submission thing. I can appreciate it in a book, but with some, the level is simply too deep for my little head to comprehend. So I sympathise! 🤗


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