Stay ’till AFTER the credits!

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

Without giving anything away, I wanted to share, for those of you seeing Darker shortly, that you should make an effort to stay until AFTER all the credits. A little bonus surprise awaits… 😉


Thanks to Snapchat’s cool app, here’s me blowing kisses 😘 from my seat in the Darker movie theatre ! #FunGirlsNightOut

Just to get you in the mood, check out this blend of movie edits:

USA Today reports on the AMAZING Masquerade Ball that heralded the release of the movie in L.A.

And don’t forget to take a look at Christian Grey’s apartment

Then, ET Online shared an interesting tidbit: in an interview with Erika, she hinted at the possibility of a fourth book! Oh my…

Lastly, Susan shared this article from Cosmopolitan: Fifty Shades Darker in 1 Weekend. Read it if you want a fall-off-your-chair funny experience. 😂😂


21 thoughts on “Stay ’till AFTER the credits!

  1. Carmela Dimattia says:

    did you enjoy the movie?


  2. KereCB says:

    OMG!!!! Can’t wait!! I’ll go tomorrow tht is te premiere here. Thank you for the tip of stayingna little longer after the credits. I hope you have enjoyed the movie. And also you looked great with your masquerade and blowing kisses :*


  3. candiceday says:

    Oh man – everyone went wild last night. I felt the movie fell a little flat though 😦 I found there wasn’t a whole lot of depth, it was more like.. “Shit, gotta fit that scene in, don’t worry about exploring it much.”

    They’re lucky Jamie Dornan is such a babe. Haha.


  4. Sharon says:

    OOO – thanks for the headsup!! I normally do wait for the credits, but would have been TRAUMATIZED if I scurried out only to find that I missed out on MORE!!!!

    You look so fabulous. They are doing a small masquerade thing here Friday night, but I can’t make that….scrambling to figure out a time I can get to the theatre in what has become a very busy weekend!! I will make it happen….a girl does have to have her priorities straight!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh yes, Sharon! Priorities indeed! I’m thrilled that I knew about the little surprise. Even the official Universal employees didn’t know about that happy Easter Egg! Enjoy!


      • Sharon says:

        Got my Fifty fix last night…first movie showing in our area and it was PACKED!!!!. It was advertised as starting today, so I thought maybe it wouldn’t be so busy. It was one very excited crowd – with a couple of guys in attendance. I was cheering them – they really are the smart ones if they are trying to understand the draw. Looking forward to the Sunday debriefing!! And yes…most of the crowd left before the Easter Egg!!


  5. crystal says:

    My best girlfriend and I are having dinner then off to the movie. We are so excited. Thanks for the heads ups on staying through the credits.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Crystal. So good to hear from you! I was thinking about you just this last week. How are you? Miss your smart mouth, lady! 😘


      • crystal says:

        Well I just got home from seeing the movie. Husband asleep so had to make chocolate fudge. They say chocolate hits the same part of the brain as an orgasm. And I’m in need. Ha.
        I have lots to say about the movie but will wait till Sunday.


  6. crystal says:

    Monique thanks for asking about how I’m doing.
    After seeing more doctors than I can count on both hands and a few more to go, having a surgical removal of lymph nodes and 3 core biopsy and bone marrow done it looks like I DO NOT have cancer. At present they are thinking it is a weird disorder called Sarcoidosis.

    As my Oncologist said my CT scan and PET scan looked very impressive and had it been cancer it would have been stage 4 with metastatic to the bone. With a poor prognosis.

    No cure for Sarcoidosis but it is treatable. So thank the good Lord above for being weird. My friend said, “for once Crystal you are a good weird”.
    Thanks again for asking.


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