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Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

This week, as we remembered those who died in battle, fighting for liberty, our Sydney Opera house was lit up with the blood red blooms that typically mark this day. 


A stunning visual to show that we will never forget, isn’t it? ❣️

Then, in response to the excitement and incessant social media posts concerning the US elections, here’s a change of subject…


LOL! 😂

We’ve had some glorious rain this week, but with the deluge of water comes the muggy stickiness. Oh dear…. it’s never just right, is it? 😝 

Not that I should complain. Those of you who’ve been with me for a while will know that we lived in the northern tip of Australia for a bit. And hot is not the word for the off-the-charts humidity there, so I should be used to it. The other thing you might recall is an offbeat practice that helped shape the Northern Territory’s (NT for short) reputation as the black sheep of Aus. The local broadsheet is known for it’s wild, eye catching headlines. I’ve posted a few of these in the past, and if you want a laugh, check out The Territory News. But most recently, they’ve added to their quirky (and by quirky I mean NAUGHTY) sense of humor by setting the Twittersphere alight with their new tourist ad campaign. The “See you (in the) Northern Territory” slogan/logo has raised eyebrows for obvious reasons…


LOL! 😂😂 Only in the Top End! See the ABC News site for this gasp-worthy marketing ploy.

Sharon shared this, the ideal place to keep your spare change… Imagine whipping this out at the supermarket! It’ll certainly be a conversation starter – a handmade vajayjay purse. You can even choose your preferred hairstyle!  


Check out The Berry if you want to get yourself one of these… uhm… Hairy Mary baggies. *Winks to Katherine*

Storing tampons in a vajajay, no matter how cute, is a tad too literal for my sensibilities! LOL! 😂 There isn’t a smiley blushing enough for this!  

This week I read:

cs mps es

The Goal by Elle Kennedy, book four in the Off-Campus series was a delightful little morsel. This book didn’t follow the normal path of boy meets girl/fall in love/fight/break up/then make up-style. Instead, it was a lovely, touching journey of making things work despite the lemons life sometimes throws at you. I adored the focused, patient hottie hockey player who knows his own heart AND his own mind. 

Mr President by Katy Evans, book one in the White House series, left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the background story featuring the US political machine at work was a refreshing change, one that lead to steamy stolen moments between the two protagonists, and the buildup of said moments were exceptionally well timed. Personally, I adore a book with a tension wrought lead-up to the inevitable fireworks. But, conversely, the first half of the book felt extremely stilted, as if an editor went to town on the words, slashing away all the internal dialogue and feelings that would give the character’s struggles depth. Strangely, that same editor, seemed to have missed some vital edits concerning grammar. Considering Katy’s status on the best seller’s list, I expected better editorial care. Nevertheless, from my rating, you can see I gave Matt and C for Charlotte my thumbs up. On a closing note – it has to be said – **SPOILER ALERT** the book ended on a helluva’ cliffie. Bring on Commander in Chief!

Entrapment by Aleatha Romig, book four in the Infidelity series, was good, but not great. As with book three, I’m still struggling with the massive plot holes. With a fifth and final book coming, there may be scope for explaining some paths, but honestly, I don’t see that happening. I will finish the series, it’s pretty epic, and has some merit, but so far, nothing that will put it on my Favorites list. **SPOILER** And if I thought Mr President ended on a cliffie, this one took the cliffie-cake!

Currently I’m reading:


A Place in the Sun by R. S. Grey. Thank you, Susan 😘

Here’s a little something many of us can relate to…


The dreaded droop! Ageing sucks, yeah? LOL! 😂  

That’s it from me, girls. Let’s chat. I hope you have a brilliant weekend. 

Monique kiss

16 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine Davison says:

    Hi Monique Sydney Opera House is absolutely stunning, and who is that gorgeous Scotsman? yummy 😉 I am definitely going to buy a hairy mary purse. don’t know what I’d keep in it though!!
    So what started as an ok reading week ended up fantastic.
    I finished reading Badd Motherf##ker by Jasinda Wilder, this could have been great, it had everything we like hot sexy sensitive man and good sex but the swearing really put me of, there really was no need for it on every page so I wouldn’t recommend it.
    I then read The Negotiation by Sandi Lynn and Unsuitable by Samantha Towle, I really loved both books and would definitely recommend both of them so don’t want to give anything away, both worthy of 5 *
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oohh, I would LOVE to see you flashing your p@ssy 😂😂😂😂 (purse)! And I’m so with you on the incessant swearing in some books. Hell, I don’t think I’m a prude, a well placed “f@ck” within text can be the perfect expression at times, but I’ve read some things where it seemed the author tried to work a swear word into every possible sentence. Cut out the cuss words and you’ll be left with only half a book! But I’m glad to hear Samantha is back on the ball! I found her becoming a tad cookie cutter lately. Unsuitable is on my list and I’ll check out the other one! Great share! Thank you 😘


  2. Lissa Jeri says:

    Warning: a typical LIssa rant.

    Just got Roman Crazy from library and was so exciting b/c had read how enjoyable it was and I enjoy her books in general since they make me smile. I’m only up to the chapter where she re-meets Marcello and I’ve hit enough road bumps to give me a headache.

    People spend money on these books. (I send significant contributions to libraries.) Clayton makes money on these books. She has an ethical, shall we say, contract with us, the consumers to do her best. Only a little way in, I’m not happy.

    First, Avery and Daniel were students together at BU…that’s Boston University…and goes along with their moneyed WASPish background, although it makes you question why Daniel wasn’t at Harvard, but that’s another kettle of fish. Suddenly, a chapter later, they were students at BC (Boston College) which is much less in keeping w/ the structure Clayton has given us so far. BC is a Catholic college known for having the Catholic elite. Clayton makes a point that Avery et al are WASPy…that is Protestant. Inconsistency plus an overlay of maybe this wasn’t researched and edited well.

    Then Avery gets to Rome. Ding, ding, ding…a babe with family money and married to family money doesn’t take a taxi or town car from Rome’s airport? She takes the train or shuttle and then transfers to the Metro? I don’t think so. Ding, ding, ding. You have to know that Rome is a city where the Metro is out of the way and not convenient for most areas tourists and/or Anglos and/or elite foreign workers would be. Rome is not London or Paris or NYC where everyone takes the subway and it’s convenient. And “everyone” knows there’s no Metro stop for Trastevere, a jazzy area right near the Vatican that, indeed, Daisy would probably live in.

    The problem with the cobblestones is very real. Don’t go there with heels… and rolling luggage is a pain and a half…was just there last month and had to drag our luggage all over the place b/c our B&B couldn’t be found by the taxi drive. (BTW, it was fantastic and really reasonable so if anyone wants the name for a trip to Rome…)

    And that’s why I’m sad…I was looking forward to this book to let me savor my time in Rome in September. Think about the food, the atmosphere, etc, etc. That’s why the Crossfire books were good for me…that they accurately reflected the feeling of being in Manhattan. Sylvia Day nailed that. And I’ve always enjoyed re-living the atmosphere of books when I happen to be in the city/country where they take place. Meandering around Seattle (with a silent internal grin that hurts my face), taking a run into the real Heathman in Portland feeling like an emotion thief, tromping up and down hills in Sausalito to rethink the fun in Wallbanger.

    Okay…all that said, yes, of course, I will finish the book. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. But I get consumer mad when the author and/or publisher do not do their due diligence. (After all, CG did in the movie when he decided to take Ana to the red room for the first time….lol.)

    Have a great week…..Lissa


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh dear, Lissa! But I do understand. I know exactly what you mean, the feeling you get when you start reading something and all you can see are holes. Whether it is plot holes, poor research, or simply unfitting, unrealistic behavior of a character. It’s very frustrating, especially as you say, folk pay for these books. This particular read (Roam Crazy) didn’t bother me, but I’ve had my moments with other books, and once I start looking at a story like that I can almost say with certainly that it will end up on my DNF pile. My pet hates? The incorrect use of cum, the ridiculous and unnecessary incessant swearing (who speaks like that IRL??), and impossible sex positions! Especially when the guy turns into a octopus with all the hands he suddenly has!!! LOL! Anyway, I hope you find joy with RC and it doesn’t end up frustrating the hell out of you! Thank you for checking in, girlfriend. If you can’t rant here, where can you? 😉


  3. Sharon says:

    Love, love, love the opera house. How gorgeous is that? And why did I not realize that other countries also celebrate a “Veteran’s Day”? I was thinking it was just a US thing. Certainly wouldn’t have expected the same timing. And the Northern Territory ad campaign is hysterical…but would have many “up in arms” in righteous indignation over here. Different strokes for different folks. And actually, that would tie in nicely with the campaign.
    So….I’m all vampires over here. Reading Diane Duvall’s Immortal Guardian series. Currently on book 3, believe I will continue through. So far same formula, Hot Immortal dude fights Slimy Vampire dudes…almost overwhelmed by the sheer numbers when sweet young thang saves the day and tips the balance in their favor. Then you take the rest of the book with tortuous angst of denying feelings and erections UNTIL…. anyway, you get the idea. Nice enjoyable reading and characters, and not ridiculous pricing like many of these series are.
    Thank you for the Scotsman…need more of his type around here!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      It was absolutely stunning, Sharon. They often “dress” the opera house for special occasions. I would love a coffee table book with all the pics.
      I so agree with you and the knickers in knots concerning the NT’s slogan, but that just seems to be part of the NT’s appeal. The rest of Aus just stare in shock half the time, but it’s tolerated because it’s small and it’s what’s expected from the “black sheep”! LOL! They actually sell T-shirts and mugs etc. with their newspaper headlines because they are so funny/controversial.
      Glad you’re having fun with the vampers. You can NEVER go wrong with an erection. I’m all for the stiffie! LOL! And the Scotsman was my pleasure. Seriously! 🙂 Good hearing from you, girl. Have a happy week ❤


  4. Lissa Jeri says:

    A quickie…Anyone see the trailer for Beauty and the Beast that just came out today? Not a great trailer but sure movie will be fine…but just the comment that I’ve make other places that FSOG is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Even look at the lyrics for the songs…amazingly evocative with nary a pecker or boob mentioned….lol
    Lissa (who else?)


    • Monique Lain says:

      I’m excited for the movie, Lissa. Can’t go wrong with a classic. And really, that’s what Erika did. She dressed up the classics. I agree with you, Beauty and the Beast is certainly one of the FSOG muses. I always think of Pretty Woman too. Pity about the lack of peckers ans boobs, though. I guess Disney is not really the vehicle for that! LOL!


    • Monique Lain says:

      BTW, have you ever read Shayla Black’s Wicked Ties? It’s older than FSOG, it touches a little on light manage, but I always thought that Erika had a brush with it before she write Fifty….


  5. KereCB says:

    Hi Monique!
    During all your post I’ve been LOL, hahaha 1st I love that kind of ad campaigns. It catch you no matter what. And then with the last pic (“Grab them by the p.”) will be aproppiate?
    I finished reading Tonic by Satci Hart, and I loved it! I I completely recommend it, is a fresh reading, nothing like I ever read, and It was a pleasant surprise for my 1st Staci’s book. I started reading Bedmates by Nichole Chase, so far is good. And also Orange is the new Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman, book that was adapted to the Netflix series, that goes by the same name, I devoured the searies in two weeks, and I loved it, so I bought the book tor ead it too 🙂
    I hope you have a better weather this week my friend.
    Have a lovely day


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