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Hello there, Lovely Ladies 🤗

Christmas seems to be in full swing here. Do you think retailers start earlier and earlier every year, or is it just me? Regardless, I LOVE the season and am looking forward to some serious holiday time. Yay! 🎉

Also, I’ve noticed, this time around, a LOT less Fifty hype with the advent of Darker. I wonder why. Yesterday, I posted the TV spot that was aired during the Latin Grammy Awards, but it seems to me that ALL sources of movie news are on the thin side. However, one fun thing we WILL be able to enjoy through all three movies is the virtual reality tour.


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This week I read:

apitss stqs uss

A Place in the Sun by R. S. Grey was a delightful little read reminiscent of Alice Clayton’s recent, Roman Crazy. This standalone is just the right thing to enjoy when you’re coming down from a book hangover. Thank you, Susan 😉

Sacking the Quarterback by Samantha Towle is part of James Patterson’s Bookshots concept. Supposedly they are “Stories at the Speed of Life” which basically translates to shorts. I understand the need for novellas, and who doesn’t like a fast-paced, action packed book? But if it’s to the detriment of the story, the pace so swift that there’s no meat, you’ve lost me. If you’ve read Samantha before, then I think you’ll agree, this one reads like a summary rather than a fully developed tale.

Unsuitable by Samantha Towle was an interesting departure from her usual vein. This had a much darker tinge, but (fortunately for me) not too dark. Parts of it reminded me of Fifty, and the buildup was awash with expectation and lots of ping-ponging emotions for the characters. Thank you for the rec, Katherine 😉

Currently I’m reading:


Managed by Kristen Callihan, book two in the VIP series. I LOVE this author, so I’m stoked to be back in her world.

Ha! This one made me laugh out loud!



As always, it was lovely chatting with you. Don’t be shy to share your latest and greatest with us, girls.

Monique kiss



12 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. KereCB says:

    Hello Monique! I agree with you, all the sources lips are sealed. Not even Erika post anything. A little weird :/ but I just can’t wait for the movie! I’ll check it out the VIP Series by Kristen Callihan, I really liked this author. As for my books reading, I’m still with Bedmates and Orange is the new black! Happy reading ladies and Monique!


  2. Katherine Davison says:

    Hi Monique, the cremation sign made me laugh 😁 glad you enjoyed Unsuitable I thought it was great and enjoyed the twist.
    So my reading week started good enough only to turn completely crap, not a happy camper at all. I started by reading If I told you by Jennifer Dominico, it was ok and was about best friends and room mates who developed feelings for each other but were afraid to act on them but everyone around them could see the connection, hot sex really liked Flynn who doesn’t like a hot sensitive chef?? satisfaction all round lol.
    Then I read Smith by Olivia Chase 1st in the Beckett Brothers Trilogy, This started of great I was really enjoying it until at 54% in it finished!! bloody raging at that AND not even a book 2! The rest of the book is short stories nothing to do with any of the characters in Smith!! not wasting my time reading them 😤😤
    What is the name of the book before Managed? I think I’ll give it a go, I’m really getting pissed of at the minute with these mediocre reads.
    I’m turning into Lissa with my rants lol need Crystal back to cheer me up 😉
    As far as Christmas goes I can’t wait, I’ve my trees up, house decorated ready for Santa hubby won’t do the outside lights yet in case the neighbours think we’re mad, I’ve 3 trees up in November so I think they know lol
    Have a great week x


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR? Too funny!
      Aww, sounds like you had a crappy time with books this week. 😳 I DESPISE being cheated on the length of a book. That’s like stealing. I don’t blame you being miffed.
      Idol was the first VIP book, but you don’t have to read them in order.
      Oohh, all decked out for Chrissie, huh? Sounds like you go to a lot of effort. That’s exciting, Katherine. I LOVE putting up the tree. My daughter and I usually tackle that job around the first weekend in December. And closer the the day I plot a map through the winners of the lights competition and then we take a drive. It’s AWESOME! Some of these homes’ decorations are off the hook fantastic! I love it. Have a better reading week, girlfriend. 😘


  3. MAC says:

    Hi girlfriends
    Monique I just bought “Managed”… Did the royal “we” post Nov releases, I went back and could not see it. You always help decide my “where to go next”.
    I did read “Kaufman” the second book in Nicole E’s hockey series. Not as good as the first RUSH. She just is wandering around the pages of the book telling me the same message in a different sentance. “I GOT the message” I wanted to scream at the book ~ so thought book rage was a little uncalled for… I took a break. Back at it to finish and if she writes one more stupid Diary entry…I love him universe. I want him but no I can’t have him… I am going to mail him to her just so she shuts up!!

    Bahaha…guess the book rage came back on that one so lets move on to “Managed” ….

    MAC 💋


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! 😂 Oh dear! That’s no fun, girlfriend!! But I know what you mean though. I can spend days mulling over the stupid things characters do! You’d swear I have nothing better to do. 😜
      I’ve only just started Managed so the jury is still out, but so far, I’m loving the chick. She’s fresh and funny. I hope your reading week improves immensely, and that you have a fab week to boot! 😘


  4. Sharon says:

    Finished up book six of the Immortal Guardian series by Dianne Duvall.Obviously enjoyed them as I swooped right thru all six books. Enough hot stuff to please, but didn’t dominate the storyline. She has an off-shoot series, but think I will read something non-vampire for a while. With my one-click addiction…I prob have enough books to last the rest of my life, fun to make the next selection.
    Is the virtual reality for FSOG like Christian’s penthouse online? I never did find out how to fully explore the red room. There was supposed to be a code on the DVD to enter, but I never found it. Thought the whole site was a marvelous, creative movie teaser. Hope everyone in US enjoys their Thanksgiving. Is Christmas the next holiday down under, Monique?


    • Sharon says:

      OK…made my executive decision on my next read. Tiffany Reisz’s favorite Christmas novel is called “A Christmas Promise” by Mary Balogh. A tad pricey for an e-book, but figure The Tiff wouldn’t steer me wrong. So used an Amazon gift card a lovely friend just sent me, and added to my not inconsiderable kindle library! ‘Tis the season!!


      • Monique Lain says:

        Wow! She recommended a book? That’s pretty cool. I’m always curious to see what The Greats read! 😉 You’re gonna’ have to let us know. Aww, happy shopping, sista’! Enjoy getting that shiny new download on your device. 😋😋


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Sharon 🤗 Six books, huh? Vaper overload! 😂😂 And you are in good company here with your one-click addiction! Do you remember what it was like when you had to go to a book store to get a book and then they’d be sold out? Ug! One-click is seriously the best thing since sliced bread!
      Yes, the VR tour of the house. I’m not sure if the Darker experience will include other venues, because we’ve seen the penthouse now. Will have to check it out when the time comes.
      Yup, Chrissie break is so close I can taste it! Almost two months of hollies, so that’s a lovely thing to look forward to. Good chatting to you, girlfriend 😝


  5. MAC says:

    Aww… Just finished “Managed” in two sittings. I actually wrote a review on this one and sent it because I thought it was different. The story I really liked amd it was not my normal… I loved Gabriel he had depth and a character I could attach to. The quirkiness of Sophie was just the match to his closed off world. She cracked it right open and I loved how he called her “chatty girl” … The closest I felt to him was when he got on that plane for the 20 hour flight!! Despite his horror and anxiety to “make a grand gesture”… For me the book was entertaining and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!!



    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey girlfriend 🤗 I LOVE this author and this book? Oh my!! Loved and adored the characters from the first. So, so damn good. I’ll review properly on Sunday, but I’m with you. Wonderful read! Thanks for sharing! 😘


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