Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🙂

With the temps rising here in Aus as we near the end of winter I couldn’t be happier to see the back of chillier days. #GoodRiddance 😉

In honor of the Olympics, Sharon shared this, an editing job gone so, so wrong….


Check out the Buzzfeed article that made many a female swimming fan fan her face. LOL!

I came across this stunning pic of Jamie and Dakota on the Jamie Dornan Online site:


Glamorous, right?


This week I read:


3 stars

Divine by Aven Jayce was…. interesting. Honestly, I’m not sure what to tell you about this book except that it was certainly different. And by different I mean quirky. It may not have been for me, but if you’re in the mood for an oddball read, this might be the one for you.

Currently I’m reading:


Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennet, book one in the Sugar Bowl series. I’ve only just started, but I can say that the fluffy, fun cover belies the gritty start. Let’s see how it pans out.

On my shelf I have:


Ransom by Callie Hart, book three in the Dead Man’s Ink series. I’m not sure if I WILL be going here after Sugar Daddy. I might want something more buoyant before I delve back into Sophia and Rebel’s story.

I’ll leave you with a little light humor:


Have a beautiful week, girls. Remember to share your awesome reads with us!

Monique kiss

10 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique the only reading I’ve done this week was Harry Potter I’m afraid no erotica lol
    Really hope you give Sugar Daddy a chance before you put it to the side and reach for the alcohol lol
    Have a great week


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! I’m enjoying Sugar Daddy so far, Katherine. Here’s hoping. And reaching for the wine is a given, my friend! Have you read the whole series? And how was HP? Thank you for checking in! 😘


  2. Katherine says:

    Book 2 is due for release 16th August with book 3 coming in October I have both on pre-order
    HP was great it is a script of the play it was a little difficult to get into but once I did I really enjoyed it


  3. Sharon says:

    Very nice pix of our FSOG couple. Saved that one! The Olympic swimmers make me laugh every time I open that page. Now when I see them swim…I could care less about the competition! Get to the scores, people!! LOL!
    So. Finished the Neighbor From Hell series book I started. Some hot parts….probably not enough for Monique (she is a naughty girl!). But enjoyed the book a lot….cute, funny characters. Written by R. L. Mathewson…the one I read was “playing for keeps”. Very entertaining and kept a smile on my face.
    Most of my reading this week was out of genre, so nothing this group would care about. I’ve just started “Monday” by E L Todd, and it’s started out with promise to be a fun read. Also tomorrow the final book of Kristen Ashley’s Fantasyland Series “Midnight Soul” comes out. I’ve loved the series and have been anxiously waiting for this book, even though she didn’t pair the couple I told her to together. I don’t know why authors don’t take my advice. She did at least apologize! 🙂 Even so, I’ve enjoyed this romantic paranormal series and I have kept anxious watch on my phone for the preorder to download!! So looking forward to the week of reading ahead!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ooh, I love the excitement of a new book in a series I’m following! And yeah, how dare your author not follow your advice? So selfish! LOL! 😂😂
      The swimmers are super funny, Sharon! Made my day staring at those ripped abs and wondering about what was behind that blue ribbon!
      Enjoy immersing yourself in your new read. I hope it more that fills your expectations, girlfriend! 😘


  4. Katherine says:

    Sorry ladies had a senior moment this week lol as well as HP I read Pay for Play by Victoria Ashley hot hot hot and quite a good read as well 😂 heading to my spa tomorrow for 2 days of total relaxation and at least 1 hangover lol and much to my delight Sugar Rush has reached my kindle whooohooo more on that next book club


  5. Lissa Jeri says:

    Howdy…back home in Jerusalem and inundated with ebooks that I was in the queue to receive from the library. Just got Cream of the Crop (ebook and eaudio!!) and another in the Baker Brothers series (not our genre, but engaging series about lawyer brothers whose office is where 221B Baker St would be and they get involved in all this Sherlock Holmes stuff…ooooo…and while we’re at Sherlock Holmes, read a different series where he got married and had sex!! Was a YA adult book so hardly graphic, but amazingly erotic for those who knew what was happening.) But I digress.

    Another book coming in is the new Liane Moriarty book. Yes, again, not the genre but I find them very engaging and wonder if the Australian contingent are happy with their home girl.

    Okay, to our genre…..while doing laps in the pool and letting my mind wander, I thought about going back to an amazing (and see if it’s still amazing) book that has many of the features we’re interested in, although, again, not as graphic b/c of when it was written. Get ready: The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming…the original James Bond author. (BTW, there is absolutely NO connection between the book and the movie other than the name.) James Bond (the books even before Sean Connery) were great for romance and the hints of dominance. But The Spy Who Loved Me was different from all the others. The story is told by the girl (yes, woman, but girl) and James Bond is just passing thru upstate New York. No M, or Q, or spying here. The first quarter is her coming of age with her explaining how she grew up and who she had sex with and why she wasn’t going to have sex with anyone again. After the killing the baddies stuff, she hooks up with Bond…and this shy not really experienced girl has great sex with him.
    I plan to put it in my queue and see if the memories are as good as the book…and I know one particular line is b/c the visual is engraved in my brain. But if anyone wants to beat me to the punch, all the better. Consider it erotic genre historical research.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Gotta’ love a Kindle brimming with new books, Lissa! I’m not happy unless I have a fee waiting for me. I get antsy if I don’t know what I’m reading after the one I’m busy with! LOL!
      That’s tidbit about the Spy Who Loved Me is a very interesting piece of JB trivia! It would indeed be fascinating to see how your memory measures up to the real thing, especially considering your exposure to sexy books since your last read of it. Let us know! And you can’t tease us with an end line like that then not tell us what line is burned into your brain!? 😉


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