Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🙂

As the last days of my holiday dwindle into nothing and winter keeps us in warm woolies here in Aus, let me say that I’m still happily luxuriating in some lovely reads. I hope you’re having the same great luck in the book department.

This week I came across this stunning pic on the Fifty Shades of Grey. Pictures, News and Stories Facebook page: the wedding!!


So beautiful. *swoon*

And on the same site, a movie poster showing off Christian’s intense stare…


Nice one, huh?

On YouTube Dakota shares her inhibitions during the filming of Darker:

Over the last few months I featured a lot of pics from the Fifty Shades Girl Portland site. She always has the latest set pics and news. Thanks to Susan, check out Cosmo having a good chinwag with the Portland Girl herself.

And lastly, E News highlights the top things we’re apparently looking forward to seeing in the movie.

Before I start the book club, I thought I’d share these cute light switches 😉


Cute AND practical 🙂


This week I read:


4 stars

Always by Nina Lane, book five in the Spiral of Bliss series, was a beautiful finale to a beautiful story. Throughout the tale Liv and Dean faced many big demons, but this book proved their most trying time. Keep your tissues handy for this one, girls. Thank you for the lovely gift, Susan! 😉

Currently I’m reading:


The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz. I’m so stoked about this book because I ADORE this imaginative author. Though I’m not quite done, I am thoroughly enjoying this standalone. I know her BIG series, The Original Sinners, is epic, so if you’re keen to give her a go without investing oodles of time in a monster range before you get to know her, this one showcases her style and astounding writing prowess beautifully.

On my shelf I have:


Moonshot by Alessandra Torre. This is another I’m looking forward to reading. So many good ones out at the moment. Yay!

So, we all love unicorns, right? Now we know why they aren’t around anymore…



Have a great day, girls. Let us know if you’ve struck literary gold.

Monique kiss


14 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sharon says:

    Love the Darker tidbits. Totally looking forward to Christian perving this coming Valentines Day! Will be curious to see how the movie seems with a different director. I didn’t know they would be filming the wedding. That will be fun! So….I’ve started on The Bourbon Thief”, have every confidence it will be awesome even without Soren.

    I finished Lev: A Shot Callers novel by Belle Aurora. Seems set up for follow up books, but I’m not aware of any. I quite enjoyed it….Lev is a different kind of book stud….a bit damaged (bet that’s a shocker!!), and centers around him saving a starving (but gorgeous) street girl. Can’t say it is a Best book for me, there is an entire chapter that I was reading that I thought could have easily been entirely skipped. Odd, I could only think she was introducing other characters for future books. But….I loved Lev….he was hot, and enjoyed the story.

    And I’ve started To Dare a Seal by Sara Stone. Not interesting me and I’m doing a light skim of it at this point just to check it off my list. Not enough character development to keep my interest.

    And in other news….just got back from Tarzan, King of the Abs….I mean apes. Alexander Skarsgard made a very, very edible Tarzan. I recommend this sexy man….I mean movie to you all. :-).


    • Monique Lain says:

      I do too, Sharon. I especially love the wedding pic. Made me feel very excited for the movie. They seemed to have filmed EVERYTHING, even scenes that was only spoken about in the book, not actually written, like Christian going to his mom’s graveyard.
      Oohh, your book sounds interesting, and yessss, I hear Tarzan is yummy! Will have to put that on my list of things to do. Sounds like the perfect night out with a girlfriend and a tall glass of wine! *wink, wink*


  2. KereCB says:

    Hahaha I loved the unicorns!!! What a great reading of yours. I’m looking forward to Moonshot too by Alessandra. I’ve been reading The Dartmouth Cobras’ book #8 but it’s been a really slow reading. So little time between work and real life!
    And I can’t really wait at least for the trailer of Darker, I feel like is going to AWESOME, or is that I just love the story (btw, I’ve been thinking in re-reading the series for the 8th time, to refresh it again, Lol) I just love the series so much, it was my 1st and because of it I started reading…
    Well my friend, just let me tell you that I really miss the Meander! Sending you a huge hug my friend! Have a great week!


  3. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique and ladies hope you are all well back, home from my mini break in Paris. Just for Sharon – had a wonderful time, stand out moments were seeing the Mona Lisa in RL stunning and also the moonlight dinner cruise along the River Seine was great, Next weekend away is Dublin on 22nd July 🙂
    So books I read before I headed away were Chasing Dreams by Nicole Edwards, this was good enough but didn’t blow me away. I then read Better When it Hurts by Skye Warren, I don’t really know what to say about this book, the writing was great and also the storyline but I found myself missing out the sex as I found it very cruel and disturbing. There was nothing that we haven’t read before but the way it was written left me feeling like it was abuse so in 2 minds about this.
    I have Mr Romantic – the next book in the Mr Series, I’ve only read one chapter so can’t comment yet. I wasn’t intending on reading any more of these books but couldn’t see anything else that caught my fancy.
    The wedding picture is beautiful but unfortunately cannot get myself excited about any of the Fifty Shades films after the last mess!
    Have a great week everyone


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oohh, that moonlight dinner cruise sounds very romantic, Katherine. Well done to hubby if he organised that!
      I’ve got the Warren book on my To Read list, but now you’ve made me think twice. You know what a big ninny I am. 😜
      Good luck with Mr Romantic. I couldn’t even finish Mr Perfect. Have you checked out The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz, Katherine? Such an intriguing story line. It’s a standalone (for now) so not too much of a time investment if it’s not for you….
      I’m with you on the previous movie mess, but I am getting excited about seeing the movie now, at least Erika’s version of it. Seeing the pics of ALL the scenes we love, clear and unchanged gives me hope…
      Good to hear from you, girlfriend. Have a great time in Dublin if we don’t chat sooner! 😉


      • Katherine says:

        Monique I thought you were a smart lady lol of course he didn’t organise the dinner I did 😤 romance and my hubby should never be said in the same sentence! I forgot to mention the horrendous 4 hour queue with 90’000 drunk football fans singing in my ears in the scorching heat not good but that was the reason for the trip so held my tongue!
        Regarding Reisz I read one of her books before on your recommendations all the ladies loved her and were raving about the book but I didn’t enjoy it at all might have been The Submissive? can’t remember but I didn’t read anymore of her books not sure if I should start another of her books


        • Monique Lain says:

          Yeah, the Original Sinners is so big, one needs to read a few to get into the vastness of the series, but damn the woman’s imagination knows no bounds! Aw well, I’m sure you’ll find something soon. Alice Clayton’s new one came out yesterday…
          Oh no! The fans sound awful! LOL! You should have sung with ’em! LOL!
          I hear you on the husbands + romance. It doesn’t seem to come natural for them, does it? 😝


    • Sharon says:

      That sounds completely fabulous, Katherine! What a dream weekend! I’ll be jealous over Dublin, too. Sounds fabulous!!

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