Between the covers book club and FINAL Spanish chapter

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

How was your week? I had another (mostly) spectacular reading week so I’m stoked! I’ll be sending my good-book vibes to all of you stuck in reading slumps 😉

venezuela small

The Spanish readers will be delighted with the FINAL instalment of Meander. Please find Quickie Meander in the sidebar. Though I’m grateful for Kereny’s hard work, I’m going to miss her wonderful involvement here on the blog.


In the light of my fantastic translator’s stellar contributions I’d just like to take a moment to say THANK YOU. The time, energy, and devotion you guys spent on this love-job is admirable. To my Italian and Spanish translators especially, Paola and Kereny, thank you for seeing the WHOLE project through despite what I know to be busy, sometimes challenging lives. I’m deeply touched by your unwavering commitment to Meander. You guys rock!

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I came across this pic today… never let it be said that we don’t stay brand true…. 😉


I think it’s an accurate reflection of the gifted, self-assured Alphas we love to read. LOL!!! 


This week I read:

pp i1 i2 tal

Paper Princess by Erin Watt, book one in The Royals series, was delightful. The author’s name is an alias for Elle Kennedy (which I’ve always enjoyed) and Jen Frederick, so I had high hopes. The duo did not disappoint, but the book ended on a hella’ cliffie, so now I’m biting my nails ’till the next one’s release. *sigh*

Insatiable (book one and two) by J. D. Hawkins was okay. I didn’t hate it, but the sometimes off-the-wall metaphors were distracting, and the insta’-love takes away from the potential connection between the protagonists. Also, the book was heavily reminiscent of the Crazy, Stupid, Love movie, right down to a Ryan Gosling reference. Add a good dose of dirty and you end up with something less than gripping.

Talon by Carian Cole, book four in the Ashes & Embers series. Susan introduced me this little gem and I don’t mind saying it kept me heartily engaged. The story is beautiful if not a little sad, and you can never go wrong with a tattooed bad-boy. It can easily be read as a standalone, but I will so be going back to meet ALL the hot rocker brothers that make up the Ashes & Embers band.

On my shelf I have:


Bride in Bloom by J. B. Hartnett, book one in The Beachy Bride series.

So many books, so little time! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we got paid to read? 😉

Ha! See? I knew there was something special about me….


LOL! 😉

Have a lovely weekend, girls. And if you come across a beautiful story don’t forget to share! 

Monique kiss

31 thoughts on “Between the covers book club and FINAL Spanish chapter

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique and ladies, so had a fantastic holiday now home and it’s great to be back.
    My reading week was just ok, I said last week that I was loving Night Shifts Black well that was a complete flop really enjoyed the first half the second half bored me to tears so much so that I couldn’t waste anymore of my life trying to finish it 😕
    I then read Mr O by Lauren Blakely it was fine for reading on the beach and made me laugh quite a bit but not one I would recommend.
    I’m going to give Paper Princess a go really need something to get ny teeth into.
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Katherine. So glad you had an awesome time in Spain. I enjoyed Paper Princess and if you like Elle Kennedy’s work, you’ll like this one too, though it’s not as sweet as her previous college series. Also, check out Talon if hot rockets do it for you. It’s got a nice, juicy story to it. Have you read any more books by Callie Hart?


  2. KereCB says:

    Well Monique I don’t have enough words to describe what a privilege and honor is for me to be part of your lovely story. Thank you for your support and for your beautiful word. I cried reading them btw 🙂
    I have Insatiable on my bookshelf but after reading ur review I’ll think about give it a try. Have a lovely Sunday! Kx


  3. Nerissa says:

    Hi Monique hw u doing? I love reading ur page. I feel the same way as u do. So much books and so little time to do it in. I love reading cos my first book was fifty shades of grey and neva stop from there on. I’ve read over 3000 books to date lol🙈🙈so if u want I can commend some of the books I’ve read and they r pretty fabulous ones. I feel the same as u I wish I can read for a living. So please let knw if I can recommend to u wht I’ve read. Happy reading take care Nerissa.


  4. Lissa Jeri says:

    A question ladies….anyone think ELJ is going to release CG perspective of FSDarker on 6/18 (his birthday) like last year’s book? Or do you think she’ll wait for it to be a tie-in to the movie in February?

    And BTW….always wondered if ELJ chose 6/18 b/c it’s Paul McCartney’s birthday.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Lissa. Good to hear from you. Frankly, I was expecting her to release Grey book two much quicker than this. In my mind, keeping the momentum of the hype going, from a marketing perspective, is the most important thing right now. If it were me, book two and three would follow well within the same release year of book one, before the second movie. That would keep her well and truly in the news. Once the movie is released (and seeing as they’re shooting both at the same time), you’ll have endless publicity for the year leading up the to third movie, firstly from the movie itself and then from the DVD release. That’s assuming they’ll stick the the V-day thing.


      • Lissa Jeri says:

        Actually, I agree but disagree. To my mind (amateur sleuth and publicity agent), I think Grey/Darker this June, the movie in Feb ’17, Grey/Freed next June, and the last movie in Feb ’18 keeps the ball rolling quite nicely. The thing that gets me is whether I will obsessively buy the book immediately or wait until I get it from the library.


        • Monique Lain says:

          LOL! That’s not even a question in my mind, and how sad is that considering that I didn’t go nuts over the first book! I will not only buy hot off the press, but in all likelihood, pre purchase. *sigh* 😜


  5. Lissa Jeri says:

    Oh…another question/comment. Need your feedback so I can better understand what people see in these books we talk about….of course recognizing different tastes and viewpoints like Monique said recently.

    Several people commented that they very much liked the Dartmouth Cobras series, although mentioning it could be a little raw. Not one to avoid what I thought was more intense BDSM, I got the first three (as a set) and I’m wondering if I’m missing something. (I got the series with Amazon points, so I’m not concerned about having spent the money.)

    See if I get this correct: Oriana is under 21 (ELJ made sure Ana was close to 22), still in college, living with a hockey coach (has to be in his late 30s if not older), and being prostituted to him by her father. Oh, and she wants to go to med school. Anyone find this premise disturbing? Not the med school part ;-). And she’s sleeping with this guy but doesn’t know anything about anything about anything about sex or dressing…even never having been in the hockey arena?

    Now, in an Amazon review, someone wrote: “I will start by saying to not let the first book discourage you from reading the rest of the series. Bianca Sommerland’s writing improves greatly in the second and third book.” Is the problem with the series just the first book? Those who really liked it, please let me know whether to continue and that it will get more interesting/sane/better/less ethically challenging.



    • Monique Lain says:

      I so hear you on some dubious moral issues in some books. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but for me to enjoy a book it needs certain boundaries planted firmly in realism. I fully understand and accept that the lovin’ at times can be a tad OTT, but , overall, I don’t like reading something that leaves me feeling like this or that scenario isn’t really likely, like the one you’ve mentioned here. I’ve not read this series, but have heard good things. Hope someone helps you out with an answer. I find the reviews on Amazon/Goodreads oddly unhelpful, unless they are from someone I know.


      • Lissa Jeri says:

        Yes, reviews on Amazon (trust you on Goodreads) are exceptionally unhelpful unless you find a nugget of a comment that rings true as a warning. The moral boundaries is a hard limit for me. I think ELJ’s structure of her books maintains an exceptional strict morality that makes everything else acceptable and understandable. Christian is adamantly monogamous…and you get the feeling it’s b/c he feels it’s the right thing and not b/c of health issues. The contract negotiations are the inner structure of book one and allow Ana to think and understand and develop her own understanding of her wants and responses. That’s the amazing beauty of her inner goddess…that much maligned part of the book. It allows us to feeling the excitement and emotions and the wrestling of understanding that goes on. I will admit that I identified with it totally and completely…the inner goddess…since it reflected a lot of my thinking way back when the “first time” and “who am I” issues came up. (Yes, I still remember as if yesterday.)
        The problem which many authors have not addressed is that dominants have the ability to totally bamboozle their subs through the dominance. Christian is honorable and forthright. Again, a huge attraction that makes the books work. My own experience between marriages was that two different dominants used their skills to lie and manipulate. Having the sensibilities of a sub puts you at risk for overlooking a lot. That trust thing can be so misused and yet totally covered up. This is an area that I think books need to address for those who think every dominant is honorable. There is a fine line between the skills of a dominant and a malicious manipulator. This is an area that I worry about that women (esp from bad relationships, etc) who read romance/erotica might lower their guard when presented with someone who reminds them of a character.


        • Monique Lain says:

          I absolutely agree. I look at some D/s writings and marvel that folks criticise Erika’s take, but Christian, never once, takes advantage of his power base, whereas some literary (and I’m sure some real) Doms, like you say, hide manipulation, even abuse, behind the banner of submission. It’s very strange. Funny that despite the Book’s start, FSOG is probably one of the least D/s based books in the S&M genre, plus Christian’s motivation is carefully explained and easily understood. All good and valid points, Lissa 👍🏻


    • Katherine says:

      Lissa I agree with you, I started book 1 got about half way through but couldn’t read anymore I was actually quite annoyed with the storyline

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi ladies! Can’t comment on the Dartmouth Cobras. Haven’t tried it, though apparently the box set was on sale and I picked it up at some point.
    Monique, I did download two of the Ashes and Embers books after reading your comment. They were on sale for .99 on Amazon, so thought I would check them out.
    I finished “Cirque de Minuit” by Annabel Joseph. After I commented last week, it took an unexpected turn. If you don’t care for sharing and swinging, this would not be for you. I liked the book, but didn’t love. I did enjoy the cirque du Soleil type of setting. Looks like 3 books in the series…I will probably read the other two books at some point, but not now. Must confess I had to fan myself a few times…also uncomfy a few times. Had to switch genres after that for a change of pace, so now reading some paranormal erotica by Kym Grosso. Ok….but no recommendation there either.
    Just curious re: FSOG. Did anyone finally unlock the red room secrets on the Internet? Supposedly you had to get the video for the code to unlock it….but I didn’t see anything in my video package. Anyone else? I hope ELJ is using the same marketing team as the first movie. I thought they did a fab job!
    And Monique, fine super-power!! I did my share of that this weekend!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oooh, I was intrigued last week about the cirque du Soleil theme, and the idea of sharing is a hells yes! from me, but if you say it didn’t blow you away, perhaps not…. Nope, I haven’t checked out the red room again. It would be good to know if anyone could get a glimpse. And yes, I agree, the marketing team was AWESOME. Surely we’ll start seeing clips from the movie soon?? I enjoyed the Ashes & Embers book, but the book I’m reading now have me sooo hooked! Check out Bride in Bloom, girlfriend. Good to hear from you! 😉


      • Sharon says:

        IKR? Definitely interesting setting for the story. But if I’m not inclined to continue w/the trilogy at this point, that speaks for itself. It was enjoyable enough that I will get back to it someday. I’ve taken a timeout for a biography on Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon. Interesting look at old Hollywood. Then I believe I’m going for a Rough Riders book by Lorelei James. She’s on my author reading list…and can’t go too far wrong with a hot cowboy that likes riding cowgirls!!


  7. crystal says:

    Hi ladies
    Sorry It’ been a few weeks since I joined you. I had to have some medical test and had a death in the family of a beloved cousin who died way to young and had to fly across the country for the funeral. I’ve missed y’all.
    Has a hell of a rain story today. Temp 67. Pond toppped the damn and ran over the adjacent road. Hubby and I dug our potatoes over the weekend. Love new potatoes!
    I’ve had plenty of time to read lately while setting in doctor offices, in airports and on planes. I got all 5 of the Crossfire series book read.
    I know Monique was excieted to hear what a virgin to the series had to say. I didn’t read any of the book until they were all out. So heres what I thought.
    * First FSOG is still my favorite series
    * Christian Grey still tops the list of book boyfriends.
    * Gideon Cross would be way down on my list as far a looks go for book boyfriend. Now the decription of his cock would rank right along the top. I loved how the author keep writing about the width of the crown and width from root to tip, with lots of precum
    * The series needed to be a whole book shorter!!!!!
    * As my college writting professor would say: using to many fluff words is distracting and not enough is boring.
    * Well at least 1/3 of the first book is fluff. So for me it was distracting. It seemed to take for ever to get to the meat of the story. Yes the sex scenes were hot but for some reason this author could never get my juices flowing,( and I’m talking the panty dripping kind)
    * Book 2, 3, and 4 were the meat of the story. The back stories of Eva and Gideon were well developed and the true love story shown through. There was lots of reptition in the story: drama, runaway or fight then makeup sex, just decribed in different ways. The sex was hot, when the author decribed it. Some times it was just get started and then the author moved on.
    * I can not say enough that these are two truely fucked up main characters.
    * NOW lets get to book 5. This book was not needed. This series needed to be a 4 book series!!!!
    * In book 5 at times I felt like someone else was writting part of the story or the author was having an issue with multipersonality disorder.
    * I can’t remember once in the first 4 book the word pussy, testicals, or penis was ever used. Gideon favorite work was cunt, and cock and balls were used a lot. So where the fuck did the medical words come from.
    * Spoiler alert Also what the hell was wrong with the authour bringing in a new story line in when it wasn’t needed like the shit with Monica and then killing her off. None of that really added to the story of Gideon and Eva. I didn’t think.
    In the end I would rate Crossfire a 3.5 with a reread added. I do miss getting up reading about Gideon and Eva and going to bed reading about them. Life moves on.

    I have started tonight “Because Naughty Holidays Can Be Oh So Nice 2015” The Walker brothers from the Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole Edwards. It starts out with a cock up your pussy and one stuffed in your ass. Now that’s my kind of book. The Walkers love their family’s and partners with everything they have. Lots of love and great sex.
    What more can you ask for.

    Lots of love to y’all,


    • Monique Lain says:

      Great review, Crystal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I was very curious to hear your musings on Crossfire. Oohh, yes, Gideon’s equipment certainly sounds promising, I also agree about the unnecessary book. I’ve always suspected some publisher greed was to blame. Pity. 😜
      And yessss for the DP start of Nicole’s book! 👍🏻 Like you say, can’t go wrong with a little three-way action, huh? 😉
      I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues and the loss of a loved one. That’s so sad. Big get-well-soon hugs to you from Aus!


  8. crystal says:

    I need you help. I have no more series on my to-read shelf, so I need reccommendation.
    I love completed series,
    BDSM, multi partners of any sex, m/m m/f m/fm m/f/f
    Hot sex
    Lots of love
    and a good story line
    I’m not into the syfy
    Any help will be appreciated.


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