Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies 🤗

I hope you had a lovely reading week. Have you got any news to share? Anything exciting happened?

Here’s what I found: Ellen takes Fifty to Disney…

And if you love the look of Jamie, you might find this promo shoot clip enticing…

They do look good together, though, rumour has it, that both him and Dakota hate the Fifty Shades franchise. I guess it can’t be easy to play the main characters in such a loved but controversial story. 😜

This week I read:

Royally Matched by Emma Chase, book 2 in the Royally series, was another great installment in this range. She does cute well, but damn, she can also write a heart wrenching scene with the best of them.

Currently I’m reading:

The Deep End by Kristen Ashley book 1 in the Honey series. Usually I don’t like to put the horse before the cart, but in this case, I’m going to go out on a limb. I’m only about halfway through, and though I was reluctant at first because the theme: a Domme topping an Alpha sub, I gave it a go anyway. She promised that, with this new series, she was going to turn up the heat, and though I’m still not going to run to the nearest BDSM-R-Us to find my inner Mistress, this book is off-the-charts H.O.T. 😉 As always, her regular style is evident and she’s wordy as all getout, but it quickly grew into an intriguing tale. I will let you know my final thoughts next week. And if you’re wondering WTF an Alpha sub is, don’t feel alone. Before this book, those two terms seemed mutually exclusive to me! Guess I was wrong 😝

In celebration of this past week’s International Women’s Day, here’s a bit of female friendship truth…

Have a great week, girls. I hope you meet some lovely books to share with us.

24 thoughts on “Between the covers book club

  1. KereCB says:

    Hello Monique!!! Every friendship must be build with those principles and values… Lol… My reading has been very slow, ful at work and life is getting in the way, I’ve been celebrating my bday since last week, sooo pretty much busy to read xD but everything is going great on this side of the world. Have a lovely week my friend! Kx


  2. luvraj4ever says:

    Oh man…. I loved the photo shoot video…. Thanks for sharing it💕

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  3. Jennie Theoharis says:

    What do you mean they both hate the Fifty Shades franchise?!?! That’s pissing me off! Do they like the money and fame it brought them?? Talk about disillusioned!

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    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Jennie. Not sure about their reasoning, but I can imagine that playing these characters are pretty stressful. From Jamie’s POV there’s a whole world out there rooting for him to leave his wife and be with Dakota (fans who call themselves the “Damies”), and then there is the Oscar mishap where they seemed almost annoyed with each other. The movie takes SOOOO much flack, from haters and fans alike. And then, I bet neither of them could sneeze without being mobbed by fans, some of whom are seriously crazed. But, like I said, I don’t KNOW, I’m just speculating. Being rich and famous isn’t always glossy fun. Perhaps Lissa, if she reads this, knows more about their mutual FSOG diss. Sorry to burst your bubble, babe. I didn’t mean to spoil your evening 😳


      • Annad says:

        What oscar mishap where they seemed annoyed with each other ? Jamie and Dakota ? I didn’t hear a thing , pls explain . I’m sooo curious now .


      • Lissa Jeri says:

        Actually….my “read” of them in interviews and body language together is that they get along just fine. I think the pressure is all the crap that has surrounded the movies….and the press’ “need” to have a story. I am sure they’re delighted that these movies gave them great opportunities but knowing they have another round of this in 2018 must be annoying.
        I don’t think they hate the franchise. But they must have their own opinions about how the movies were shaped, etc. But they have to be very circumspect about what they say publicly; I’m sure there’s a PR person to tell them exactly what to say in interviews. (Hell, I just had to counsel someone today of exactly what to say in an HR mtg at her work, what words to avoid, how to phrase things), And then there’s the PC thing…it would not be PC for JD to say that he finds the stuff CG does interesting, maybe a little spanking would spice up his marriage, etc. Of course not…he’s been told to totally distance himself from BDSM while not dissing those who participate in it. He doesn’t need women’s abuse groups going after him personally. These days, you can be gay, transgender, bi, whatever….but BDSM is still a favorite and acceptable kicking ball…just look at all the FSOG universe reviews that talk about smut, abuse, filth, etc.


        • Monique Lain says:

          It’s weird, isn’t it Lissa? How some stuff remain dark while others become part of the dominant ideology? Even things that harm us. And yes, I think we’re long past believing that reality in Tinsel Town has anything to do with actuality, but still, it must be so hard to have your work picked apart like that. I find it almost impossible to understand how actors/actresses cope while the world has something to say about every move they make, on screen and off. How frustrating must it be to have something you said taken out of context or completely misinterpreted? I don’t think I’d ever have the stomach for that. I take my hat off to their staying power! I STILL get riled when I read those abuse comments you mention. 😤


    • says:

      Jamie and Dakota both have expressed their gratitude at playing these roles, at least as far as getting their names out there… there a lot of crap that goes along with it, yes, but they are not stupid… did help their careers……what is that saying?……never bite a gift horse in the mouth… the Oscars, Jamie is very nervous and uptight, I think Dakota was trying to get him to unwind a little. Maybe he felt off because his wife was there and he was worried someone would make a stupid comment…..


      • Monique Lain says:

        Yeah, I also got the impression that she was trying to put him at ease, but the speculation around it is crazy! 😜 Still, gratitude or not, it cannot be easy. You would have to have such a thick skin.

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        • Lissa Jeri says:

          All that Oscars stuff is scripted to a t. That was not a spontaneous observation on her part. The joke fell flat…I would wager in reference to my new comment above that it’s not PC what the did in the films…altho a lot of “normative” sex and violence are just hunky dory.

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      • annad says:

        i agree with everything you said. thats how i feel about them not liking the attention. its not easy but at least they are known now in a profession where its hard to stay on top.and he did look uptight, i think it was a joke to relax him that didn’t stick lol

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  4. Katherine says:

    Hi Monique and ladies hope you are all well.
    I also heard that about Jamie and Dakota, doesn’t bother me at all I hate both of them so …………….Anyway each to their own !!
    So this week I read Indebted by Pepper winters tbh I don’t really know how to put my point across on this book, wish I was as eloquent as you Monique 😁 I found this very disturbing, I usually enjoy books with a little darkness but this nearly done my head in group sexual assault rape and humiliation isn’t my thing but I did finish it only because I was hoping Nila escaped but she left it on 1 hell of a cliffy so now I don’t know whether to read book 2 to see what happens!
    I then read The hot one by Lauren Blakely fun sexy read I enjoyed it and would love to have a Tyler in my life lol.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Well then, Katherine. I think that settles it, I’ll be giving that one a wiiiiide berth. LOL! 😝 But glad you could turn to something sweeter in the end. Tyler sounds yummy! 😉


  5. Sharon says:

    I would imagine all the publicity junkets are exhausting, but suspect neither would trade in their checks or elevated fame if they could. I hadn’t heard that particular rumor…..but wouldn’t be too surprised. Must be hard to think all the publicity starts again in a year when they’ve already finished filming. Poor things. I feel bad for them. Not.

    Enjoyed the photo shoot video. I know Jamie prefers his beard, and seems surprised to hear anyone say otherwise. I much prefer his shaven look. I love beards….his just looks a bit scruffy to me.

    Reading….I very much enjoyed finishing my reread of Mr. Beautiful, the fourth book in the Up In The Air series. Toyed with doing a reread of Tristan & Danika, an offshoot trilogy of same characters. May come back to it.

    Currently reading a book called Storm by Carian Cole. Not interested in the characters yet….but he does have a waggy dog, which shows some possibility. Let you know next week.

    Read a book called Feyness by e.s.carter. The female protagonist sees emotion auras from people due to a head injury, but no paranormal otherwise in this book. Knew it was dark, and I do like some dark on occasion, but crossed the line and was a bit too dark for this girl. Put some pictures in my brain I would erase if I could. Written well enough, but won’t continue the series. I know when it is time to find a waggy doggy story.

    The big news is last night I discovered a FREE novella by Tiffany Reisz about Soren’s birthday and how he celebrates with Kingsley! Called the Scent of Winter. Seriously? How did I miss it? I’m halfway through….hot sadism at Christmastime. That kind of dark I can handle! Such a fun surprise!! Geez, Tiffany is one prolific writer….glad she isn’t done with the 8th circle!! If you loved Original Sinners, this novella is for you!

    Happy Birthday, Kereny!!


    • Monique Lain says:

      IKR? Worst beard ever! LOL! Much, much better without it! And eeeeek for the dark read. Seems you and Katherine delved into the deep this week. I’ll give it a skip, if that’s okay 😉 Ooohhh, free Soren book???? Yay! *runs to laptop, clapping hands in glee* Good share, girlfriend 😘


  6. Gloria says:


    I agree with all you said. Have seen what the lunatic’s have said about JD wife’s and I also read somehwere that they said there children are not really his!!!! CRAZY……What a cruel thing to say!!

    JD has said that he removed himself from social media because of the hateful things these people have said about his family.

    Yes they get paid A LOT of money for the movies, and I think a lot of movie stars including JD/DJ see getting super famous a good and bad thing. Did get the two of them recognized and now they are being offered a lot of roles in movies…You get more work but your personal life is also scrutinized to the 10’s. Dakota said in an interview something to this effect. JD looks like he wants to kill (his eyes , body language say it all) the paps most of the time. LOL

    A lot of stars we know CRAVE the spot light 24/7. But watching the interviews etc it seems to me JD\DJ truly dispise this type of spotlight but know they have to get out and talk about a movie perhaps they did not like making???? They both use a lot of humour in their interviews I find….They both are very funny……perhaps they use the funny to make them not feel so uncomfortable in interviews…..I bet if u talked to a lot of movie stars they despised a lot of movies they acted in but that is part of the job part going to press junkets to promote something you did not enjoy doing.

    By the way liked FSD so much better than the first one.
    Was only going for a a short note! LOL I got carried away.

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    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Gloria. You’re so right. People can be so ugly, especially when they hide behind anonymity. I don’t blame him one bit, withdrawing from all that cr@p. Who wants to see that on a daily basis? And yes, Darker was certainly an improvement on FSOG, but I had HIGH hopes with Erika at the helm. Perhaps we’ll get what we want with Freed…. Here’s hoping, but it seems unlikely seeing as the footage is already in the can. No worries for the length of the note. It’s lovely chatting to you guys! 🤗


  7. Katherine says:

    Dear friends, I forgot to say Happy St Patrick’s Day for the 17th.
    It’s a Friday here so it will be a messy weekend 🍻🍻🍀 xxx

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