Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 😉

What’s new in your part of the world this weekend? Let me tell you what’s new in ours…

Firstly, Dana Brunetti, the producer of Darker, posted the following pic on Twitter, a note from Erika after that day’s screening of Darker….


Things are looking promising for the movie if Erika herself feels the representation is “f*cking great”. Yay! Thank you, Susan for sharing 🙂

Then, thanks to Sharon, I had an interesting reading experience this week. Kindle has (very quietly) launched something called Kindle in Motion (KIM), a new e-book format that embeds GIFs* into the text of electronic books. This means that you get animated (or still) graphics within the pages, adding more…. uhm….bang for your buck – especially in our genre. LOL! I will review the book itself in the book club section of this post, but first, let me chat about my first experience with KIM. Overall, I liked it, probably not enough to go searching for these formats specifically, but there were aspects of it that I didn’t mind at all. Here are some screen shots of a few of the pages:

 kim2 kim1 kim3

The first two are examples of the static pages where the pics are still. It’s pretty cool, especially the second one with the coffee ring. I can see how it can offer a richer experience to the reader, an added dimension to enhance the general feel of a book. The third is a screenshot of a page with an animated GIF. Naturally, because I took a photo, you can’t see the movement, but it displays like a tiny movie, showing the same clip of motion over and over again. Again, in principle, I have no issue with the idea. What I DO have a problem with is that now, the author’s vision of her characters HAS to be mine. In this particular instance, both the guy and the girl, though cute, is not at all what I would have envisioned. Considering one’s imagination is the thing that really makes reading shine, with this format, you lose that unique ability, making the option questionable. Luckily, Kindle was smart enough to offer these books with the option to read without the new enhancement. See The Digital Reader for more info as well as a great clip to show the actual motion. Let me know what you think, girls!

*”GIF, or Graphic Interchange Format, is a file extension for an often animated raster graphics file and is the second most common image format used on the World Wide Web after JPEG. GIF uses the LZW compression algorithm and is owned by Unisys.” – Source

Lastly, and not at all related to reading or FSOG, but nevertheless a worthy piece of news: check out The Local reporting on a FREE red wine fountain in Italy…


What a fantastic idea. I call for one on every street corner! LOL!


This week I read:

an img_6301 tmp lin

  2 stars              4 stars           5 stars           2 stars

A vary varied week, as you can see.

Angel by Dani Wyatt caught my eye because I’ve been looking for a good DD/lg story for a long time. This one, sadly, was not it. The writing was poor enough to send it straight to my DNF pile.

Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley, book three in the Colorado Mountain series, was great. I LOVED Lexi and Ty’s story, but as mentioned last week, if you’re after a fast paced read, this is not the one for you. Thank you, Sharon for sharing this gem with me.

Then, The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken, book one in the Wingmen Inc. series was an absolute treat. This is the one that boasted the Kindle in Motion feature, but that is NOT the reason for my happy dance. I adored the male lead and his smart mouth with a ready answer for everything, a reminder of one of my other favorite characters, Mal Ericson of Stage Dive fame. I liked it so much that I’m going to go with my BOB on this one. Yay!

BOB png

Again, I have Sharon to thank for spotting Ian and his animated face on the cover.

Lingus by Mariana Zapata was next on my list. I can’t comment on the story, I didn’t get far enough to make a decision, but I have it on good authority that it’s sweet. What I didn’t enjoy was the caliber of girl featured in the book. This is a deeply personal preference, and in all likelihood, not something that would bother others. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind where this one is concerned.

Currently I’m reading:


Beautiful by Christina Lauren, book five in the Beautiful Bastard series.

In closing, I’ll share a time honored remedy that made me laugh. Here’s an old ad for a boner spoon…


Why it’s a spoon, I have no idea, but if you suffer a horndog husband, this might do the trick. A quick tap of the boner spoon will, like the ad says, “soften even the most optimistic ardour”. Whahahaha! Made my day thinking of prim wives keeping a spoon for this purpose in their bedside drawer.

That’s all for today, girls. As always, it’s lovely hearing from you. 

Monique kiss

26 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies…Wow I never make it in first. I was looking for our releases and then kept going to see the ratings Monique had given.
    Lots to pick from this month! I am trying Mr. Mysterious…and well I abandoned ship because you know those books with ludacrous shit that spoils the entire story, at least for me. Like Rachel!! The one character I wanted to slap well in this book the author, and please tell me why… Names the adult girl characters – Aurora, Cinderella and yeah well I can pretty much stop there. What the hell was she thinking. What kind of Alpha dates a “cinderella” and why destroy the entire story. Sorry cinderella does NOT have dirty sex. 30,000 names to pick!! She totally torpedoed this read for me and I actually want to slap the author for the first time ever!! Cinderella – are you f***ing kidding me.
    Wow I feel better now!! I am into Craving. Just started Obsession second in Helen Hardt series so anything is better at this point than Cinderella!! GAH



    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello there! Happy to see you first in line, girlfriend 😉 And I hear you on the unnecessary ridiculousness of some so called creative meanderings of authors. There are a few things you don’t mess with in a book if you intend to have the general populace read it, names are certainly one of them. A name carries so much weight and association. It’s a silly mistake to make, especially for an experienced writer. Glad you could rant with us. If not here then where? 🤗 Hope you are looking forward to a brilliant reading week this coming week! Hugs 😉


  2. Carmela Dimattia says:

    Hello Monique and lovely ladies. This week I read bound to submit by Laura kaye and Styx by Victoria Ashley. I enjoyed both very much. I found bound to submit quite interesting especially Laura’s explanations on bdsm – a very detailed description in what was happening which keeps the reader captivated. I’ll be having s break for a few weeks as in not well but hope to start reading again very soon. Enjoy your week ladies


    • Monique Lain says:

      Aww, I’m sorry you’re not well, Carmela. I hope you feel back to your normal self in no time. Thank you for the heads up on the Kaye book. Sounds intriguing 🤗 Have a good break while you get well 😘


  3. Katherine says:

    Hi ladies,
    Home from my short break back to proper October weather, wind and rain and loving it this is my favourite time of the year through to March!
    So this week I read Possession, book 3 in the Steel Brothers Series, it was fine but I can’t stand the way the author always finishes on a cliffy, it nearly makes you have to buy the next book to see what’s going to happen only to be left disappointed, not sure if I’ll read the next 3 but I’ll wait and see.
    I also read Sugar Free the last in the Sugar Bowl Series, I loved these books and would recommend them.
    I have just started Matchmaker Playbook unfortunately I wasn’t given the option to buy it without the pictures, I’m only on chapter 1 so can’t comment on the story but the moving pictures are disturbing my reading so need to try and turn it of.
    Have a great week everyone


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Katherine. Welcome home!
      LOL! For the cliffy forcing you onto the new book! Aren’t we suckers? 😂😂 Yeah, I can’t say I enjoyed the GIFs, but they didn’t put me off either. I just don’t like an image being put into my head. Beauty and hotness is such a relative perception, I’m surprised that this is even an option. I would have preferred to see bodies and hints of their faces rather than being spoon fed an actual image of a person. Have a good week! 😘


      • Katherine says:

        I need to turn it of, it is actually ruining the book for me he is nothing like I imagine does anyone know how to do it? this book might end up abandoned 😢


        • Monique Lain says:

          Oh no! I read from the Kindle app on my phone, and from there you do the following: click on the “A” on the top of the page within the book. You’ll see an option called “Show Media”. Set it to off. That should do it, Katherine. I’m sure, on an actual Kindle it’ll have the same option if not the exact same pathway. Good luck. Hope it didn’t ruin it for you. 😜 Let me know if you manage to sort it. The “off” option comes standard with the book, so yours MUST have it.


    • MAC says:

      Katherine I agree. The books are a tad bit short for the price but like you I finished Possession and you become attached to the characters so you just get caught in that “6” in a series thing. A lot for a series, like Gideon. I am also onboard with the GIF being distracting. I also like to conjure up the pictures the story bring s me on my own. If I see something else then the it changes the story for me. Like I am still getting used to ANA – Dakota… But hey she grows on ya.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Monique Lain says:

        Yeah, I think that’ll be the biggest issue with this new format. Women’s taste is too diverse when it comes to looks. Just think of all the candidates we ogled for CGs role before he was cast.


  4. KereCB says:

    My dear friend! How r u? I really liked this KIM experience you are talking about. I’ll check it out 😉 thank you for the tip. I’m still reading down shift by k. Bromberg, so far I really like it, I wish I have more time to read these days, but real life gets in the way… I hope you have a lovely week. Kx


  5. Sharon says:

    So….chirping in last place this week. Finished Forever with you by Jennifer Armentrout….enjoyed it like the rest of her series, but it wasn’t my favorite. I’ve liked the whole series, but the first book remains my favorite. In this book, she did make a bad girl turn into a good character, love how writers are able to make a few tweaks and change your perception of a character. Such power they wield in their fingertips!!
    And Monique, happy that you loved Ty & Lexie. I enjoyed the Colorado series much more than the Rock Chicks series. The Colorado books were my starting reads by Kristen Ashley, but Lady Luck was my very favorite out of all of those. It’s one of the books I go back to when I want to browse through something I’ve already read. Mystery Man is my next favorite in the series, but they are all good to read as long as you don’t mind the same structure formula. I don’t mind it as long as I know what to expect.
    I haven’t read Matchmaker’s Playbook yet….I see the graphics as being a fun novelty touch…but nothing I would actively search for. Hope to enjoy it next week. Sure startled me when I was looking at the description on Amazon, and the male on the cover turned his head and looked at me. Was NOT expecting that one!!
    Currently…reading Wrecked by Shiloh Walker. This weekend is my big BookCon in Orlando….really hoping to have a great time. Can’t wait to meet Tiffany Reisz (along with 800 of other like-minded readers!) I’m like Monique in the respect that none of my friends or family enjoy this genre, so my FB and this group is my only place to share the fun. Spending the weekend with a mob of ladies (and gents) with the same interest should be quite amazing! Probably will post late again next week, but with lots of news!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oohh, I’m so envious, Sharon! I wish I could join you! And meeting Tiffany? That’s gonna’ be epic! You lucky thing! Thank you for sharing Ty and Lexi’s story with me. I enjoyed it very much. Definitely something you can sink your teeth into. BTW, have you read Tiffany’s latest? The cover and the content seems so unlike her: Her Halloween Treat. It’s in my shelf, but my shelf is choco at the moment, with pre orders making it fuller by the day. *sigh* #FirstWorldProblems 😂 Enjoy the BookCon, girlfriend , and if you can, sneak a pic for us? 😘


  6. Barb says:

    Thought you might want to view this hot Jamie video from his BBC series. . Enjoy!


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