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Hello there, lovely ladies 🙂

What a week it’s been! Thank goodness for weekends, right? Luckily I’ve had the comforting company of great reads. What would we do without the distraction of fabulous books and the Alphas that accompany them?

Naturally, with my obvious love for Fifty, I’ve been outspoken about the sad (and sometimes misguided) misrepresentations of our Shady couple on social media. On one occasion, when Erika suffered yet another blast of ridiculous tirades centering around abuse, I felt compelled to speak out, posting the following open letter to her.

Final letter

The controversy of opposing poles is a very attractive bone for the media to pick over, often times being deliberately provoking. I understand this trend, their aim is to sell publications and to start conversations, no matter how banal or pointless. But, on the Fifty Shades of Grey News Facebook page, I came across someone taking a clear and truthful stand. How very refreshing. From the Odyssey site, read “The Truth About Fifty Shades”. #GoodStuff

This week I read:

scds cs

Sing, Coda, and Dominance by C. D. Reiss, books seven, eight, and nine of the Songs of Submission series, was exactly what I expected for the grand finale from this polished writer. I’ve adored this series, thoroughly enjoying sinking my teeth into something hearty. What a pleasure it’s been! Though heavily reminiscent of Fifty, there is a freshness to the story that’s gripping. Also, the exceptional writing doesn’t hurt one bit. The BDSM aspect is a LOT more edgy, more real, and the overall story is more intense than the fragile love blooming between Ana and Christian, but it makes for one helluva’ good book. Like I did with the first set of books, I happily bestow my BOB award on the full range of Songs of Submission.

BOB png

As a side note, the book order at the end is a little confusing, and made more so with the extra shorts that the writer has listed on Goodreads. As I understand it, originally, the shorts; Jessica & Sharon (both to read after Submit), and Rachel (to be read after Burn) was published separately, but then later compiled together in Dominance, which was marketed as book 8. However, too may questions remained and the author published Coda as book 9. But Coda is actually the epi, technically the actual book 8 – order wise. See? Perplexing, right? Monica (to be read after Sing), was included in Coda as an insight into how she was handling her new life. Though I loved reading Coda and Dominance, and I was thrilled for the closure especially Coda bought, these two books, IMO, lost this five star series half a star. The jumping around from scene to scene AND through time was, on occasion, difficult to follow. That and the needless chopping into various novellas that should have been whole books always gets my goat.

Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz, book one in the Men at Work series, was just what I needed after the intensity of Submission. A well-rounded story with all the yummy bells and whistles we love. I so admire a writer who can create a vast world like in the Original Sinners series, painted in the finest of detail, and then, go on to write such a down-to-earth romance as this. What a gift. I loved it so much it went straight on to my Favorites pile. My only objection? What’s with the cover?? LOL!

Currently I’m reading:


The Goal by Elle Kennedy, book four in the Off-Campus series. You can never go wrong with a hot jock who knows EXACTLY what he wants 😉

On my shelf I have:


Mr. President by Katy Evans, book one in the White House series. So far I’m hearing good things… Yay!

This little joke because….. Yoda. LOL!


Well, that was a mouthful from me! I hope you’re having as much reading fun as I am. Don’t be shy to share the very best on your bookshelf with us, girls 🙂

Monique kiss


17 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique and ladies,
    Firstly Monique I agree 100% with you on FSOG I haven’t read the link yet but I will.
    So this week I also finished the Submission Series reading Coda dominance and there is another one Breath which is book 8 strange the way they were published but really enjoyed them.
    I also read Mr President by Katy Evans and I loved it.
    I have read all her books but nothing gripped me like Real Mine and Remy through I enjoyed the rest I found them a but mediocre until now Mr President is right up there with Real!
    I loved Matt and Charlotte, the sexual tension between them was scorching and how they didn’t fall in love on page 2 lol so big recommendation on this one 🎉🎉🎉
    I’m currently reading Badd Motherf$$ker by Jasinda Wilder so far so good, I’ll review next week.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Kath. 🤗 I saw Breath when I was doing my research about the order of the books in Submission, so I’m going to read that alongside Mr President. And I’m sooo stoked you feel it has the same oomf as Remy. I’m 100% with you on her following books being good, but not great. And I love a book with a great build up! Yay!
      Your current read sounds…. interesting! 😉 Let us know. Great hearing from you, as always. Have a lovely week 😘


  2. Katherine says:

    Just read the Odyssey article, I thought it was a beautiful eloquent piece of writing and so true, most of the haters haven’t read the books I also agree on her take on the film lol

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  3. Sheila H. says:

    Well done on the letter to Erika , I think you said it all from everyone of her fans. I know she is making a lot of money from the books and films but she must get a bit cheesed off with all the cutting remarks that people make.


  4. KereCB says:

    Hello Monique! Is sad to heard these things about FSOG, is almost 6 years now since the book release and people still don’t get it, but anyways is their lost, and is sad that these people want to bring down such a beautiful story just because their prejudices and stabdars. I read pucked under and as any Helena Hunting book I LMAO, was a rrally funny read. And I’m currenly reading Tonic by Staci Hart, so far so good, I like the plot and I feel like is going to be interesting and intense!
    Have a lovely week my friend
    Sending you a huge hug.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Kereny 🤗 Yeah, its a pain when folks twist the reality of her story into a pretzel of lies. So sad. I especially take offence with the folks who’s NOT read it, but jump on the dominant ideology bandwagon. And I’m so leery of Helena Huntings books. I’ve read some terrible offerings from her, but also enjoyed one, so I never know if I should take the plunge… Good hearing from you, girlfriend! 😉

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      • KereCB says:

        Yeah I know! But I dont pay any attention to those a&%(holes who talk trash about this beautiful story! Lol… and well from Helena I only had read the Pucked series and I really enjoyed it a lot 🙂 is good to hear from you too… :* Kx

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  5. mothergolf says:

    I loved your open letter to Erika, and I too feel sad for those ‘lost souls’ out there who just don’t ‘get it’. The fact that they cannot see the deep love and tenderness between these two boggles my mind, and all I can think is that they are incapable or unwilling to accept that a love like theirs could exist. Your letter was so beautifully written and conveyed the feelings of the thousands/millions of us out there who feel as you do.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you. 😘 I’m glad you feel that way. And “lost” is right! I don’t know how a person can miss the tender start between the characters plus CG’s brokenness (the subsequent pain that leads to his choices), that is, if one’s actually bothered to read the books!


  6. Sharon says:

    I enjoyed the article about our Fifty. At the bookcon I attended, it was interesting (but not surprising) that whenever Fifty was mentioned, most of the authors and attendees around me lifted their noses in the air, and said they couldn’t force themselves past the first chapter or two. Then there were those of us that spoke up and said it was the only reason we had started reading the genre. And they had to admit it had definitely opened up their market. Personally…I think it was peer envy. Some of these writers had worked for some moderate success for years…then Erika knocked it out of the ballpark with her first book. Understandable, who wouldn’t envy that kind of success? But kudos to Erika for making it good for everyone! My kind of gal.
    I finished reading the first vampire book by Victoria Danann. Now starting book two. The writing felt quite stilted in the first book, but I can already tell it is more developed in book two. I enjoyed the storyline, very creative world building. One of the characters is a 600 yr old vampire that writes popular vampire romance novels. Made me wonder if Victoria is a vampire using a nom de plume. Ya never know!!
    Also reading a book I picked up at bookcon by Anna Zaires that I’ve been waiting for. It’s a standalone story from her Krinar series, and I couldn’t resist getting a signed copy of it. It feels odd to me to read an actual book, I’m so accustomed to using my reader! I’m enjoying the story…those aliens totally know how to handle a girl. Woo-hoo!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh my, Sharon! Aliens and Vapers, huh? I hope the Alien is well hung!! Or perhaps he has a spare appendage somewhere? That could be fun! 😂😂 How are you otherwise? Are you back from your hollies?
      I so agree with you! Lies, lies and more lies! There is almost not a smexy genre writer who doesn’t have a Fifty-style book on the market, so they would have to have read it. And if a book in your genre enjoyed such success, you grit your teeth and damn well read it to see where you’ve gone wrong all this time! LOL! No way would they let that opportunity pass them buy, even if it’s only for a purely research purposes . And hells yes! It’s opened the genre! My goodness. Just look at the sale escalation. They should be worshipping at her Gray feet!
      And I hear you about reading an actual book!! Strange, isn’t it?! Last Christmas a friend gave me a book. It was one of those bigger ones, fat, but a paper back. I didn’t know how to hold it!! It was funny! 😂
      I hope you have a good week! 😘


      • Sharon says:

        LOL – her Gray feet. Love it!! What a visual. And you are SO right!!

        Yes…back from vacay! Lovely week, beautiful leaves. Got unpacked and catching up at work. Then get to sort through my fun goodies from bookcon! THAT I’m looking forward to!!


  7. Lissa Jeri says:

    Howdy….spent the first half of the week reading CD Reiss’ new Marriage Games…and promptly preordered the second (of two) which comes out in January. Very good examination of a marriage, a good marriage, a partnership, where suddenly the wife leaves a note that the marriage is over. The trick is that the husband is a dom/master who abandoned who he was b/c he fell in love with her, had had only vanilla (but very good) sex with her for their 5 years. She found something wanting and then then start exploring a more dom/sub life…but all with twists. Very good. Contemplative for me. As always, excellent writing.

    And then I went back to finishing the second trilogy of the Submission series. I had soooo forgotten how good it was. Rereading it b/c want to see it in light of revelations from her recent book about Margie, Secret Sins.

    But now have to take a bit of a break b/c have been loaded down with books to prepare for trip to NZ/OZ. Plus library still has me waiting for the new Tara Sue Me book and Roman Crazy. I’ll survive.

    Off to US for a month next week but will still try to keep up with everyone.



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