Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Wow! Another crazy week and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What’s going on? It feels as though someone hit the fast forward button on my life! 😝

The good news is that this coming week is MOVIE WEEK! Yay! 🎉 And with that the Australian movie competition winners! Congratulations to Aussie babes: KATH IMLACH & KATRINA STUBBS! Enjoy the movie, girls. You’ll be hearing from me shortly. 

And seeing as we’re chatting about Darker, let’s lay down some ground rules for our debrief next Saturday/Sunday. Though I will be seeing the movie on Wednesday, I will NOT be posting about my experience until the Book Club post that weekend. If you’d like to share something before then, feel free to do so, but please do it privately via my email, Facebook messenger, or Twitter message service. By the same token, if you’re seeing the film some time AFTER next week, please note that the special movie post (that will come with the regular Book Club) WILL BE FILLED WITH SPOILERS. So don’t drop by if you’re not ready to see the movie bones picked clean. 

Then, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, but for the sake of any new readers, please play nicely. We are an extremely varied group, hailing from all over the world, each with different backgrounds and beliefs. Please respect other’s opinions. We don’t all have to agree. I don’t like being a cow, and I very rarely exercise my right to delete a comment, but I will if you don’t share in a kind manner.

Official stuff over, let’s look at some movie news as we race to the big reveal:

Listen to Sia’s Blank Page as featured in Darker:

On Popsugar, see Dakota on The Tonight show doing a Fifty Shades Skit.

Watch Jamie turn Conan’s desk into a pommel horse!

And lastly, on Just Jared, check out Ellen tying up Jamie on the Ellen Show.

And completely unrelated to Fifty, I think I may have found the perfect exercise tool for your man… I challenge you not to laugh!

Oh my! LOL! 😂😂


This week I read:


Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre. This writer is amazing in the sense that her books are so varied, her style changing from story to story so that every one feels fresh. This novel was no different. I loved the drawn-out tension between the two main characters, and then the ensuing delicious heat. A great read and a definite thumbs up from me.

On my shelf I have:


Raw Deal by Cherrie Lynn, book one in the Larson Brothers series. I so love a story with a fighting theme.

Ever wondered what Aladdin looks like without his pants?


LOL! 😂😂

Have a wonderful weekend, girls. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and your Darker adventures next week.

Monique kiss




26 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Sheila H. says:

    Just to say that I hope all of you really enjoy Darker. I shall be on tenderhooks waiting for Saturday to find out what you all thought of the film. I won’t be seeing the film next week but I will still read all your comments/spoilers whatever you want to call them, as I am so excited about the film as everyone else is. Anyway as I said before, enjoy the film I will be thinking of you.
    Love the cartoon of Aladdin. I also like the song by Sia. Thanks Monique, have a great time at the film


    • Monique Lain says:

      By all accounts the film seems to be a hit with the fans, Sheila. I’ve seen some very positive reviews from the LA premiere. I REALLY hope it will blow us away. Thank you for your kind wishes. I wish we could ALL go together and have a wine fuelled debrief after! How lovely would that be?? 💕


      • Katherine says:

        Oh Monique could you imagine all your book club ladies going together? what craic we would have 😁😁 I daresay there would be some sore heads the following day but I’d risk it 😉


        • Monique Lain says:

          Ooooh, yes! Sore heads, I think, would be the LEAST of our problems. How does the song go? “There’s a stranger in my bed,
          There’s a pounding my head, Glitter all over the room, Pink flamingos in the pool
          I smell like a minibar, DJ’s passed out in the yard, Barbie’s on the barbecue.
          This a hickey or a bruise? Pictures of last night, Ended up online, I’m screwed
          Oh well, It’s a blacked out blur, But I’m pretty sure it ruled, damn…” LOL! 😂 I’d risk it for sure, Katherine! ❤️


  2. Ann Y says:

    Soooo happy this week is finally here and we can all have another look at our Christian and Ana. Like many others I’ve reread the book (again) in anticipation. Love seeing all the promo appearances and absolutely can’t wait to see out favorite couple brought to life again.


  3. Katherine says:

    I love how excited you all are over the film can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I won’t watch it the first film was enough to put me of for life lol.
    Aladdin was disturbing lol 😕
    So this week I read the new book by Sandi Lynn, Defense I have to say I loved it Luca and Adriana were a fabulous couple I really enjoyed their connection. I’m currently reading Full Package by Lauren Blakely it’s a good fun read so far.
    I have got Love In Lingerie to read next so looking forward to it.
    Have a great week xxx


  4. Lissa Jeri says:

    Cannot begin to tell you the delightful experiences I had this week vis a vis Darker. First, part of our tour was a helicopter flight into the mountains. Nothing occurred to me until I was just about to get into the helicopter and had a total flash from FSOG. I thought and squinted and pretended and it was just so delicious. Tried to get in the front seat to make it even better, but had to defer to an injured co-traveler. But the experience will certainly help the dreams.
    Then my husband did something that made my smile go from east to west. We were sitting at a group dinner with a VIP sitting next to me, when he gently leaned over, put his hand on my knee, and said in what could certainly be interpreted as a dom voice…well, for him…that he will be accompanying me to the movie since he wants to find out how to get me to take off my panties in public. Would that really happen? Uh, no…but his just setting the scene to say that to me was…well, you know.
    And something else happened which for the life of me I cannot remember…but made it such a week!
    And…drumroll…have coordinated the schedule so I’ll, no, we’ll be seeing the movie on Thursday in Cairns. There’s a Wednesday showing but it’s sold out. How we’ll explain our absence from the group and from dinner will be a challenge…a challenge to keep a straight face.


    • Katherine says:

      What a fantastic hubby you have Lissa mine is over the moon I’m not going to see the film then he won’t have to listen to me go on and on about it lol you have had a great week and as for your travels you are always somewhere new practically every week, amazing 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh my, Lissa! What a fantastic day, rounded up by a delightful promise from your man! I say GO LISSA’s HUBBY! Well done, Sir 😉😉 Enjoy the movie, Lissa. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I think you and I share the same quiet reservation, that Jamie doesn’t connect to his inner Dom. Time will tell, but I’m pretty excited!! Who-hooo! 🎉


  5. Sharon says:

    Such a fun post, Monique. Loved looking at the various clips of Darker, and can hardly believe it is actually this week! Not sure exactly when I will be seeing it, but looking forward to all the after-discussion!! Lissa, be sure and tell your hubs that he wins big points from our group!! Love that he gets it and wants to enjoy with you! Win-win!!
    I’ve been assisting a disabled friend this week, so out of the loop following movie news….very grateful for my Ladies of Grey!! Reading, I’ve completed the Shifter series (3 books) by Cherise Sinclair. Just loved it and really hope she writes more. Would love to hear more about this very furry, very sexy group! Enjoyed each book more than the last and want more. What more could you want from a series?
    Now to decide what comes next….yummy!


    • Monique Lain says:

      It feels like forever, Sharon!! These two years, waiting, and waiting!! So, so long! But yay!!! D-day is near! Good luck with your love job this week. That’s a very nice thing to do. And hopefully you’ll get to see the movie sooner rather than laters, baby 😉😉 I’m also looking forward to the aftermath of the film! Yay. Have a good week, girlfriend 😘


  6. Lissa Jeri says:

    Monique…just found out our Cairns flight Wednesday morning has a plane change in Brisbane. Pls be on your roof from 9-9:30am waving madly. I’ll wave back.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ooohhh, how exciting! I’ll see if I can manage to hoist Jamie’s flag off our roof! You’ll see it waving along with me, Lissa! 😉😉 It’s hot as Hades here, ATM. Hope it’s better in Cairns! 😓


  7. MAC says:

    Hi Ladies!! At last our week has come!! Thursday night row 4 that is where I will be…cannot believe it has been 2 years since the first. We all thought we would forget but we all have each other, and Monique to keep us connected so we can keep “our love for all things Grey” simmering.
    I have bought a few new reads for my vacation next week. But I will share that I read CD Reiss “marriage games & separation games”. Can’t say I loved them. Adam was a cunumdrum for me…he was an alpha but did not want to be an alpha anymore so he married vanilla, practiced vanilla but then went back to somewhere in the middlle be ause his wife who was divorcing him decided she only wanted him as a dominant. His story was sort of okay. It should have been so much more. It was her, Monica I literally could not stand the bitch. You never got to see a warm sliver that you could latch onto… She married him to save what she felt she owned, she used him, said she did not love him because something missing then she sets out on this totally insane path to submission…but not really cause she is too self- indulged to submit to anyone…but now loves adam only because he was a Dom!! I don’t know ladies…maybe some of you can make sense of it cause I really love most of her stuff. Can’t bat 100 all the time for liking everything!!

    Sooo excited the match to “The Pawn” is out…got that. And got Crown of lies. Happy claps cannot wait to start on my holidays.
    Take care LOGS… See you at the theatre. 😎😎50 💋


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hello, girlfriend! 🤗 Yesss indeedy! The long anticipated week! And long it was. You must have a lovely time watching the movie. I got my kicks tonight. I feel weirdly lost now that it’s all over! I’ve not read that one from Reiss, so will give it a skip. The premise sounded intriguing when I first saw it, but from what you mentioned it seems bleh. Happy claps indeed for all your happy books! Have a great time on your hollies! 😘


  8. MAC says:

    Hey… Anybody read the money books by Pepper Winters?? Pennies, Dollars, Hundreds etc… Just wanted an opinion if anyone got past the first. It was a little dark but thought if anyone recommended the series I would keep going.

    Thanks, MAC


  9. Lissa Jeri says:

    1. Went to hotel concierge to try to get tickets to sold out première here in Cairns. No answer… but will try to go to theater right before to see if I can slip in. If not, will go tomorrow night. Monique…. is this VMAX worth the extra money? What do you get? Is it like 4D? Will the earth move? Sorry… couldn’t resist.
    2. Monique…. was a beautiful city you have from the air. That downtown with the sinuous river was lovely. Saw a cruise ship at dock. Buildings with black and white designs were marvelous. Eventually will get more land time there than 30 minute plane change.
    3. So is hubby going to far? Can a sub trust a non-Dom but Dom-wannabe? On airplane, hubby did some intimate touching. The trust wanted to be there but…. you know. So gently shaping his behavior…. that’s psychology speak for topping from the bottom…I told him about how I had to trust that we wouldn’t be exposed. Well, he’s not reckless or stupid… and he made it clear that those bases were covered. Just have to remember that some Dom behavior is just common sense applied to sensuous.
    4. On said airplane, decided to start Idol. Um…. the bringing in the unknown drunk guy who threw up and then showering him….. too many warning bells went off for me to buy it… but I see where she’s going and will take the ride.
    5. Speaking of showers…. theoretically does anyone else NOT want to see the FSD shower scene? All I can think of is ruined clothes and orthopedic injuries. And while we’re on the topic of clothes, is crotch ripping really a turn on? I think it would be a wet shower for me. There’s a pun or a joke somewhere there



    • Monique Lain says:

      Your messages are always entertaining, Lissa! Love it! 😉
      1. On VMax I have no clue. Personally I’m a Gold Class girl and I will NEVER go back! Popcorn in silver bowls, champers/wine/coffee brought to your seat which, BTW, relines fully, and delicious food, again served to you at your seat. ❤️ Movie heaven if you ask me and worth every red cent!
      2. Thank you. Yes, Brisvegas is lovely with the river snaking through and the bougainvilleas lining the walkways in bright pink. Did you see me wave? 🤗
      3. That’s a solid and resounding no from me. Your hubster is a brave and sexy man keen to keep the fires burning. I say, GO HUBBY! And topping from the bottom is a lovely gentle way to train him subtly. Good for you!
      4. I LOVED Idol, and Managed even more. Hope you find your Groove there.
      5. I try NOT to think of such practical matters when it comes to hot lovin’ between the main characters of any story. Who wants to spoil a good sex scene with facts? LOL! 😂
      Hope you enjoy the film, Lissa 😘


  10. KereCB says:

    Hey ladies. I have love in lingerie and is going to be my next reading. I love the how Alessandra writes she is one of my favorites. Currently I’m reading Bossman by Vi Keeland and loving it. Kx


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