Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

I hope you enjoyed some quality time with your loved ones, and saw the new year dawn with the promise of good things to come. 

With just over a month to go until we see the second movie, the countdown is ON! I’m looking forward to the debrief after…

50 Shades Girl Portland shared this great piece: Escala – the changes made to the apartment we saw in Fifty Shades of Grey during the filming of Darker and Freed


This has NOTHING to do with Fifty, but I couldn’t help posting…


LOL! 😂 Is it the perfect gift for hubby, or would you burst out laughing? Making the wolf’s snout shrink and grow will be a LOT of fun, huh? 😉

My holiday was lovely, but jam packed with a gazillion things that I never get to do during the school year. My long list of to-dos is significantly shorter (yay!), but my reading time took a serious dive. Hopefully I’ll get to relax in the final throes of my hollies to meet a few smexy book boyfriends. 😉

These last few weeks I (only) read:

sgs hms

ShutterGirl by C. D. Reiss, book one in the Hollywood Project series, was good. Again she impressed me with the solid knowledge she has of her character’s jobs and backgrounds. It makes for a satisfying read, coloured with the interesting details of their worlds.

Hail Mary by Nicola Rendell was a cute, (very) sexy story. I love a player turning mush for a girl. Thank you for this one, Susan.

Currently I’m reading:


Commander in Chief by Katy Evans, book two in the White House series.

Though it’s almost halfway into the fresh month, here are some of the new books we’ll see in January:





As always, these screenshots are taken from my beloved Goodreads account.


#Truth 😂

That’s it from me, girls. If you’ve come across a beautiful book, this is the place to share. Have a good week!

 Monique kiss

22 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. katherine says:

    Hi Monique and ladies.
    Glad to see the book club back so we can share our often great but sometimes blah reads.
    I got quite a lot of reading done over the holidays starting with the following by Harlan Corben, Deal Breaker, Home, Drop Shot and Fade Away. I know he’s not the genre we usually discuss here but I think he is a wonderful author.
    I also read Commander In Chief by Katy Evans, I was so looking forward to this but I’m sorry to say I found myself skipping parts it got very boring which is a pity. Just when I think Katy has got it on she disappoints me again 😩
    I am currently reading All I Have Left by Shey Stahl which was recommended by a friend so far I am loving it, I will be able to say more next week but heres hoping.
    I also have Hail Mary to read, looking forward to it after your review.
    Have a great week everyone


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh no, Katherine! That’s terrible! I just started Commander in Chief. Isn’t it strange when a streak of good writing seems to be a fluke? The Real series, the This Man series, both those authors weren’t able to bring that magic again. Such a pity. Let us know about the new one you’re reading. Sounds like you’ve got a winner there! Hail Mary was cute, but not what I would call a taxing read. Hope you enjoy it, girlfriend! 🙂


  2. KereCB says:

    Hahaha I loved that last pic. I can easily do the 6 beers and maybe a few shoots… Hi Monique!!! I like what you read is on my book shelf, but as you my reading time has taked a dive and I’m still currently enjoying time with my family. My first reading this year is Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland, so far is good and sexy. I started reading Secret Sins by CD Reiss before that but didn’t like it at all, I even stoped reading it at chapter 4 and it just couldn’t read more :/ Have a lovely week… Kx


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR? Too funny! And I LOVE Ward and Keeland’s books! So much fun. Cute and sexy. Wow, a bad Reiss book? Glad you warned us, Kereny! And so glad you’re having a good time with your family. Have a good week too, my friend! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lissa Jeri says:

        Hmm…Secret Sins not good? From my reading which was in context of having read all the other books about the Drazin family, this book was fantastic. All Margie back story and the big reveal was sublime. But po-tay-to, po-tah-to as they say.
        Have been TORTURED past few weeks. Have Separation Games, Idol, and Managed ALL sitting on my Kindle, but reading time commandeered by stuff I have to do to get ready for New Zealand/Australia trip and a book or two that just came in from the library that I have only a week or so on. Got so bad that one night, when I couldn’t sleep, popped over to library (internet, of course) and quickly downloaded Grey…which I had only in e-print. Fell asleep listening to it….and OMG…this audiobook of Grey is so so so much better than just reading it. It’s not just the male voice reading it…since, even he doesn’t have a dom voice….but just listening to the flow. Second listening was so much better than first reading!! So, while I don’t have time to access the ebooks I want to read, get to listen while I putter.
        Trying to figure out if I can slip away in Sydney to see the new movie. Doesn’t appear to be showing close to our hotel. So will have to wait until Manhattan the next week…but trouble finding convenient time. I know it’s because so far out they don’t have the times exact…but it’s, um, all I think about these days? We should all have this as our biggest problem.



        • Monique Lain says:

          Ug! Don’t you just hate when real life interferes with your reading time? But alas, sounds like a different type of fun: prepping for a trip. #FirstWorldProblems
          I’m going to see the movie on the 8th. Exciting stuff. As for listening to books, I LOVE Audible!!! I particularly like listening to favourite books and using it as a reread option. And listening to a book while cleaning house just makes a dull job so much better. I’m gonna’ get Grey on Audible right after I finish this message!!! Yay! Thank you for the tip, Lissa 🙂


  3. Sharon says:

    Yay!!!! So glad you are back! I was enjoying writing today’s date everywhere….1-7-17. Fun with numbers (obviously I’m easily amused.). And a hard freeze tonight in Florida! Where did that come from? And of course my yard is full of blooms. I cut some, said goodbye with love to the others. Now to serious business… I’ve been reading the Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones. Enjoyed the first two books….she does kind of a whodunnit story with lots of twists and lots of yummy sex. So I read Denial, then Demand….and Surrender comes out in the next week or two to complete the series. Not a major fave author, but still quite enjoyable. Now I’m rereading Tall, Dark and Deadly…a four book series that was close to being one of my first reads after FSOG. I stopped reading her as she moved into these short little serial books….and I didn’t like cluttering up my reading space. So looking forward to finishing up w/Surrender later this month.
    Also am halfway thru Idol by Kristen Callihan. Had trouble starting for whatever reason….but loving it as my grey girls promised!!
    Can’t wait to go perve in Christian’s apartment!! And ADORE the men’s underwear!!! What fun possibilities!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! That’s fun, Sharon! Glad to be back, officially! 🙂 And it’s terribly sad when pretty blooms die from too cold too soon. Gardens are so lovely. Oh, I LOVED Idol, and the follow on? Loved, LOVED that even more. I can’t wait to perve on the whole movie!! Great hearing from you, Sharon! 😉


  4. tracy says:

    Happy New Year, Monique! I don’t have any books to share as I’ve been too busy to read. How does that happen??? Thought I’d pop in and say “hi” and hopefully I’ll have something to share in the near future. Happy reading, ladies 😉


  5. MAC says:

    OMG thank you Katherine! I thought it was just me. I went “Commander and Chief” as well and was totally dumbfounded. The first book was good. It left so many stories she could of explored but she did nothing. Page and pages of Charlotte afraid to be with Matt. Pages and pages I waited and turned…praying he would be either a true alpha or something. Boring is best. God the sex was even mediocre. The things she could have done!! And his dead father…they find a guy with a beard and arrest him thats what she goes with!! GAH
    Must be payback for the other good reads I had during the holidays! Can’t all be good, I know. And we all like different things but seriously this book will put you to sleep! No need to buy Book 3.



  6. Lissa Jeri says:

    Quick comment….. off topic. Now you can see where I live. If you see the video of today’s terrorist truck attack….I live down the street… to the left in the video. If you look in the background, you see the walls of the old city where Jesus was crucified to the left and the Mt of Olives to the right. Crazy, stupid world. We should all stay safe and have the time to enjoy our delicious silliness.


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