The trailer is HERE!

Hi there, lovelies

It may be a year late, but here it is. FINALLY! Universal Studio’s official Fifty Shades Darker trailer, the vision of Erika herself come to life…

Whoo-hoo! I’m sure we’ll see a few more incarnations before February, and I’m looking forward to EVERY ONE of them. Having ya’ll to share it with makes it even better 😉

Monique kiss

41 thoughts on “The trailer is HERE!

  1. leximaggie1 says:

    I loved it!!

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  2. Sharon says:

    Woo-hoo!! I had just watched another trailer that was just a little more than the teaser from yesterday and was disappointed if that was what we were waiting for. This one was much better! Valentine’s Day is gonna be good!! Thanks for the treat, Monique!!

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  3. crystal says:

    Hot Damn I’m ready.

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  4. anicesecret says:



  5. Jenny says:

    Holy hell… That was HOT!!! Can’t wait for the movie to come out !!!! 😉


  6. Ice77 says:



  7. TSizzleIntheCity says:

    I can’t stop watching!! So excited!


  8. Linda says:

    This is going to be so much better than the first movie. The second book was the best out of the trilogy any ways. And if judging from this trailer for the second movie, I can’t wait to see that last one!!


  9. KereCB says:

    I feel like this movie is going to be more like the book that the 1st one. It has it all. I mean, I loved it!!!!


  10. LeeAnn Bodily says:

    Oh I’m gonna love this!! Intense comes to mind! Lol!


  11. Very good now I am going to have to reread Draker.


  12. Tania says:

    I woke up this morning to this. I can’t wait to see the movie there is a group of girlfriends who saw the first one and I do believe we will do it again. I think we are lucky to have understanding other halfs that let us go out on Valentine’s Day/ night to watch the movie. To this day I don’t think any of them have seen it.


  13. Mariana says:

    Hot damm! This looks way promising then the first movie. Intense, darker, more thrilling as Ana will be facing Christian past. Ovaries ready to explode!


  14. crystal says:

    waawww th tralir wzss i am watingggggg


  15. D Blackmon says:

    I’m excited, can’t wait. Thanks for posting!


  16. Lissa Jeri says:

    O.M.G. Shall savor for a second.
    Monique, I going to hold you personally responsible that your country will be worth my not being able to see FSD until Feb 15th at the earliest (wink, wink, not really, of course). Will be in Sydney 2/10-14 and I cannot imagine how I could tear myself away from people without exposing my, um, proclivities, etc

    Okay, so could you really think I wouldn’t have musings already?
    1. Yes, I’m sure it stays more true to the book esp since FSD is fairly linear and easily accessible for filming. I mean, the masked ball alone is classic. The first book/movie was a potential disaster from all ends b/c of the subject matter and the negotiations and the need to include the phrase butt plug in the first general release movie every, I’m sure
    2. And I feel sad for the director of the first movie. ELJ was clearly under control of everything that time around. I’m sure her husband who wrote the script had significant control over her for the second movie. Much of what she wrote was not totally invented. From my experience, it was fictionalize truth and reality. So he must be, in some way, her dom. But she gave the first director an impossible job and I think she (the director) did the best she could with lack of control of the script and production and the material which just begged to be mutilated by needs to make it palatable to the public, esp knowing 12 year olds would probably be in the theater one way or another
    3. I see changes already from the trailer. When Ana wakes and sees Leila, it clearly is not in Escala, but what must be Ana’s apartment. Very student-y. But that makes perfect sense b/c, quite frankly, there was no way Leila could have infiltrated the Escala apartment in a real world. So that’s a good change. I’ll be happy to stand corrected if I’m wrong. (I think that’s a dom/sub joke)
    4. You can see already that once Christian proposes a change in how they relate (as we know he does from FSD and Grey), Ana is much more proactive in how she wants to frame the relationship too. That’s not really in the book. But it’s necessary to make Ana much more visually and actively responsible since they cannot film the internal monologue which we hear (and I adore) in the book. That internal monologue is, I think, the greatest truth of how many women think and react and ELJ’s greatest achievement in the book. And in a dominant situation, I guarantee you there’s a lot of fancy footwork thinking going on while trying to or being submissive.
    5. There’s a hint that they meet at the photography exhibit and he’s not just the transportation (as the new Facebook excerpt of Grey 2 has Christian worrying about). What I like is that just like the shower kiss we see in this new trailer mirrors the elevator kiss of the first movie, so the apparently suddenly seeing him at the photography exhibit mirrors the scene at the hardware store.
    6. And I’m sure there’s…more. (oh, I love being cute)

    Okay, it’s off my chest. Thanks for listening. Where the hell else could I write this stuff?

    What does everyone think?



    • mothergolf says:

      I too believe that the scene where Leila appears in Ana’s room is the scene in the book where Christian wakes her up when she is screaming. She dreams about her encounter with Leila outside of SIP. I think I read somewhere where they added some scenes to the movie that were not in the book to give it a better flow. As for the first movie, well….I am disturbed that SJ was always in photos with Jamie and Dakota, too friendly maybe? and also the wardrobe for the first movie, especially CG did not always meet the standards of how I imagined a millionaire to dress. From what I’ve seen of Darker, that alone looks much improved. Ana would be dressing better of course because Christian gave her a new wardrobe…..


      • Monique Lain says:

        Lucky, lucky girl, that Ana 😉 Yes, I agree. Both CG and Ana seem more polished. And double yes for the added scenes. From the stills we saw a few interesting ones, CG and Ana at what we guessed was his mother’s gravesite, was one that popped into my head just now… Interesting speculative stuff. 😉


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Lissa! That’s precisely it! Where else could you rant and rave about our beloved Shades? It’s fantastic and gratifying to have a place to openly share and not be judged, or worse, scored for killing Woman’s Lib. LOL! Yes, Ana’s inner goddess was a stroke of genius. Personally I’m hoping for minimal changes, but steeling myself for whatever adaptations were necessary in order to transfer our story to celluloid. (Not that I think celluloid is still in use, but you get my drift) 😉 I hope Aussie is worth it for your sake. I’d make tracks to the nearest theatre to watch it no matter where in the world I find myself. People be damned! A well timed “headache” perhaps?! 😂😂 Anyway, we love you being cute. Savour away! 😂


  17. Barb says:

    That was so hotttt! From the trailer, FSD appears to have more depth. Hope so.


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