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Because I’ve been asked this question so many times, I decided to do a blog post so everyone gets to see. Tiffany Reisz is one of my top ten favorite authors and the creator of the run-away success, Original Sinners. The series is LONG, but, as I’ve mentioned many times before, absolutely EPIC, with a capital E. When I initially started the range, I liked it, the writing was great, but I did not see the true scope of the story. It was certainly enthralling enough to continue to book two, but little did I know that I would become deeply enthralled by the world she created, invested in her creations like they were friends. By book three I began to get an inkling of the vast span of this saga and the incredible depth of her fascinating characters. Usually this level of detail and depth is reserved for the Sci-Fi genre with the likes of someone like Peter F. Hamilton, but Tiff’s done it in OUR genre. Not that it’s futuristic, but the facets of the many twist and turns, the implications on these people’s lives, and how it intertwines over the span of time, is simply mind boggling. How she kept the threads of this story straight I have NO idea. But she did, and did so believably. The kink is much harder than Ana’s gentle entry into BDSM, but so well written that you can’t help but be swept away by the tide.


There are many books in the series and then novellas that make up series within the main series. It can get very confusing, but Tiffany sets us straight. This is for you, Lissa and Susan, and everyone who’s ever asked me:

These are the main books (full novels) and should be read in the following order:

The Siren (Original Sinners, Red Years #1)

The Angel (Original Sinners, Red Years #2)

The Prince (Original Sinners, Red Years #3)

The Mistress (Original Sinners, Red Years #4)

The Saint (Original Sinners, White Years #1)

The King (Original Sinners, White Years #2)

The Virgin (Original Sinners, White Years #3)

The Queen (Original Sinners, White Years #4)


The novellas can be read in any order but I would suggest reading all the full novels first, and definitely The Red Years BEFORE the White Years. I personally read the novellas in the bundles they are usually sold, and I NEVER felt lost, but did so AFTER the main series.

The Original Sinners novellas are:

The Gift (previously published as Seven Day Loan) Daniel Part one

Little Red Riding Crop

Immersed in Pleasure

Submit to Desire

Daniel Part Two

A Christmas Maggie

Everything They Wanted

Something Nice

Christmas in Suite 37A


The Mistress Files (novellas consisting of: The Case of the Acting Actress, The Case of the Diffident Dom, The Case of the Reluctant Rock Star, The Case of the Brokenhearted Bartender, The Case of the Secret Switch)

The Last Good Knight (novellas consisting of: Scars and Stripes #1, Sore Spots #2, The Games Destiny Plays #3, Fit to Be Tied #4, The Last Good Night #1.5)

The Teacher

The Confessions (of Father Marcus Sterns)

Night Swimming

The Metronome

The Teacher’s Pet

The Ingenue

The Theory of the Moment

The Sweetheart

Griffin in Wonderland

Happy Birthday Soren


A Beautiful Thing



A Better Distraction


The Couch

Michael’s Wings

Many of these are short stories available for free from her site. Tiffany has said goodbye to the Original Sinners series with the re-publication of Confessions, but it seems it was just, “Goodbye for now”. This list – I hope – is not exhaustive.


And just to make it immeasurably more complicated, Tiffany will be publishing the main female character in the Original Sinners series, who just happens to be a writer, Nora Sutherlin’s books, starting with: The Red. I am one VERY blessed girl with an advanced SIGNED copy of this yummy treat  – all thanks to Sharon! ❤️ Watch this space…


Happy day, Ladies 😉

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6 thoughts on “Tiffany Reisz: Original Sinners

  1. Ariadne says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. These are amazing books, epic in their scope. I love how I was challenged as a reader, Tiffany throws curveballs and just when I was sure of my attitude towards her characters, there’s a plot twist that made me think again.


  2. Sharon says:

    Perfectly said, Monique. I love that Tiffany dropped out of seminary, lived in the closet of one of her friends for six months, and wrote the Siren. Just an amazing talent, wrapped up in such a naughty little package. She said if she hadn’t started writing, she likely would have ended up in a convent. Wowzer.
    And how incredible is it that a romance can go for eight epic novels centered around the same three people?! That just doesn’t happen. And we still want MORE!
    Looking forward to reading Nora’s novel!! Tiffany promises it is quite pornographic.
    BTW, Best Bushy Beaver joke ever!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I know you and I share a special love for BBF, Tiffy and it’s so well deserved. Like you say, her story itself is extraordinary. Best thing? Doing my research on the order of the books alerted me to quite a few shorts I haven’t read! Yay! And YES!! So stoked to start The Red!!!! ❤️❤️


  3. WilderFables says:

    Hello Miss Monique, Hope all is well with you and yours. I am a long time super fan and on a personal note, I think she cares very much for her readers. Long story short, I ordered all of her autographed books from a bookstore she deals with in Oregon. There was a mix up and by time I received my order there was a personal inscription to me from Miss Reisz. What a class act! Happy Holidays


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello there. Yup, thank the Lord, all good. It’s nice of you to ask. 😉 She is that and much more. That’s a lovely story. I always like hearing about peeps who understand how important their fans are. Good to know 😉


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