Darker – trailer 2

Oh my, oh my, oh my – be still my beating heart! It’s here! Finally we get a deeper glimpse into what’s to come…

Thank you, Susan, Kereny and the all the folks who sent me links via Facebook and Twitter. It was lovely to wake up to MORE of Darker. ❤️

SO? What do you think??

In other related news, Erika has updated her website! If you click on her About Me tab you can’t miss the reference to a new story to come in the future. Yay! 🎉


Then, lastly, Sharon shared this cool site: Seattle Independent Press (SIP). An interactive site where you can “register” as an employee to get inside info. Pretty cool, huh?

This is what I want in my Christmas stocking…


LOL! 😂

Have a good one, girls, and let me know what you think of the new trailer!

Monique kiss


15 thoughts on “Darker – trailer 2

  1. Crystal Stearns says:

    Oh Fuck!!!!!! Crystal USA


  2. Lissa Jeri says:

    O.M.G….they kept in the elevator tying his shoes AND the pool table scenes. But confusing about meeting up at photo gallery. Clearly they modified.
    Mrs. Robinson actress too old. Looks preserved. But her having been the sub in
    9 1/2 Weeks is just too delicious a tweak.

    Was at intermission of a Broadway show when saw the trailer announced….and had to scramble to get it downloaded and just saw a few scenes. WAS DYING!!!
    Now…Pls explain what looked like on this site comment that ELJ putting out some entirely new?

    Okay prediction fair ladies….this movie is going to be slick (I know I always go for the puns) and smart and glorious…and there’s going to be way too many reviews that will say because a man directed this time. I will not be amused……


    • Monique Lain says:

      The elevator, yessss! So, so titillating! And you’re right, Kim looks heavily preserved. Not a good look, sadly. She was stunning, I bet she would have aged beautifully too.
      Erika has been promising a new bit of book for a loooong time, and by new I mean a whole different story, so I’m not surprised that it’s in there, I just think it’s waaaaaay into the future. I’m certainly not holding my breath.
      I couldn’t care less about male or female directorship provided the integrity of the beautiful tale remains intact, but I’m concerned about the playful smirking I see on CG’s face when I was expecting to see stern Dom…. Time will tell! 😉


  3. Sheila H. says:

    Wow, wow and wow again. I always thought the second book had more storyline but wow it looks like they have not missed anything out! I am so look forward to seeing the film, probably not when it goes on release I shall have to wait for the dvd but still I cannot wait!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Sheila 😉 Yeah, I think they had some nice, deep scenes to work with from Darker, like you say, good plot. Must’ve been fun! I’m hoping to go to the premiere again. Fingers crossed. 😋


  4. Sharon says:

    Yummy!!! Definitely my most anticipated film for 2017!! The elevator scene looks quite HOT! And you can see that they’ve tweaked a few things, probably in the interest of keeping the film in a reasonable time constraint, but their car reconciliation is one of my warm and fuzzy moments in the book that I’ll miss. Pool table scene should be a lot of fun!!
    Loved stumbling on the SIP site! Unexpected surprise – will be fun to see the various office communications take place!
    Thanks for sharing, Monique!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank YOU for sharing, Sharon 😉 The SIP site is cute. I liked reading through the emails of Ana’s colleagues. 😂
      As for the movie, yesssss to the shower scene and the panty stripping scene. Let’s hope it will be great! 🤗


  5. julie knight says:

    i have a feeling Darker will be better than the 1st part ….realy looking forward to it…i agree with Lissa that this Elena looks too old …i love kim basinger, but…oh well, i guess we’ll just wait for the film and see. kind regards…


  6. KereCB says:

    You are very welcome my friend. As our lovely Christian would say #WeaimToPlease
    #CanFvckingWait #IKnowIveBeenTellingThatALot

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  7. MAC says:

    OMG… Please be February 9th!! 💋

    Liked by 1 person

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