Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies

How was your week? Mine was awesome considering the book high I’m on. Yay! But more about that later…

Again this week was pretty quiet where the movies are concerned. I guess the next big thing would be to start seeing some actual footage. I’m looking forward to seeing Erika’s vision in action. Exciting stuff!

Every mommy will understand this pic Sharon sent me:


Right? Blessed, quiet time to read…. LOL!

Also, I wanted to chat about something someone mentioned recently: how very strange it is that we all have FSOG in common, but our book loves after can vary so greatly. It’s a good and very valid point, a tidbit of info I’ve found fascinating since I’ve had this blog. I’ve said it before, but I’d like to reiterate that what differentiates us is beautiful. I love you guys sharing with me and with each other. Please don’t feel put off if we don’t all agree on our favorite reads. The whole point of sharing here is to make a more informed choice about the books we choose (or avoid), but the occasional hit-and-miss is inevitable. Please don’t let differing opinions keep you from sharing the things you love. One girl’s DNF is another girl’s treasure. I wish I could share with you my perspective of all the readers I come across here, on all my social media, and via email, to share with you my incredibly diverse stats from ALL over the world. We come from such unbelievably varied backgrounds, cultures, and attitudes it’s little wonder that we have contrasting tastes. I still think it’s absolutely wonderful that we are united in our love for Fifty AND reading. Never be shy to share!

finger hug

So, let’s look at my (mostly) yummy book week:

This week I read:

c pm ff

Calico Callie Hart was fantastic. It had a touch of darkness, but the author wrote it in such a way that didn’t give me nightmares (phew!), yet still managed to paint a touching picture of the female protagonist’s past. I loved this grown-up, gritty book, carefully threaded with a good dose of realism. It was a great rec! Thanks, Kath 🙂

I then reached for Play Me by Katie McCoy, thinking that a lighter pace was in order after Calico’s grip, but it turned out to be the black mark on my otherwise spotless reading week. I could not even call it a poolside read. Just 9% in, it went on my DNF pile. Just goes to show – AGAIN – never judge a book by its cover. I was thinking along the lines of Elle Kennedy or Kristen Callihan. I was so wrong.

But then… I had my first taste of J. B. Salsbury. I read her Fighting Fate story, book six in the Fighting series. Yes, I know it’s odd to start so late in a series, but I always like to check out the latest on offer to see if I’d be prepared to work my way back, especially in a series where the books may be read as standalones. And Whaddya’ know? Like Calico, it easily made it onto my favourites list. I really enjoyed this tale of hesitant souls fighting to find their way to each other. I’ll definitely be getting to know more of these alpha fighters.

Here’s a little taste of Killian and Axelle’s journey.


Currently I’m reading:


Paper Princess by Erin Watt, book one in The Royals series. I’m very keen on this. It’s my understanding that this is a pseudonym Elle Kennedy uses writing alongside Jen Frederick.

Who knows where I’ll go next? If The Royals work out for me I might continue on in this series.

This made me laugh. I just love the cheeky things kids come up with:


A little Christian Grey in the making, huh? 😉

Have a beautiful weekend, girls. I’ll see you next week!

Monique kiss

22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi ladies greetings from sunny Spain so just back to hotel a relatively early night 1am here considering we got back from the club at 4am this morning it was a messy brilliant night 😁 and we suffered this morning but a hangover is so much more manageable when lying on the beach and made even better when you get a call from home telling you about the thunder storms at torrential rain lol
    So I haven’t had a chance to finish anything this week but I’m halfway through a brilliant book called Night Shifts Black by Alyson Santos I’m loving this, hot sex fabulous characters and a gritty storyline. I’ve never read anything by this author but really enjoying how she writes, the book deals with depression and she does it very sensitively.
    Hopefully finish it this week if I can stay sober long enough!
    Have a great week


  2. Sharon says:

    Hi ladies!! Clicked on my email on my way out last night and got my usual wiggle when I saw Monique’s “Between The Covers” email! Look forward to it every week! So….Finished the Submission series by CD Reiss. Enjoyed it very much, but interesting it didn’t stay in my brain after I read it a few years back. She works some very creative art and music concepts into the series. The protagonist is a singer, and one song she writes is a timed text message that intrigued me. Since I get to meet Ms. Reiss this October, it is going on my “hope to discuss” list.
    One thing I try to do is switch up my books. I didn’t intend to read an entire D/s series and then start on another of the same, but that is exactly what I did. Any of you enjoy Cirque du Soleil shows? They are fabulous, and I started Cirque de Minuit, the first of a D/s Cirque series set in one of the shows. The author is Annabel Joseph, and so far I am finding the setting well written. The loving started out too impersonal, but I think I’m liking the progression! Let you know more next week.
    I read the “look inside” of Salsbury’s fight series. (The first book, Monique!) read the prologue and thought….ummmm, dark. mebbe not. Then read the first two chapters and thought, hell, yeah! So that will be next up. Thanks for the tip, Monique. Probably would not have tried it without your rec!
    And Kathleen! You were clubbing till 4 am? You ARE a wild thang!! Sounds like a great vacation! Jealous!


    • Katherine says:

      hi Sharon yeah we were, worth the suffering? maybe not ask my stomach lol kebab at 4am and drinking long island ice tea from the plane set down at 6pm and jugs of fat frog shouldn’t be allowed for a mid 40’s woman who when the alcohol goes in and the wit goes out lol but sure hubby and I don’t get away together often so its all good craic x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Wow, that does sound interesting, Sharon. D/s in a Cirque du Soleil setting?? How very intriguing. Will wait for your feedback, I’m not sure I see that working in my little mind. You’ll have to share the deets…
      Oohh, and you dipped your toe into the Fight series? I hope the others are as good as number 6. I’m working back and bought number 5 last night. 😉 Great hearing from you x


  3. KereCB says:

    Hahaha so funny the mini Grey comment to his teacher! That just had made my Monday. Lol…. And I’m so glad you enjoyed J. B. Salsbury’s book. I can tell you the Fighting series is great! I still haven’t read the last book yet, but is on my book shelf waiting. I finished The Dartmouth Cobras’ Series and waiting for book 8 to be launch next Monday 🙂 Yay, don’t have to wait much! I’m on a book hihj too. I read Katy Evan’s Ladies Man, and I loved it!!! Also read Sidebarred by Emma Chase and an other great reading. These authors are pure bliss and enjoyment. And currently I’m reading Love. Chloe by Alessandra Torre. So far I loved it!
    Have a lovely week my friend.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yeah, cute little cheeky boy, that one! 😂 Wow, you have been busy, Kereny. I’ve heard great things about the Dartmouth series, but also that it’s very light on the lovin’. Thanks for the Fighting rec, it was great. I’ve bought book 5 now. And I loved Love, Chloe. So cute. I enjoy that you never know what you’re going to get with Alessandra Torre.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies… I also get that little wiggle when I see Monique’s posted us. So not sure but really down in dumps. Much like my books. I think our own energy might taint how wefeel about the books… But I really enjoyed Callie Hart ~ Rebel & Rogue books…
    I tried to recapture my Jesse love affair but heart not in it this week.
    Then made my worst choice and read Hush. OMG Monique what was that?? I remembered the first 2 Filled with page turning angst but this was like nothing. Sure some very long and arduous conversations with her and Declan but never hits the note for me. I just wanted it to end and certainly not like that… All dead. All catapillars!! Really. I think she owes me my money back. Oh well like you say you never know until you jump!!
    So I am thinking maybe the Fighting book you read. Really having a hard time with any. Do you ever get that way?? I hope it does not last long I love my books!!

    💋 Love my ladies too!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello dear friend. I’m so sorry you’re feeling blue. Yup, I do hit the saddies on occasion, and hate when they coincide with a book slump! It sucks donkey hiney! ☺️ And I hear you in the Hush finale. Strange, huh? I too, was not impressed. That was a true WTF moment.
      I LOVED Calico by Callie Hart, but it’s not what I would call a lighthearted read. Perhaps you should dabble in a little happy before you go back to something a little more serious. I just finished Paper Princess and though it ends in a cliffie I really like it… Hope you feel better soon, girlfriend! Hugs 🤗


  5. MAC says:

    Aww… You are the best!! Sucks donkey hiney… Hahaha that got a laugh outta me. But yes the exact words from my mouth as I finished Hush was WTF!! I could think of endings better than that lunchbag letdown!!
    Will take advice on happy books… 💋💋💋


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