Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 🤗

How are you this fine weekend? Our flaming temperatures have finally cooled a little. Thank goodness. It was ridiculously hot the last while. 🔥

If you’ve not had the pleasure of a virtual tour of Christian’s apartment, check out this cool clip that does it for you…

I saw this collage on Twitter, liked the memories it evoked, but sadly I don’t know who the clever owner is:


And as I know how very concerned we all are with staying fit, centered, and focussed, I thought I’d share this useful video on yoga…

LOL! 😂


This week didn’t see much action in the reading department – I’m too damn busy, but I must mention that I’m enjoying Fidelity more with this action packed edition to the five book series.

img_7957 img_7956

Fidelity by Aleatha Romig, book five in the Infidelity series & Royally Matched by Emma Chase, book two in the Royally series.

From the Goodreads site, let’s look at what March will bring to our shelves:






I’m delighted to see a new one by Tiffany Reisz! Yay! 😍


Anyway, that’s all I have to share with you today. I hope you have a stunning weekend, girls. Let’s chat!

Monique kiss


24 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique & ladies hope everyone had a good week. This week I read Raw Deal by Cherri Lyn thanks for that rec Mon I really enjoyed it but I would have rather they didn’t have their HEA together. I really liked the characters so not sure why I didn’t want them together in the end maybe its my crazy mind lol
    I’m currently reading Becoming Mrs Lockwood by KL Lyn, this was recommended by Amazon based on my purchases I’m not far enough in to know what I think yet but I love the fact it’s a long book, I’ll give my opinion on it next week x


  2. Lissa Jeri says:

    Showed the kilted yoga and the dressed chicken to Hubby. He said this is the kind of stuff I’m missing by not being on Facebook. So Monique, you’re my genre-supplier (that’s legal, I think) and my Facebook substitute.
    Watched (wait for it) FSOG!!!! Last PM as I’m trying to transition from Chicago to NY to home times and trying not to waste a week on jet lag. So I stayed up all night in Chicago. Parts of the movie were so sweet and I loved it. Happily only a few cringe-worthy moments.
    Thinking of seeing Darker again… but only if I go on a discount day. I think ELJ’s kids’ college tuition is covered
    Still processing Darker but for sure am pissed by their inattention to continuity. For heavens sake, they employ people in movies just to get the continuity right. More examples that I want to list but especially Jamie’s hair on day he leaves for Portland. Incredibly long, almost as long as in the first movie bath after pancakes scene. For such a short scene they could CGI correct it. I hate having my concentration interrupted by their errors when I’m paying the money.
    Ditto to whoever mentioned wanting to see the pool table scene. It better be on the DVD and better not be just on the Blue-ray


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey Lissa 😉 LOL! I’m more than happy to be your genre-supplier AND be your FB sub. No worries. And good for you for managing the potential of flight exhaustion! Takes me 8 days to get over big time zone jumps. And yes, I’d like to see Darker again too. See what I think the second time around, but I’m so with you on the continuity. What where they thinking? Just like in a book where phrasing makes you stop to reread, breaking the easy build of a scene in your mind, movie discrepancies has the same effect. But that wasn’t my biggest issue with the film. I’m still sour with the break-neck speed. There was zero time to FEEL a scene. To me, it was a purely visual experience, no heart involved. #SadStuff


  3. Sharon says:

    Yes indeed….yoga is good for the soul. Watched several times to make sure I was getting full benefit. 😉
    I’ve downloaded a sample of Raw Deal. Don’t want to miss out on a worthy book boyfriend!! I enjoyed a book of hers a couple of years ago called Rock On….about a tattoo artist.
    And I’m very much enjoying a reread of FSOG. I haven’t read it since before movie #1. Time may pass, but the romance remains as absorbing as ever. I will say my Christian visualization now bounces between Jamie and the REAL book Christian….but it doesn’t seem to bother me. After reading so many other romances, the power of FSOG to wrap around my heart is still just stunning. Love, love it.


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! That’s a good idea, Sharon. Glad I could supply you with your daily dose of exercise inspiration! 😂 I loved Mike from Raw Deal. Pity it’s just a single book. I would have happily read three books of him. And yes, FSOG remains evergreen, still a LOVE story at its core. Have a good week, girlfriend! 🤗


    • Lissa Jeri says:

      Yes, yes, yes, and YES….but why is that? Why with all the other genre, this trilogy totally grabbed and then grabs again every time you read it? Still trying to understand it. And yes to CG bouncing from mental image to JD and back.
      Okay, Oscars question….why the shade ( bad pun) on JD about his reaction to DJ’s scripted comment that he looked familiar?
      Getting on plane to go home…it’s been 6 wks


      • Monique Lain says:

        Oohh, I have my thoughts, Lissa. Many of which are not appropriate for open blog pages, but at the heart of it all, I believe, is the strong emphasis on male and female roles. Christian is the embodiment of maleness (regardless of his flaws), and that is why we are so attracted to his character, it speaks to the very heart of women. Ana, on the other hand, shows us -again – a truth as old as time, LOVE heals ALL. I adore the deep (idealistic) romance of that notion, and believe that being NEEDED like that is what makes us bloom, feel wanted, beautiful, and valued. I wish folks could SEE past the (tiny) BDSM aspect and see it for the pure love story it is ❤️


      • Monique Lain says:

        Oh yes, and safe travels, Lissa! 😘


  4. MAC says:

    Hi girls!! How are my LOGS… Had a bit of vacation, bit of sickness and now missing my bloggers.
    Yup saw movie, loved movie much more than first. Sorry I am behind in the FSOG talks but still it is a phenomenon that will just keep “coming”
    Christian was much more explored in this movie and I did not feel like it was “the Ana show” the additional characters added some depth. I really have to wonder if its doing the story a great injustice by busting it all into 3 movies?? Pivotal scenes are missing like the Auction! Him buying her at the Auction. The ball could of been more, just more. It felt rushed with Jack Hyde I mean they could of built tremendous heat and angst but again fell short. Missing a great opportunity. Then all of a sudden he was flying, crashing and walking into the apartment…what the hell? I was shaking my head. You know we are not stupid. Your fans know the story inside and out because we LOVE it. So I am just not sure my disappointment is calmed by them rushing through everything. Loved the spreader bar scene, though it was the best!! So loved it cause I love the story, the characters it brought us altogether…but really feel even though they took it up a notch we are still not in sight of the hot-panty melting parts. Agree Christian should have been darker.

    Well, thats that. So tried a new author and really loved the book.
    “Something so right” Natasha Madison. Totally kept me turning the pages. It is a just a great story for me. Cooper and Parker are the main characters. He a hockey player rehabilitating at her arena with her. He is a great Alpha, the sex is chart rocking and all the characters are well developed. I just loved reading it. Not dark, not heavy and I really wanted to start it over when I was done. Anyone in a slump download a sample and see if it speaks to you!!

    Hugs. Mac


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hey girl 🤗 Yup, I think your thoughts reflect ours in a nutshell. Break-neck speed comes to mind when I think of the movie. You’re spot on about the Jack scene merging with Charlie Tango! Where was the angst?
      Any who, sounds liked you picked a winner with your new book. Will have to check it out! Thanks for the rec and for sharing! Hope you had a fab holiday and hope you’re right as rain 😘


    • Sharon says:

      Glad you enjoyed the movie. I remember early on comments saying it would do better as a mini-series, and I didn’t understand why. I think perhaps I agree now….they wouldn’t have been crammed into the two hour time slot. And I still don’t understand the time limit on that either. Why could each Lord of the Rings movies be three hours, but FSOG limited to two? Is it in the bible or something? (along with the nipple clamps?)
      Anyway…good to see your post, Mac. Your “Something So Right” book was only .99, so I snagged it. How could you go wrong? Looking forward to a great new Alpha!


      • Monique Lain says:

        The movie time thing is apparently a much bigger deal than we imagined. The movie turn-around time within movie theatres is the key. Longer movie = less shows = (you guessed it) less $$. As always, money makes the world go round. 😝


        • Sharon says:

          OK – that makes sense, and I hadn’t thought of that aspect.
          However, the first movie was successful enough that I would think they would have had the influence to get an extension on the time. That may not be how the system works, but that’s my thought and I’m sticking to it!! I did see some talk somewhere that they were discussing redoing as a mini-series after the movies are done. We’ll have to see if anything comes of that. I’m going to be ninety years old and on your blog whining that I hope they pick someone that can truly embrace being a Dom this time around! I like a lot about Jamie, and bet he is an awesome person, but he is probably the most reluctant Dom ever.


          • Monique Lain says:

            I so agree, Sharon. The NUMBER of folks seeing the movie would remain the same regardless of how many showings there are in a day. I know Darker’s director suggested a series to Erika. Here’s hoping… And you’re right about Jamie. There’s NO domineering fire in that man. Gandy, though not young enough to play CG, would have made a better character. 😉


            • Sharon says:

              Funny you said that. I just last night saw a ‘top 10’ considered for Christian, and David was on that list. Don’t remember ever hearing that he was seriously considered. He said he was too focused on the modeling world…and I think that was probably a good decision. He was too old to make a convincing Christian. (But day-ummm!!) David has always been Gideon for me, even though Gideon was the basically the same age as Christian in the books. Gideon always felt older to me. Sigh. A girl can dream.


  5. MAC says:

    Hope you like it Sharon. I am sure there are better but it was just a nice sexy read. You may have something with the miniseries…it would of done way more justice to the storylines and then been able to prolong the angst, the scenes that were so pivitol and maybe given us our true original beloved Fifty Shades. 💋

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