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Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Along with my festive season banner and the start of advent, I thought I’d spread a little Christmas cheer…

Oh my… Santa’s helpers are lookin’ good! 🎄

Then, as we wait for the next trailer, I happened upon this exciting teaser on Twitter @LatersBabyFR:


The rules have changed…. #CompromiseToGetYourGirl ❤️


This week I read:

trs hnhs

The Red by Nora Sutherlin was delightful in more ways than one. Firstly, I loved the concept of a writer (Tiffany Reisz) publishing her character’s book under the name of said character. In the Original Sinners series, the main female character, Nora, is an erotica writer, and this book is HER “published” novel. The books are talked about in quite a bit of detail in the originating series, and I loved that Tiffany stayed true to how she described them then. From the dedication to Soren on the title page, right down to the content (a scorchingly HOT, one-handed read 😉😉) and style (still an intriguing plot in typical Tiffany fashion, but with a healthy sprinkling of otherworldliness), all worked together to make this story seem like Nora’s rather than Reisz’s. Then, contributing to the sensuality of the book, was the stunning cover: a matte sleeve that looked every bit as good as it felt. It’s been a while since I’ve handled an actual book (as opposed to the e-versions), but I thoroughly enjoyed running my hands over this one! Lastly, the publishing company listed on the cover is called the 8th Circle, another cute wink at the original series and the name of the exclusive BDSM club they call home. I can only marvel at her creativity and skill to bring this together so well. The release date is yet to be announced, but should be within this year. I am lucky enough to have read this advanced, limited edition, hardcover thanks to a generous lady in Florida who thought of me when she went ogling our fav girl. Thank you, Sharon 😘

Staying with Tiffany Reisz, I read Her Naughty Holiday, book two in the Men at Work series. Thus far, this range is much more congruent with the HEA, hearts-and-flowers side of our genre. It amazes me that she can be so quirky with the Original Sinners series, and then write something as sweet and light as this. Again, it goes to show how very talented she is.

Currently I’m reading:


Breathe by Kristen Ashley, book four in the Colorado Mountain series.



I hope you have a brilliant week, girls. Don’t forget to check-in to share your latest and greatest reads with us!

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20 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique and ladies, this week I started reading Shuttergirl by CD Reiss, unfortunately due to a very busy week I haven’t been able to finish it but at 85% in I can say I have loved this standalone novel. I really enjoy this authors’ descriptive writing and would recommend this book.
    I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done this coming week hubby and I heading to Berlin on Wed until Sunday for his birthday, well i’m going for the Christmas markets lol but I can pretend it’s all for him 😂
    Have a great week everyone x


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh goodie, Katherine. I just bought Shuttergirl. 😉 And yeah, it sounds like you’ll be VERY busy indeed. I adore Christmas markets! Enjoy the trip and the shopping! Happy birthday Katherine’s hubby 🎉


      • Katherine says:

        Thanks Monique it’s his big 50!! I thought we should do something for him it’s strange it’s annoying him more turning 50, when he was 40 we celebrated in New York, my 40th I went to work and no celebration allowed lol I was not a happy girl turning 40 at all now I wish I was 40 again 😕😕


  2. Sharon says:

    Ooooo, envious of seeing real Christmas markets. I’ve only had the virtual experience with them. It would be hard to resist buying some fun Christmas items. Have a wonderful time, Katherine!
    Well, I also finished up The Red by Nora Sutherlin, the wickedly fun mistress of the Original Sinners series. HOT as HELL and completely loved the entire concept. Wholeheartedly recommend this sensuous read whenever it comes available. Tiffany’s husband designed the cover, and the whole book is a delight to handle and enjoy. I’m glad it wasn’t available as an e-book, I would have missed out on the lovely book itself! Wonderful souvenir from my Tiffany meetup! So glad I could share with you, Monique. You’ve certainly shared so much with us over the years!
    Enjoy reading Breathe, Monique….there is a section in the last chapter that is a major favorite for me. Chace and Faye are a great book couple!
    Next for me is Idol and Managed by Kristin Hallihan.


    • Monique Lain says:

      It was soooo HOT, Sharon. Meltingly so. And certainly a souvenir I will cherish for all time 😘 You’ll love Idol and Manager. Kristen is a great entertainer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, girlfriend 🤗


  3. KereCB says:

    Hello Monique! Great reading week for you I can see. I’m reading Four Letter Word, just starting. I’ve been more of tv series lately, I’m re-watching Gilmore Girls again and I’m loving it once again, I think even a way lot more 🙂 Getting into hollyday season and waiting for my vacation’s time. Hope you have a lovely week. And It’s almost Darker time, yay!!! Kx


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Kereny! Lovely to hear from you. My daughter and I just finished the whole of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. It was awesome, but I’m sorely disappointed with the 4 new episodes they recently brought out. I won’t spoil it for you, Kereny, but if you get to them, let me know what you think. We just started our hollies here. It’s been a helluva’ year. I’m looking forward to my favourite season and some serious R&R. Have a good one, my friend 🤗

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  4. Lissa Jeri says:

    Not sure why I fell back into it, but spent the week rereading Coda of the Songs of Submission without rereading the last triple of the trilogy. I so much want Jonathan to be mine. Sorry, hard to conger up CG or JD when reading Jonathan. (Holding plastic over my head while you throw cold water at me. )
    But actually conger I can because saw two JD movies this vacation. Anthropoid on the plane and Siege of Jadotville on Netflix.
    He’s good and ,of course, easy to look at in Anthropoid. First half he doesn’t say or do much and thought they brought him in just for eye candy since first film after FSOG. But in second half, he has a lot of action and does well. Worthy to see movie because of the historical event it reviews.
    I might have said here before that what JD got wrong in FSOG was he didn’t have/use a dom voice. It’s usually made clear in books… and if you’ve experienced a Dom voice in your own life and are sub enough to respond to it…. it is the ultimate panty dampener. So it was sad that it was sadly missing. However, in Siege of Jadotville, JD is a commander of his troops… and found the voice in some of the scenes. Not saying what would work because it was military and not genre, but very good to hear from him. Hope he finds the voice for FSD because ELJ clearly states he transforms to Dom in the book in the scene with Leila in Ana’s apartment.

    Have gazillion other books I have to get thru. I will not go back to genre…I will not go back to genre.


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Genre addiction, huh? I know the feeling, Lissa. Yes, I remember you mentioning the Dom voice, and you’re right. It certainly was missing, not only in voice, but stance and general bearing as well. I’d like to see him become that compelling man in Darker. I wonder how hard it is to do for an actor, what you need to draw on? Do you have a go-to face when you think of Jonathan? Or any good Dom for that matter? I LOVED Gideon Cross’ voice in my head. The multiple times he simple said her name and it meant a thousand things in that moment. Phew! Talk about panty melting. As always, a pleasure to have your entertaining input, Lissa 😉


      • Lissa Jeri says:

        Whenever I think of an actor having to do something, I think of Jon Lovitz on Saturday Night Live from the 70s. When he was acting…and then posed and proclaimed “acting.” Point is, if you’re an actor, you learn to act. You go to your sources or have the production find someone for you…to fence…to dance…to use a different accent…to act like someone handicapped in some way. What they needed to do was bring in someone live, or use movies, where JD could be taught to take the stance and use the voice of a dom. There’s a book I haven’t read yet called A Little Life with a lot (I’m told) of gay sex. Author went to her friends and told them she needed to watch so she could portray the sex realistically since she’s straight. They apparently told her to watch movies. Whatever. The production should have brought in someone to teach him. As I say…whatever. Oh, and you’re right what you said in another thread that the second trailer shows him a bit too smirky (altho, such lovely smirky). As I said, whatever.

        Nope, don’t have a specific face for Jonathan. My problem is that, other than JD, having problems using any age appropriate face since they have the potential to morph into my son’s face. Ewwww. As for other ideas, fantasies, etc, the dom is sort of faceless. Works very well since the sub isn’t allowed to “confront” the dom face on. What can I say? It works…lol


        • Monique Lain says:

          So, so true, Lissa. And something as fundamental as this I would assume is a given. Regardless of his delicious smirk, it still seems ill timed, but I’m hoping creative film splicing is to blame, and that JD’s mastered the art of issuing compelling orders.
          Ug for the son-face-morphing dilemma! 😝 That’s absolutely terrible, Lissa. Yes, I think averting your (fantasy) gaze is going to be the only way 😂


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