Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies and gent (<—– for my hubby, the lone male voice on our blog as far as I know) 😉

How are you this fine weekend? I had a much better reading week these last few days, so here’s hoping for another epic reading streak.

As you can see, I’ve been playing with a new look for the blog. I’m not quite done yet, but this will sorta’ be it. I hope you like it!

Also, recently I reread the This Man trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I absolutely ADORE these books, and even after dipping into them a third time, I’m happy to report that they haven’t lost their luster at all. Sadly, I could not find the same joy with her One Night series, but she is launching a new one shortly: The Protector. I’m more than willing to give it a go, and what’s more, she’s made an official book trailer! I love, love, love this new trend, the notion of putting pictures to the words we love so much. I’ll share the book trailer with you guys in a moment, but first, let’s just take a minute to remind ourselves how good the Lord of the Manor was… And Jessie Pavelka as Jesse Ward? SWOON!

This Man:

These two are fan made trailers, but still nice to look at! 😉

The Protector – official book trailer by Jodi Ellen Malpas:

I think it’s a fantastic idea to have a visual teaser for a book. Thank you, Susan 😘

Before I start dissecting my reads from this last week, check this out….


Huh. I wonder what it tastes like? LOL! 😂😂


This week I read:

img_6049 img_6051

4 stars                 4 stars

Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland, book one in the MMA Fighter series, was a great start to these Alpha fighters’s stories. I’ve been working my way through this wonderful author’s books and I have yet to find one I didn’t like. She writes reliably readable, entertaining books filled with strong men, sassy women, and the heat they inevitably generate. #CantGoWrong

To Have and to Hold by Lauren Layne, book one in The Wedding Belles series, was a lovely surprise. I’ve not read this author before, but I will be looking out for the rest of these sweetly romantic books.

Currently I’m reading:


Ransom by Callie Hart, book three in the Dead Man’s Ink series. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. The first two were good, just what you’d expect from this slightly somber writer, but again, I had to work myself up to finishing the series. I don’t know why I’m being such a softie, but as the world’s heart turns blacker, I find myself reaching for light and love, rather than the twisty tales that make up the darker side of our genre, no matter how good they might be.

I had a little giggle at this pic Sharon sent me:

wine bottle holder

I can certainly see the confusion… LOL! 😂

Have a stunning weekend, girls. Don’t be shy to share your wonderful reads with us.

Monique kiss

22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. glad your back monique missed you


  2. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique, ladies and Sir 😁
    Love the new look site, very classy.
    Dick seasoning makes me barf just thinking about it lol 😕
    So this week I read The Full Experience by Dawn Doyle, this is a new author for me and whilst I enjoyed the story it wasn’t anything special, not sure I’d read anymore of her work.
    I then read Controlling Her Pleasure by Lili Valente this was great BUT far too short, I’m currently reading Commanding Her Trust part 2 of the trilogy, so far so great but again very short. I fear this is going to be one of those series that could have been done in one book but the sex is hot and I really like the characters so I will read the last part.
    Have a great week everyone


  3. Katherine says:

    Forgot to say I will wait to hear what you think of the protector, like you I didn’t like One Night Promised series at all but loved This Man but not Jessie I have always thought he is a maniac lol


  4. Dawn carey says:

    I have cock soup in the cupboard its very tasty lol!!!😚👅


  5. Sharon says:

    Just finished Push the Envelope by Rochelle Paige. I quite enjoyed this college romance. Interesting characters with a fun backdrop as Alexa flies part-time charter tours for couples that want to join the mile high club. Drake, of course, is an intense alpha male with eyes for no one but Alexa. Nice, interesting conversation style, and probably just the right amount of steamy stuff for my taste. I would recommend as a light (but hot) read.
    This is book one of the series….and it ends with enough closure that I don’t feel like I immediately have to read the rest. Which I actually appreciate! I will go back and continue the series at a later date.
    And I finished Midnight Soul by Kristen Ashley, which was better than I was afraid it was going to be, but definitely not my fave book in the series. I believe she is going to do a little novella to close an obvious loose thread she left dangling. Overall I loved the series, and liked this book.
    And now I’ve started Prisoned by Marni Mann. Supposedly a dark standalone. I enjoy college romances, but it left me in the mood for a little dark and yummy.
    Love your blog redecorating, Monique!! Hot, hot picture in your header!
    Off for a week at the beach tomorrow. So looking forward to some down time!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I LOVE College romances, Sharon! Sounds like a great read. I’ll have to add it to the ever growing list! And thank you for the blog’s new look feedback. I’m glad you like it. My hubby brought me a new laptop, not that the previous one was a slouch, but the damn res is so high, I could see the image quality was seriously off. It drove me nuts! LOL!
      Ooohh, enjoy the beach, girlfriend. Can’t go wrong with a little surf and sand! Have a great time! 😉


  6. Barb says:

    I loved, loved, loved the This Man trilogy! I’m half way through the One Night trilogy and so far it’s not bad. Loved the This Man trailers too – hot stuff. Thanks!


  7. MAC says:

    Wow… Nice lift to the blog!! Like the More Shades too!! 🎈
    I read Nicole’s “Rush” I know I am a glutton for punishment to keep going back but she did not disappoint me on this melt the ice Hockey Story. Rush is sexy sexy sexy… A bit slow until midway but you know I think we get reading so much and want to speed to the ending… So maybe not too slow maybe I am just too impatient.
    Went to “Mr. Corporate” next and that did not disappoint. At first read I thought Oh god I am going to hate this whiny girl… Remember the whiny one in Manwhore Monique (I kept anting to slap her)!! Well Weston comes to life nicely (heehee) and she does too. Actually the book delivers a totally awesome “never expecting that” turn that almost makes it my favorite of the 3 so far.

    Waiting for The Protector… Contemplating starting “Craving” Helena Hunt…

    ((Hugs)) 💋


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you, girlfriend. Still working on it, but you get the idea. 🤗
      So happy you found book-joy with your girl Nicole. And YES!!! I remember whiney Rachel all to well! Ug! But it’s great that it turned out well for you! Yay for a fab book week for you 😘
      Yessss! The Protector!! I have high hopes. And I’ve had such mixed results with Helena Hunting I’m a tad gun-shy to go that route. Let us know!! Good hearing from you! 😘


  8. Lissa Jeri says:

    A bunch of random things
    1. Just saw Dakota Johnson in a 2013 movie Date and Switch as a high school senior while flipping thru stations. Not the whole movie…but what I did see, she was convincing as a HS student. Ana hair but blond
    2. Just downloaded Diana Gabaldon’s new nonfiction “I Give You My Body….How to Write Sex Scenes”. Got it for her wit and it’s a very funny and informative read. But mostly for my husband who is working on a novel in which he had to write in a sex scene…and it just wasn’t right…and I couldn’t explain exactly why. Now he has the book, so I’m off the hook having to explain that it wasn’t motivated right.
    3. Finished Cream of the Crop. A solid B+….her stuff always is enjoyable…altho now predictable. Anyone see how the third book in the series was introduced? The hotel and the hotel fixer? Anyway, did a “side by side” comparison of book vs audiobook (half first, half the later) and I think she “reads” better as a book, whereas FSOG works both ways.
    4. Thank you, TY, TY, etc…to whomever mentioned the Masters of Shadowlands. Downloaded a freebie and was….delighted. Very well written. Characters real. I could identify. Very glad there are others in the series.
    5. Followed by…Controlling Her Pleasure (Under His Command Bk 1)….yuck!!! Let’s see…kidnapping…sex before it’s reasonable…D/s before it’s motivated….too many tattoos with a threat of tattoo under duress/threat. Not a Book 1, just a part 1 and do I really want to invest any more time in this? Oh yeh…and poorly written.
    6. Cannot decide whether to see Jamie Dornan’s new movies Anthropoid and Drax. Who am I kidding? But maybe will hold off until I can see them on an airplane where I can casually think I’m just watching b/c I have to watch something…..
    More to say…but will stop there.


    • Monique Lain says:

      How much fun is that? Reading your hubby’s take on lovin’? That’s awesome. Ooh, and is sounds like Controlling Her Pleasure was a dud! That’s no fun, Lissa. Sounds awful. Great musings, as always. We welcome them here 😉


      • Lissa Jeri says:

        Actually, to problem with the sex scene was he didn’t get the tone right. The guy and the girl have just survived a near death experience. It wasn’t needy enough, urgent enough. He’ll read the book and he’ll get it.

        And I absolutely blush to tell you we were fooling around recently and he actually asked me whether I trusted him as he was about to do something which would appear to be a little reckless. Not sure if he really understood the fireworks that initiated or the book references or the…you know….everything. He’s always surprising me.


        • Monique Lain says:

          How very exciting! You go, girl! Or in this case, perhaps it’s: go boy? 😉 Yeah, I get what you’re saying about the tone. I (obviously) love a good love scene, but few writers write them on point. You need enough raunch to make your heart race, but too much, and you kill it. At the same time, sex without the connection between the two (or sometimes three or four) 😉 lovers leaves me cold. The timing of the lovin’ in a book is another important factor for me. The insta-love thing makes it feel implausible. On top of that, you still need to keep it real, making sure your reader can visualise what is happening in clear and fine detail, and not push the mattress gymnastics too far. I’m a flexibly girl, (and I test the possibility of my scenes), but with some books I’ve read the couple would need to be circus contortionists, or sometimes they appear to have an extra hand, or an appendage, such as an arm, appears to be so long that it can reach impossible places. LOL! But that’s not to say our genre delivers realistic sex! Nope! It seems perfectly normal, even expected, to hit the OTT buttons in a few must-have instances: no morning breath, effortless multiple orgasms are a given, and don’t forget the hefty endowment that ALL male characters seem to be blessed with. Seems like obvious advice now that I’ve written it down, yet, I see it all the time. Good luck to your hubby! 🤗


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